A/N So I posted this story previously and it got removed I guess because Rating 'T' wasn't high enough. So this time around I am making it 'M' and I'm going to expand on this. It will pick up right after the Beremy break up and move on from there. This was previously a short story that I'm going to try and flush out and tie in with the current storyline going on. I hope that you guys enjoy and let me know what you think. The first four chapters are the same. Nothing changes until chapter Five. Thanks and happy reading!

Touché Bonnie Bennett!

Chapter One: Reason

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No dawn no day

I'm always in this twilight

In the shadow of your heart…

It all starts with a visit…

Break-ups were hard. She knew that… perhaps not first hand. But she had seen them enough to know that it wasn't easy. It hurt, it became awkward and at the end of the day nothing could ever be the same. She had watched Elena and Matt wade through that rough tide desperately trying to maintain some semblance of friendship, had seen the pain on Stefan's face when Elena had to go off and find herself… and stood by Caroline when Matt broke her heart. But watching someone's heart break and actually experiencing it yourself were two completely different things as she was finding out.

Her heart was broken. Jeremy Gilbert despite all his good intentions and boyish charm had managed to break her heart in less time than it took to boil an egg. So perhaps that was a mild exaggeration but that is how she felt. And despite promising herself that she wouldn't wallow in self-pity, that's exactly what she was doing. She hadn't left her front porch in almost a week! Avoided calls from Elena and Caroline and even managed to ditch school for the past few days without so much as her father taking notice.

She knew that there were still things that needed to be dealt with. One, Stefan's humanity, or rather lack thereof; Tyler's new hybrid status; and of course the fact that now there was a new player running around town called Mikel who seemed to want Klaus as dead as they all did. Yes life seemed to still be throwing things at them… the only problem was that as of this very moment she really didn't give a damn!

Yes… she should care; Her broken heart should not take precedence over all that was happening in her town. She knew that logically… but she was so tired of being logical. She was tired of being the reasonable one; Tired of always being the one to see things objectively. She was in pain damn it. She hurt! She didn't want to be the grown-up! She didn't want to be the bigger person. Not this time.

So when Damon steps onto her porch sporting his stupid black leather jacket and dark jeans smirking at her like he knows some big secret that no one else did… it was only logical that she would give him an aneurism just because she could.

He falters on the second step, grabbing at his head as he stumbles into the railing. It takes her a full minute before she realizes what she's done and stops herself.

"Seriously; I haven't even had time to do anything to annoy you!" he snaps as he recovers from the after effects that vibrate over his frontal lobe.

She arches an eyebrow. "The sight of you annoys me." She exhales deeply really not in the mood to deal with him.

He smirks. "Noted."

Rolling her eyes she plants her feet on the ground stopping the porch swing from swaying and cocks her head in his direction. "Look I'm really not in the mood to hear you tell me what I should do or what I have messed up for you and your stupid world right now. So whatever lecture you have planned I don't want to hear it. Just leave." She remarks tiredly.

"Was that an official warning or just more of what I like to call 'Bonnie Babble'?" He asks. "Look I love our sparring sessions as much as the next root canal but we don't have time for that right now. You need to come down to the caves and see what you can make of these ancient hieroglyphics we found instead sitting out here wallowing."

Shaking her head she stands and goes for her front door. "Go to hell." She snaps feeling the air hit her back as he moves to stand right behind her. His fingers barely graze her shoulder and she's pushing him back with her mind. He stops right before going over the railing.

He chuckles darkly. "So is that how it's going to be now?" He asks. "Young Gilbert steps on your heart and you become even more of a raging bitch than before? I expected better from you, Bennett."

Turning around she feels the blood rush to her head in anger. "Who the hell are you to expect anything from me?" Bristling with rage she takes a step in his direction. "You… who can't get a grip on his own issues long enough to help the brother that has given up everything to save you time and time again! And for what… so you can repay him by moving in on his girl? You, who has no loyalty to anyone… not even himself! Because if you did… you would realize that being Elena's hero is the absolute last thing she needs! I see you for exactly what you are Damon Salvatore… you're selfish and you're reckless! And most of all you're sad… because after everything… over a hundred years later and what have you learned… absolutely nothing… you are nothing… So I ask you again… who the hell are you to expect anything from someone like me?" She was in his face and she has no idea how she got there. Her breathing ragged it scratches against her chest. And for a moment there is a silence, blue irises stare her down, looking over her face as if searching… examining.

Shaking her head she moves one step away but doesn't back off and when he finally speaks it's slow and steady.

"I'm the reason you fight." He states plainly. "I'm the reason why you don't walk away from it all; the reason why you never give up. Because of me and things like me! The monsters that hover on the outskirts of that perfect world that you want so badly; the reason you keep sticking your neck out time and time again… I'm the reason why you are who you are… because I'm the constant reminder of the evils that desperately want into this town; your town! You see my face and you see all that you stand to lose… and you can lie to yourself all you want to… tell everyone who will listen that you do it for Elena… but we both know the truth. I'm your reason to get up in the morning, Bonnie. I may be nothing to this world… but in your eyes I'm everything!" He ends harshly closing the space between them he crouches down to make sure she can see him. "That's who the fuck I am."

They stand there both pairs of eyes narrowing in on the other and it seems like they will stand there forever… until her cell phone rings and she can sense who it is even before she hears Elena's voice. "Hey… yeah he's here…he told me." A beat of silence and she watches the smile that forms on his lips as she answers her best friend. "I'll be right there." She replies hanging up before Elena can ask her for more…

"So… I would offer you a ride but… I don't want to." He states bluntly turning on his heel taking the first few steps he stops when he hears her voice.

"You're wrong you know… you're not everything to me."

The stars the moon they have all been blown out

And he's not… There is no way that Damon could ever be more to her than a fleeting nuisance. Like a fly that kept buzzing around her annoyingly. And yet there is something deep inside… buried beneath years of accumulated denial that rumbles, quakes and makes her heart falter when he looks over his shoulder and gives her that trademark grin.

"Prove me wrong then." He challenges.

She watches him drive away wondering what that even means because how could she prove him wrong without turning her back on everyone that needs her… it was simple… she couldn't and they both knew it.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Just when she thinks she has the upper-hand he turns the tables and makes her eat shit!

You left me in the dark...

To Be continued…