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Chapter One

It was just a few weeks before Christmas and Jack new Jamie and his friends would only have a few days left of school before winter break. 'I might as well give 'em those few days off,' Jack thought to himself as he looked out into the woods surrounding his little icy house.

The forest was dark except for the light of the moon. It couldn't have been later than four or so in the morning but the frosty spirit had to of course start is rounds a little early if he wanted classes to be canceled for his friends. Jack looked up to the sky and smiled to his old friend.

'How are you today?' He asked the Man in the Moon, not really expecting an answer. He waited a few moments, just in case, before smirking softly and walking off into a deeper part of the woods. Jack sauntered carelessly away from his permanently frozen lake-side home. That's what he liked most about Canada's farthest northern stretches; not many people ventured too far up that way, giving him leeway enough to create himself a winter wonderland.

The winter sprite wandered up a large hill kicking patterns in the snow with his dainty, lighter-than-air footsteps. Occasionally he would reach out and make some masterful, icy design on one of the trees or blow pictures in the air with his frosty breath, but he knew he couldn't dally for too long otherwise he would lose his chance to send a heavy snow to Jamie.

Once he reached the top of the hill he peered out into the dim morning light. He smiled as the wind blew through his snow white hair. Jack whispered something into the wind and pointed toward the United States; more specifically, toward Jamie's town. With Jack Frost's direction the wind picked up tremendously, gathering snow clouds and ice particles with it as it jetted out to its destination.

Jack smiled again as he saw the winds bluster out over the frozen lake. Soon he'll get to play with Jamie and his other friends. Unfortunately, he'd have to finish up his other wintery duties. 'I think Western Europe and the UK are due for a hearty snow storm.' He thought to himself as he chuckled a little.

The sun was probably about two or three hours away from zenith and Jack had finally finished sending his winds out on their runs. He sat for a moment and sighed into the cold Canadian air; not because he was tired, immortals didn't get tired, but because he liked to take a moment or two here and there to bask in the sublime power of winter, his winter.

After sitting and gazing out at the iced over lake for a few minutes he sighed once more and jumped up to the winds shooting him off toward Jamie.

Jack landed on Jamie's roof leaving dainty footprints in the freshly fallen snow. Looking around for his young friends, he ducked down to peer into Jamie's bedroom window. 'He can't still be sleeping… Could he?' There was no sign of the boy in the house or in his yard.

'Jamie!' Jack called out, 'Where are you?' He listened for a moment, but there was no answer. 'They must be at the playground.'

Jack jumped off the roof and skated down the street toward the playground, skittering off numerous snowball ammunitions to the various groups of children play fighting in the snow. He laughed as the one girl pushed her brother through her own freshly made snowman.

Upon reaching the playground he saw a lot of kids playing in the snow and going on pretend adventures, but none of them where his friends. Jack sighed.

'Alright, this is getting annoying.' He said out loud as he looked around the park for a third time. The winter spirit jumped up into the winds and he rose into the sky looking for his friends around the town.

After a moment of scanning the area he noticed a small group of kids out in the adjacent field. 'That's not them… Is it?' In an irritated fashion he soared off toward the group. As he closed the distance between them his suspicions were confirmed, it was Jamie and his friends.

'Hey!' He called out to them as he landed a short distance away from them in the wide open field.

'Jack!' Jamie called with a bright smile as he turned to face the spirit. 'Thanks for the snow day!' He called as he ran to his friend.

The other children in the field yelled the same thanks and ran toward him too.

After the greetings and such Jamie cleared his through and plastered an expression of upset worry on his face, 'Jack,' the younger boy started, 'we might have a problem…' Snow crunching under their snow boots as they lead Jack back toward the semi-circle they had been in previously.

'What is it?' Jack asked puzzled.

'It's Bunny…' He trailed off, 'or at least, we think it is? Maybe?' He said in almost a whisper.

'What do you mean? What about it?' Jack was seriously confused at this point, that is until he saw what the kids had been huddled around before he arrived. 'Oh…' He said in befuddlement.

There, before the group of spectators, was a shaking and shivering little bunny rabbit.

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