E/O Challenge: Use a day of the week in your drabble.

Spoilers/Warnings: None, pre-series

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: Double Drabble

When I awoke, you were standing there. ~ The Avett Brothers

It was decided on Thursday; that 12-year old Sam would join them on their next hunt.

It was announced on Friday; John returning Dean's heated glare and sharp words at the unexpected news; Sam saying nothing...because his wide-eyed expression said it all.

It happened on Saturday; Dean's worst nightmare.

It was touch-and-go on Sunday; Sam out of his second surgery and in ICU.

It was the same on Monday; Sam still in critical condition.

It was strained on Tuesday; the silence awkward and accusing as Dean held Sam's hand and stared at John while their youngest slept between them; the 12-year old impossibly small and fragile as he lay motionless in the hospital bed.

It improved slightly on Wednesday; John finally leaving at Dean's nonverbal demand; the older brother not even watching their dad exit the room as he kept his focus on Sam.

It was even better on Thursday; Sam off the ventilator and breathing on his own.

It was an encouraging Friday; Sam beginning to respond whenever Dean gently squeezed his hand.

It was the most awesome Saturday Dean had ever known; Sam opening his eyes and drowsily staring right at him.

The big brother smiled. "Hey, kiddo..." he warmly greeted; blinking against happy, thankful tears as he affectionately tousled his little brother's floppy hair.

Sam twitched a smile in return.