This is a humanised story about a war for Sodor between Steam Engines and Diesels. There will violence, swearing and death, along with some other stuff.

A dark age had consumed the world, as an evil Empire had conquered almost every corner of the world. The Empire enforced brutal laws and oppression upon its subjects. Under the leadership of the tyrannical Emperor, Diesel 10, and his circle of trusted officers. The Diesel Empire ruled the world with an Iron fist.

Despite that the Empire ruled through fear, there were those that resisted the tyranny of the Diesels. Individual cells of rebels formed across the world, in a desperate attempt to end the Empire and bring freedom to the world. However, many were destroyed by the overwhelming forces of the Diesels.

Fortunately, there were those that resisted the Empire and survived against their attempts to destroy them. One such group came from deep within the heart of the Empire, on a small Island between England and the Isle of Man. The Island of Sodor, where only a few small cells battled the Empire, in their goal for freedom.

It was a busy day inside the town of Tidmouth, the sun shone brightly and there were sounds of the busy atmosphere. Aside from the garrison of troops from the Empire, stationed at checkpoints and patrolling the streets, there was a rather pleasant atmosphere in the air. The troops of the Empire stood out on the streets, thanks to their jet black armour that covered their bodies, black helmets that covered their heads but left their faces exposed, black vests covered their chest and hips with multiple pouches, and the weapons in their possession.

One group of soldiers were guarding a light armoured assault vehicle that's sole purpose was to put fear into the hearts of troublemakers and rebels. The vehicle had six wheels, two at the front and four at the back. Behind the bonnet was a two seat cab with a mounted machine gun turret behind the cab on the roof, and at the back was a space for troops to sit. The vehicle was black in colour, with the entire structure above bonnet level being an exposed metal frame.

The vehicle was in the middle of the town's centre where a rather large number of troops could be seen patrolling. However, it wasn't enough to stop the small group of six figures hiding in one of the few alleyways from carrying out their plan. One by one, each figure quietly slipped into and blended with the crowds, avoiding detection from the soldiers. All six had hoods covering their faces and hidden objects underneath their jackets. Three of the group had blue jackets, two had green and one had red.

The one wearing the red jacket, with the yellow number 5 on the front, and a small back pack on his back, quickly made his way towards the assault vehicle in the middle of the centre. He smiled underneath his hood as two guards walked away from the vehicle leaving one side completely open. Quickly and quietly, he snuck out of the crowd towards it, taking off his back pack as he did. When he was close enough, he pulled out three sticks of dynamite typed together. He placed them near the vehicle and lit the fuse with his firelighter. Quickly he ran away from the vehicle just as soldier saw him.

"Hey, you..." he shouted before he was caught in the explosion. There was a roar as the fire ball consumed the vehicle. Panic instantly set into the crowd and the sound of screaming could be heard everywhere, as the troops moved in.

Suddenly, the sound of gunfire echoed everywhere as soldiers of the Diesel Empire fell one by one. The panicked crowds dispersed as the six figures grouped together, with guns out opened fire on the Diesels. The two largest figures, one had a blue jacket with a yellow 4 and the other wore a green jacket with the number 3 in yellow, had large machine guns. The middle sized two, the figure in red and the other in blue with a yellow 2 on the back, both had semi automatic rifles similar to the Diesels, although more weathered and modified. The smallest two, with one wearing a green jacket with a large 6 on the front, and the other in blue with a yellow number 1, the figure in green had a one handed sub machine gun, while the other had two pistols.

The group battle across the centre, gunning down any and all soldiers that tried to shoot them. The group slowly made its way towards the alley from where they came from. The middle sized figures ran down the alley way as the other four fired on their enemy from within the cover of the alley.

The figure in red took off his back pack and started planting large, round disks along the alleyway. The other figure had run to the back of the alleyway and had started to open a manhole into the sewers for a quick escape. Near the entrance to the alleyway, the group was starting struggle against the seemingly endless force of Imperial Soldiers, they were low on ammo, and the more troopers arriving on the scene made in harder to return fire.

Suddenly, across the square came another Light Armoured Assault Vehicle. The gun on top opened fired at the group, forcing them to take cover in the alleyway.

"Edward!" yelled the large figure in blue, "Get that damn hole open before we die!"

"I'm nearly there, Gordon!" replied Edward, "Just hold them back for a few more minutes."

"We don't have any more minutes to give!" yelled the other large man, Henry.

Fortunately, Edward had finally got the hatch open and everyone started to fall back.

"Careful of the mines," shouted James, hoping to avoid blowing his allies up.

One by one, everyone entered the sewers, until only Gordon was left. After firing more bullets to stop any Diesels from coming after them yet, he entered the manhole and pulled the hatch over his head.

Outside, the Diesel forces maintained their position outside the entrance to the alleyway. There was an uneasy silence in the atmosphere, as there was no longer any return fire from the Rebels. Believing they were victorious, the Captain of the troops wanted to make sure they were dead.

"You five," he pointed at a squad of five troops, "Investigate the alleyway." He commanded.

The squad slowly set off down the alley, weapons drawn for a possible ambush. As they moved down, they could only see bins, rubbish and old cardboard boxes. Suddenly, there was the sound beeping, followed by an explosion, smoke burst off of the alley, shocking the troops outside. Another squad was sent in to recover any surviving squad members, only to discover that all five had been killed.

Meanwhile, in the sewers, the group of friends were walking along side the revolting river of filth. All six had removed their hoods as there was no need to disguise themselves. The youngest members of the group were Thomas and Percy; both were 20 years of age. Thomas had brown hair with blue eyes, while Percy had dark ginger hair with green eyes.

James was older than them but younger compared to the others, at the age of 24. He had short, spiky black hair with brown eyes. Henry was the next oldest, at 27 years old, he had short blonde hair and also had green eyes. Gordon was the second oldest of the group, aged 29, he had very short black hair. The oldest of the group was Edward, even though he was 35, Gordon and Henry thought he should have retired from the Rebel cell, while Thomas and Percy admired him for his actions and willingness to continue.

The group had all worked on the North Western Railway as drivers for Steam Engines, however when the Empire banned Steam Engines, the group refused to let that be and in secret started their own rebellion against the Diesels, calling themselves the Steam Engines. The group continued work on the Railway, but refused to drive the Diesels.

"Well, I think we really hurt the Diesels this week," said Thomas, feeling cherry.

"Yeah," agreed Percy, "We killed a load of bad guys and blew up one of their assault buggies."

"I blew it up!" boasted James, "After all I was the one who got hold of the Dynamite."

"Where it you get that stuff?" asked Henry.

"I try to steal some from the trains that go to those mines, when they're being refuelled," replied James.

"Well, even though we did succeed in causing confusion and delay for them," said Edward, who wasn't as cherry as the others, "I don't think it will stop them for long."

"And that's why you need to retire," said Gordon pompously, Edward just ignored him.

Later that day, at Tidmouth Station, a large, bald man was sitting in his office, looking through all sorts of paperwork, such as costs, wages, accident reports, supplies and other important information on the Railway. The man wore a black suit over a yellow waist coat, with a white shirt underneath, along with grey trousers. The sun was beginning to set outside his office window, where a hat stand with a single black top hat rested.

A sudden knock at the door pulled his attention away from the paper work, hoping it to be the very people he needed to see.

"Enter," he boomed. In stepped the six people he had been waiting to see.

"Alright Sir," said James, as he casually entered, followed by the other's who all greeted him in the appropriate manner of 'Sir'.

"Well lads," he began, "I hear you caused a bit of trouble for the Empire today."

"Sure did Sir," replied Percy, thinking back to skirmish in the town centre.

Sir Topham Hatt, also known as the Fat Controller, was the manager of the North Western Railway and secretly the leader of 'Steam Engine' Rebels. He had discovered his six employees plotting to rebel against the Diesel Empire, because of his hatred of the Empire and loyalty to his workers, Sir Topham Hatt joined their Rebellion and became their Intelligence Officer and Leader.

"Not long after your little scuffle, an officer came by my office," said the Fat Controller with a hint of anger in his voice, "Demanding that I delay my schedule to allow them to bring in reinforcements."

Everyone had a small grin in their faces, though things were going to be tougher, the Empire was becoming more and more worried by them.

"Anyway," said Sir Topham Hatt, "You done a good job today and deserve a good rest. You're all really useful 'engines'".

Everyone chuckled at the Fat Controllers joke, ever since they called themselves the Steam Engines; he had been constantly referring to them as engines instead of people.

Later, far away, a man in a black officer's uniform was walking down a corridor that had black metal walls and red carpet. The officer had dark black hair, with small black eyes and very pale white skin. At the end of the corridor, was a large door, guarded by two men who wore red armour with a black underlay, styled like medieval knights, holding a spear each. Both quickly came to attention as the officer approached. The officer walked past them and entered the door.

Through the door was a wide throne room, the walls, floor were black metal with a red carpet along the middle. Two large windows ran along the walls, with a third, smaller one at the back. At the far end was black metal throne on top of two steps. Sitting in the throne was a man wearing a brown trench coat, with a black shirt and trousers underneath, with black boots on his feet. His left hand was missing and had been replaced with a metal claw.

The officer stopped in front of the throne, and kneeled before the man sitting in it.

"Hail, Lord 10, Emperor of the Diesel Empire," said the Officer, loudly and clearly.

"Rise, Diesel, Supreme Commander of the Diesel Military," commanded Diesel 10.

Diesel stood up at once. Diesel had served Diesel 10 from the beginning, and in return, was made commander of the entire military.

"Why are you here?" asked Diesel 10.

"My lord, there have been more rebel outbreaks across our lands," began Diesel, Diesel 10 groaned in annoyance, "However, many of the distant cells are being dealt with swiftly and severely, but there are a few very close to the heart of the Empire."

"Where?" demanded Diesel 10.

"My lord, currently, they are on the Island of Sodor, though small, its landscape is capable of hiding rebel cells from us."

"Hunt down these Rebels, I don't want anything to ruin my power," commanded Diesel 10.

"Yes, my lord," replied Diesel, before he left.

It was late at night in Tidmouth, Thomas and Percy were walking home to their flat. Because finding a house was difficult, Thomas and Percy shared a cheap but poor flat in town, where they both shared rent. Sir Topham Hat bought it for them until he could arrange for a better place to live. Inside there was only, three rooms, a main room, a kitchen, and a bathroom/shower room. There was only a single bed in the main room and a couch, along with a small table and chest of drawers with a TV on top.

Tonight, it was Percy's turn to have the bed. After having a small amount of pasta for dinner and storing their weapons in a large box underneath the bed, both got changed into their sleep ware and went to bed. Percy crawled underneath the duvet of the bed, while Thomas lay down on the couch and pulled the grey blanket up to his chin.

"Night Thomas," said Percy.

"Goodnight Percy," replied Thomas.

Edward walked alongside the railway lines until he came to an old branch line coach beside the rails. It had been converted into a home for him by Sir Topham Hatt. Inside it was rather nice, with a single bed, a dining table, a small TV, a makeshift kitchen along with a shower and toilet, the only disadvantage was that it was too small.

Edward placed his weapons in a secret compartment underneath the floor and cooked himself a plate of sausages and beans. After finishing his meal, he lay down on his bed and switched the TV on, hoping to find something half interesting to watch.

Henry had arrived at what was his home, which was nothing more than an old caravan stuck in the middle of a field, near the railway. He had been forced out of his old home after he struggled to pay taxes. Sir Topham Hatt hat bought him a Caravan until better accommodations could be arranged. Inside were two sofas', a small table, a TV in the corner, a cooker, a fridge, a sink, along with a shower and a toilet.

Henry placed his weapons in an overhead storage and went to have a wash down. After which, Henry changed into some night wear and turn on the TV before going to bed.

Gordon also lived in a refurbished coach; still it was a small branch line with only enough room for one person. Inside was a single bed, a small table, cooking equipment, a TV and a shower room and toilet.

When Gordon had stashed away his Weapons, he pulled out a beer from the fridge and went outside, it was a quite with only the moon and the stars for company.

James was walking to his home near the edge of Tidmouth, unlike the other's he lived in a house, which he shared with his girlfriend. Unlocking the door, James entered his house. The house had a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom.

"I'm home," called James, hoping to hear from his girlfriend. Then, coming out of the living room, was a woman with fair skin, long black hair, green eyes and a noticeable bust. She was wearing a dark green dressing gown that went to her knees, below which she appeared to be wearing black stockings.

"Your late, James," she said with a playful pout.

"Sorry Emily," said James as he moved into kiss her "Is there anything I can do to make you better."

"Well," she said, pretending to think, "I think you can give me a 'fun' night tonight."

"Then go on up, I'll be there in a minute," he replied.

Emily gave James a sexy wink and slowly walked up the stairs. James quickly hid his weapons in a box underneath the stairs, before running to the bedroom for some fun.

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