Colonel Class 40 was travelling in a Military train heading for Vicarstown, to attend an emergency meeting regarding the increasing threat the rebels of Sodor were posing. Despite the best efforts of the empire, rebels were still running around the streets, causing havoc. In fact, the number of confrontations between the Military and the rebels had increased dramatically, with both sides sustaining heavy casualties.

The trains speed began to decrease as it neared Vicarstown; due to the situation on Sodor declining, the Empire had made Vicarstown the Headquarters of the Imperial Military stationed on the island. When the train stopped at the station, Class 40 disembarked from the train. The station was swarming with vast numbers of Imperial troops, patrolling around the station and its perimeter.

The cold air swirled around the Colonel as he walked across the platform to the station building as his bodyguards followed, he could feel the cold biting through his uniform. After passing through the station building, he made his way to a white car that was ready to transport him to the Head Quarters.

Colonel Class 40 had always been a proud supporter of the Empire; he had joined at 16 years of age and spent two years training to become an officer. He was also a fan of the Diesel Locomotives that were in the employ of the Empire, while despising Steam Engines. To honour the Diesels, he had changed his name to Class 40 to honour his favourite engine.

The Colonel got into the back of the car, before the driver left for the Head Quarters. The journey had been uneventful, with very little traffic in the way and no surprise attacks from any rebels desperate for a victory.

The Head Quarters were located outside of town; it consisted of a large fenced off complex with several buildings inside, with a large complex and a parade square. The largest building was in the middle, it was the command centre, and in front of it was the parade square where troops would practices their marching. On one side of the parade square, was a large number of long, small buildings, these were the barracks for the troops, on the other side were two mess halls, one for the troops and one for the officers.

The car pulled up outside the Command Centre, where Class 40 left and entered the building. He walked through the spotless white corridors and staircases until he reached a large conference room. Inside, was a large table, twelve chairs around it with a thirteenth at the far end of the table; at the other end on the wall was a large screen.

Sitting in some of the chairs were the various high ranking officers on the island. All of them were well known to Class 40, Arry and Bert, Splatter and Dodge, D199, Dennis, Norman, Sidney, Frank, Bo-Co and Bear. Sitting in the chair at the far end of the table was Diesel, the Supreme Commander. All of the officers wore the mark of the Golden Claw, given a variety of style in each officer's uniform.

Arry and Bert were twins; both wore a dark green-grey uniform which had yellow and black trim. Splatter and Dodge were also twins; Splatter's uniform was grey with a purple trim, while Dodge's uniform was grey with trim. D199 and Bear both wore a rail blue uniform with yellow trim. Dennis and Norman were also brothers, with Dennis wearing a light grey uniform with dark grey trim, and Norman wearing a red-orange uniform with yellow lining. Sidney wore a blue uniform with yellow trim. Frank wore a light grey uniform with red trim, and finally Bo-Co wore and all green uniform.

Class 40 was good friends with all of the officer's, with the exception of Bo-Co, Frank and Bear. In his eyes, they were merciful to criminals and traitors of the empire, refusing to carry out actions they deemed evil, actions which were necessary for the empire to maintain control. This had brought him to question their loyalty, despite being awarded the Emperors the personal mark. They had only received it through cunning strategies, or winning decisive victories.

The Colonel sat down between D199 and Dodge, while sitting opposite to Bo-Co, just as Diesel began to speak.

"Gentlemen," said Diesel, "It is good to see you all made it hear without trouble, now down to business."

The large screen at the other end of the table flickered on, showing an image of the Island of Sodor.

"Now, I'm sure you're all aware of how bad rebel activity is on the Island. Recently, there have been over a dozen attacks across Sodor in the last week. I don't need to explain how bad the effects these attacks are having on our forces," said Diesel.

"Do we have an idea of how rebels are scattered across Sodor?" asked Dennis.

"Since their attacks are too far spread out, it is nearly impossible to identify how many cells are out there," replied Diesel.

"I have a suggestion," spoke up D199, "Why don't we just exterminate a town where there has been rebel activity."

"That idea is both cruel and flawed," argued Bo-Co, everyone stared at him for his outburst, "If we exterminated a settlement, we would be killing innocent people."

Nobody, except Bear and Frank showed any signs of agreeing with his statement.

"Furthermore, such actions might rally more support for the rebels, causing us more trouble," said Bo-Co finishing his speech.

"That was a very interesting speech, Bo-Co," said Class 40, in a sarcastic tone, "But I'm sure such an effect would is almost impossible."

"Actually," said Diesel, "I believe he is correct in some way, if we do exterminate a town, it might rally support for the rebels and can be our undoing."

"So what should we do then?" asked Dodge.

"Let's think, where have the most recent attacks have been?" said Bert.

"That would be Great Waterton, Brendam Docks, Tidmouth, Crovan's gate and Ballahoo," said Splatter.

"Hold on, Tidmouth has always had some form of rebel attack," said Class 40, "I believe a group of Rebels may be operating in its streets. I estimate six at most."

"What are you suggesting?" asked Diesel.

"Well, since the destruction of the Tidmouth fuel depot, some of the officer's believe they have located some possible rebel hideouts. I say we try to root out these rebels and stabilise Tidmouth," said Class 40 with a sinister grin.

"Very well," replied Diesel with a just as sinister grin.

The sun was nearly setting over Tidmouth as the snow descended in a blizzard, wild and ruthless, burying roads under the thick white stuff. However, even the snow was not enough to stop the five ruthless trucks of the Empire that were carrying teams of soldiers to the locations of possible rebels. The trucks had scattered across the town, each one heading to a different location.

Inside their house, James and Emily were snuggled up together on the sofa, watching TV. Both were enjoying the others comfort in their sitting room, the lights were dim and the curtains were closed. Suddenly, both of them jumped up at the sound of loud knocking against the front door, followed shouting.

"OPEN UP! IN THE NAME OF EMPEROR DIESEL 10!" roared a voice; James walked towards the curtain, and gently pushed it aside to leave a small gap. Looking out, he could see ten armed Imperial Soldiers wearing white winter gear.

"Emily, get to the kitchen," said James in a firm tone, as he ran towards the cupboard under the stairs.

"James? What are you doing?" asked Emily, confused by the way James was acting.

"Emily, please, don't ask questions and go to the kitchen," replied James, as he continued to dig through the stuff in the cupboard.

"James, there's something you're not telling me and I want to..."Emily's voice trailed off as she saw James pull out a rifle, a small backpack and five sticks of dynamite taped together.

"James, what is going on?" asked Emily in a complete state of shock.

"Emily, I can explain but not now," he replied as he lit the fuse.

Outside, the soldiers were getting impatient, the one closest to the door banged again.

"THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING! OPEN THIS DOOR!" he yelled, again there was no reply, "Bring up the ram."

A large metal rod, with two handles on top, was passed between the soldiers, until it reached the two nearest the door. Both stood either side of the door, holding the ram by the handles.

"On three," said the left trooper, the pair started to swing the ram, "One...Two...Three!"


The door burst off its hinges as a bright orange fireball erupted from behind it. The two men in front of the door were knocked back to the ground; pieces of the door pierced their flesh as it shattered from the blast. Before the rest of the soldier's could comprehend what had happened, gunshots roared as another three soldiers were killed.

As the surprised soldiers ran for cover, James and Emily snuck out the back door, though Emily was still in shock from the event. They climbed over the back fence in a narrow back alley that was covered in snow. Both of them pulled their winter coats tight over them to keep warm against the raging snow, before running off to avoid capture.

At Thomas and Percy's flat, both of them had been working very hard and now were both looking forward to a rest. Suddenly, there was banging at the door, followed by shouting.

"OPEN UP! FOR THE IMPERIAL MILITARY!" roared the voice, causing panic to strike the two rebels.

"Percy, what weapons do we have?" asked Thomas anxiously. Percy scrambled under the single bed and pulled out a large metal box, inside were two pistols, two small semi-automatic rifles, a few grenades and several magazines of bullets.

"A rifle and a pistol each, and whatever ammo and grenades you can carry," said Percy, "This is going to be our toughest fight ever."

They heard loud banging against the door as the soldiers desperately tried to get in.

"I don't doubt that," replied Thomas as he aimed his rifle at the door, "Let's give these bastards hell."

The two men quickly got to cover just as the door burst wide open, allowing three soldiers to storm through. Instantly, Thomas and Percy opened fire as they entered, catching them in a barrage of bullet fire. With the doorway clear, Thomas chucked a grenade out the door to deal with any waiting troops. As soon as the small explosive bounced out the door, shouting filled the air.


For a brief moment there was the sound of running, following by a flash and a bang. Quickly, Thomas and Percy ran out door, only to be greeted by the sight of Imperial Soldiers regrouping at the stair case. Before they could attack, the two 'steam engines' gunned down another two diesel soldiers before taking cover. As the troops fired at the rebels, Percy dropped a grenade down the stairs, the resulting explosion killing the troops.

"Let's go," said Thomas.

"Where too?" asked Percy, Thomas didn't really know.

"Uh...let's try the van," replied Thomas.

After escaping the apartment building, the two men were running through alleyways, desperately trying to avoid the roaming eyes of the Empire. Since they fled, the Diesels must have quickly found out about their escape, and now nearly all of Tidmouth was patrolled by the Empires forces.

The snow was both a blessing and a curse, since the thick blizzard reduced visibility; it was slightly easy to avoid patrols, but also made navigating almost impossible. Also, their footprints could be easily seen in the snow, though they were partially covered by quick falling snow.

After spending roughly an hour, moving through Tidmouth in the freezing cold, the two men had finally made it to the yard and were now beside the van. Thomas and Percy both pulled the doors open; however, they were surprised to see Edward, Gordon and Henry inside, all of who were equally surprised by their presence.

"What are you guys doing here?" asked Percy.

"Get in here! Quick, before you get seen," said Edward as he held out his hand to help Thomas up, while Henry pulled Percy up.

When they were in, Gordon and Henry pulled the doors shut as Percy and Thomas started rubbing their arms to keep warm.

"S-s-so why-y-y are y-you-u-u guys h-h-here?" asked a shivering Thomas.

"We were attacked by Diesels at our homes," said Gordon, his voice sounding bitter and full of suppressed rage.

"How were they able to identify us?" yelled Henry, "I had to blow up my caravan to escape them."

"Hold on," said Edward, "They might have targeted areas where they believed to be rebels, but couldn't identify us. Also, James isn't here, so maybe they haven't found him."

Suddenly, as if on cue the door to the van opened and clambered in James and Emily. Everyone stared in shock and horror at the sight of Emily, who had never been aware of their fighting lifestyle. Now James had brought her hear and now they would have to explain themselves.

"JAMES!" roared Gordon, "What the fuck were you thinking bringing her hear?!"

"I don't know," replied James sarcastically, "I was too busy trying to escape the diesels!"

"You too?" asked Percy in disbelief, James nodded.

"So the Empire was planning to stamp us out," said Thomas.

"I'm sorry," interrupted Emily, "But what the hell is going on?"

"You want to know?" asked Thomas, Emily nodded, "We're rebels, all six of us. We fight against the tyranny of the Empire, and hope to restore freedom to the world."

Emily looked around at the group of people who were her friends, including her boyfriend. She was in complete shock, she though she knew these people, but now it turns out she didn't. Quietly, she sat down in the corner to comprehend what had happened, as the rebels began to think of a way out. They had all gathered round the large map of Sodor that was lying on top of a large crate.

"Well, it's obvious that we can't stay here," said Henry, "We will need to gather what supplies we can and leave."

"Few problems there Henry," said Thomas, "Firstly, where can we go? Secondly, how do we get there? And lastly, how do we avoid getting caught?"

"All the checkpoints would be on high alert, and they would have forces patrolling around the perimeter of the town," Said Percy, pointing it out.

"I think I've got an idea," said Gordon, as he pointed at the railway lines on the map, "We could stowaway on a train on the mainline heading for Knapford, or maybe using the Little Western to reach Haultraugh."

"The Empire would of most likely search those trains upon entering the towns, we'd be arrested on the spot," said James.

"Here's an idea," said Edward, "There is an important Diesel supply train that is meant to be leaving Tidmouth, it would have most likely been delayed due to the weather, but the Empire will still send it out. It will be heading for Haultraugh, so as soon as we are out of Tidmouth, we'll jump off and head east towards Elsbridge, that areas pretty quiet so we can rest up there and move on east. Hopefully, we'll be able to find other rebels to receive support."

"How do you know there's a train leaving tonight," asked Gordon.

"I pay attention to the schedule," replied Edward.

"So we better pack up as much as we can then," said Thomas. Everyone turned round to look at Emily, who was very quiet. "Emily, we'll need your help to carry some stuff, it's too dangerous for you to stay here."

"Fine," was all Emily could say in return.

Everyone dug out a rucksack, and got to work gathering supplies. Gordon and Henry were primarily gathering weapons, along with cleaning kits and ammo. Emily was given most of the food and medical supplies. James and Edwards had mainly gathered together some of the explosives, along with some weapons and munitions that Gordon and Henry couldn't carry. Thomas and Percy were gathering together as much as everything they possible could that the others couldn't take.

However, everyone, except Emily, was carrying a sleeping in their rucksacks, with Gordon, Edward and Thomas carrying tents on the outside of their sacks. As everyone was finishing packing up what they could carry, Thomas walked over to Emily, who was still very quiet.

"You ok?" he asked in a concerned tone, Emily just nodded in reply, "Just a little surprised."

"How can you guys do this?" asked Emily, "How can you go to war against the Empire? Aren't you scared?"

"We all were a bit scared when we started," said Thomas, "Not knowing how to fight or what to do in tough situations, hell we even thought of abandoning our efforts, but as time wore on, we began to improve in our actions and started to hurt the Empire more and more."

Thomas could see that Emily was still a little shaken by the recent events.

"Don't worry Emily;" said Thomas in a reassuring voice, "We won't let anything happen to you. I know James won't."

"Your sweet," said Emily with a quiet giggle, "It's a wonder you're still single."

"Uhh...It's because...I...haven't met the right girl," replied Thomas, fighting a blush, Emily and he were like brother and sister, and she had always been trying to get him date a friend of hers.

"Don't worry, I'll help you find someone," said Emily with another giggle, Thomas went as red as James jacket.

When everyone had filled their rucksacks up to bursting point, and a weapon in their hands, the group of runaways left the van filled with the remaining equipment, and ran through the yard that was half buried in snow, leaving the van for the last time. Although the strong blizzard was enough to stop the Empire from using any search helicopters, it wasn't enough to stop the use of trucks and foot patrols from searching every part of Tidmouth in their hunt for the runaway rebels.

At Tidmouth station, a silver Class 08 shunter diesel was finishing assembling the Diesel supply train for the Little Western line, the train consisted of twenty closed vans with a brakevan at the back. A dark green Class 40 Diesel with a snowplough on the front was slowly backing down on to the train, as work men loaded the vans with boxes of different size. The platform was covered with workmen and soldiers in winter gear, fighting through the blizzard, the stations lights did very little to help see.

At the far end of the platform, the Rebels had hidden behind a pile of boxes, ahead was a van with the side door still open. Before they could move however, they had to wait for the group of three nearby workmen to leave. Through the howling snow, everyone could hear them shouting to each other.

"Why does this train need to leave tonight?" yelled one, "This weathers lethal."

"Some of the Northern garrison's are low on supplies," replied another.

"Come on, let's shut this door then get inside, I'm freezing," said the last.

The workmen closed the door to the van over and made their way up the platform. Henry and Gordon checked to make sure they were in the clear, with no nearby Imperials in sight, the two men ran to the van and pulled the door open. The group soon ran over and climbed one by one, first Emily, then Percy, and then Thomas, James, Edward and Henry, with Gordon last in. Gordon pulled the door over, leaving a small gap to look out.

There was an uneasy silence inside the van; no one dared talk so not to risk being detected by the imperials. Suddenly, there was a slight jerk as they felt the train move slowly, the sound of the trucks rattling grew louder and louder as the train picked up speed. Gordon pushed the door open to get a better view of the outside.

"So what now?" asked James.

"We'll wait till we're outside Tidmouth," said Edward, "Then jump of and head for Elsbridge."

"Was your head on straight when you that up?" asked James, Edward just rolled his eyes.

After roughly ten minutes, the train had left Tidmouth and had now entered the country side, where all there was the skeletons of the leafless trees surrounded by snow.

"Everyone, get ready to jump," said Edward. Gordon stood up and pushed the door wide open.

Everyone grabbed their rucksacks and waited by the door, Edward was first; he threw his bag out then leaped from the van, landing in the thick snow with a roll. Thomas was next, followed by Henry, Emily, James, Percy (who needed 'motivating' by Gordon), and Gordon being last. Soon, everyone was lying in the deep, freezing cold snow next to their bag. Everyone was quick to get up and brush off the cold stuff, much to their annoyance.

"Smart plan, Edward," said James sarcastically, "Smart fucking plan."

"Stop whining," moaned Edward, he had had enough of James moaning.

Edward opened a small pocket on his bag and pulled a map, a compass and a torch. He gave the torch to Thomas and looked at the map. After five minutes, he had created a route to follow to Tidmouth.

"Follow me," said Edward, taking his torch back from Thomas, before wading through the snow.

The snow out in the countryside was deep and everywhere, it reached up to everyone's knees as they waded through, the strong wind was almost powerful to force over and the falling snow made it difficult to see.

Thomas pulled up his hood over his head to keep warm; Percy had pulled his selves over his hands and was holding his gun through the fabric. James had wrapped his arm around Emily in an effort to keep her warm, and so that she might forgive him for lying to her. Gordon and Henry looked like they were trying to prove they were tough by braving against the cold, despite the obvious shivering. Edward was too focused on reading the map to worry about the cold.

As they continued on their excruciating journey through the hostile weather, the level of snow around their legs began to decrease. Thomas looked around as best he could, he saw Percy struggling against the fierce conditions, James and Emily huddled together to struggle on, Gordon and Henry starting to succumb to the cold and Edward using as much of his concentration as possible to read the map. Thomas then looked around again, and suddenly saw bright lights, and he could hear the distant sounds of engines purring. The noise caused everyone to stop and look in the direction of the bright light.

Thomas tried to get a better look of what was coming their way, suddenly a thought hit him.

"Get down!" he yelled, and dropped to the snow. The others were quick to follow, as they objects that were projecting the bright light came into view. It was coming from a diesel military truck that was leading small convey along the road.

As the last truck disappeared into the snowy fog, the rebels stood up from the snow, and began brushing off much of the snow.

"That was too close," said Edward, as he returned his gaze to the map.

"I'm fucked sick of this!" yelled James, everyone stared at him, "Look at us, we have been ran out of our homes and are walking through snow that goes up to our knees."

"Did you think being a rebel was going to be a life of luxury?" argued Percy.

"Everyone! Calm down," shouted Thomas, "Fighting isn't going to get us anywhere."

The rest of the journey was quiet; everyone was cold and tired, leaving everyone's mood in a bad way. Edward had announced that they were nearly there, but it did very little to improve anyone's mood. The group was now travelling up a steep hill, though no one had the strength or will to do so.

At the top of the hill however, through the thick fog of snow, the rebels could make out two large shapes. As they got closer, the shapes began to take form; one was an old large house, while the other was a large, rundown barn. The group slowly approached the barn, checking to see any movement or light inside the house. Fortunately, the house looked quiet and dark, almost as if it was empty. Gordon slowly and quietly as possible opened a small door into the barn. Once everyone was inside Gordon gently closed the door. However, unbeknownst to the rebels, a shadowy figure had watched them as they entered the barn.

Inside, the barn was cold, but dry, with bits and pieces of old and broken objects scattered around the edge and a large empty space in the middle. Everyone dropped their weapons on top of a large wooden crate beside the door, and place their rucksacks next to it.

"It's great we found this place," said Gordon, "We can rest here for the night, dry in here and saves us the bother of putting up the tents."

"Think we can get a fire going?" asked Percy.

"Well...we could burn some pieces of broken wood, but this isn't our stuff," said Edward, who was slightly nervous at the idea of trespassing.

"Come on Edward," said Henry, "This place is empty, and if there are people, we'll leave nice and early to avoid being caught."

"Fine," sighed Edward in defeat.

"I'll get a fire ready," said James.

Soon, everyone was sitting around a small, but warm fire, using broken pieces of wood as fuel. The group had sat round in a ring to share the heat of the fire and each other. Though they were tired and hungry, they had decided focus on keeping warm until they were ready.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang as the barn door swung open, allowing a large gust of snowy wind to fly in. Everyone stared at the doorway to see a mysterious shadowy figure, wearing a large winter coat with the hood over their head, pointing what looked like a hunting rifle at them. The lads first reaction was to reach for their weapons only realise they had left their weapons right next to where the stranger was standing.

"All of you!" shouted the Stranger, the voice was of a woman's but sounded strong. "Stand and put your arms over your heads!"

Everyone did as they were commanded; this was an embarrassing experience for the rebels, who should have known better than to let their guard down.

"So, who are you?" asked the Stranger, "Criminals? Escaped convicts? Vandals?"

Each person looked at the other, hoping someone had something smart to say.

"We're...travelling salesmen?" said James; everyone else just rolled their eyes at James' foolish answer.

"Pretty heavily armed for travelling salesmen," replied the Stranger, referencing to the pile of weapons on the crate.

"We sell weapons?" said James, hoping this would convince the Stranger to let them go.

"So you profit off other peoples suffering?" said the Stranger, "I really should kill you."

"No don't," screamed Gordon, "We don't sell weapons...we...uhh...err..."

"We're Rebels!" shouted Thomas, taking a leap of faith. Everyone gave him a shocked look that said; what have you done? The Stranger continued to stare at them, with her rifle pointed directly at Thomas.

"Rebels?" she asked, "As in, those that are fighting against the Empire?"

"Yes," replied Thomas, everyone gave him more looks of shock. The Stranger continued to aim her weapon at Thomas. However, she soon lowered her rifle.

"Why are you here?" she asked, in a more curious tone, than aggressive.

"We're on the run from the Diesels in Tidmouth," Thomas answered.

"Well, in that case, you can stay in my house," said the Stranger. Everyone's face lit up at the sound of that statement, they all grabbed their stuff together and followed the Stranger to the large house.

Once inside, the heat instantly caught hold of everyone. They were standing in a hall, in front was a large staircase to the top floor, beside the staircase was a large opening that lead to the lounge, which consisted of two armchairs, a three seated couch, a TV and a fire place, large thick curtains covered the windows, keeping the light in. In-between the two, was a corridor that lead to the back of the house. To the left were several hooks for people to put their coats, next to a wooden door.

"Leave your bags there," said the Stranger pointing at the space next to the stairs, as she put her gun against the stair case and removed her coat.

Thomas looked at the woman who had helped them. She had long blond hair flowing freely down her back; she had fair skin, bright blue eyes and had the face of an angel. She was wearing a dark purple, long sleeve shirt, with black trousers and boots. Thomas was especially amazed by her beauty, finding it hard to resist staring at her, and could feel himself beginning to blush.

"Now, then," she said, her voice sounding more friendly and angelic, "You lot make yourself comfortable, while I make you some vegetable soup."

Everyone grinned as they entered the lounge, James, Emily and Gordon sat down on the couch, Edward and Henry got a chair each, and Thomas and Percy sat down in front of the couch. James had found the TV remote and was flicking through the channels. For once since their escape, everyone was in a good mood.

For Thomas, he couldn't stop thinking about the woman who was helping them, how easily she accepted them after discovering they were rebels. She had allowed them to stay in her home, yet they didn't even know her name, and now she was cooking a meal for them. He decided he better go help her, even if she didn't, it would be nice to get to know her.

Standing up and leaving the lounge, Thomas walked down the corridor where the woman had gone. At the end of the corridor, were three doors, one on the back wall that leads outside, a door on the left and another on the right that was slightly open. Inside, Thomas could see what looked like a kitchen, gently pushing the door open, he could see a sink, a large fridge and freezer, and a cooker with a large saucepan on top. In the middle was a large with eight chairs around it, and a large number of cupboards were along the edge of the room.

Thomas could see the woman standing over the saucepan, stirring the soup inside with a wooden spoon; next to her on the work top were seven empty bowls. Taking a deep breath, Thomas stepped into the kitchen.

"Excuse me," said Thomas, the woman spun round to look at him, "would you like a hand?"

"Yes, thank you," replied the woman with a smile that made Thomas' heart melt, "Can you hold the bowls while I pour the soup?"

"My name's Thomas."

"You can call me Lady," said the Woman, Thomas gave her a smile.

Thomas held the bowls for Lady to pour the soup in, before carrying each one over to the table. When the last bowl was over, Thomas noticed there wasn't one for Lady.

"Lady, are you going to eat anything?" asked Thomas, slightly concern.

"No," said Lady with a smile, "I've already eaten. This is my house after all."

Soon, the others were all sitting at the table, downing the meal Lady cooked for them. Everyone used this time to introduce themselves to Lady, who in turn introduced herself.

"So, what did you guys do back in Tidmouth?" asked Lady, interested in the tales of their exploits.

"Well," began James, "we pretty much done a load of sabotage, such as destroying equipment and installations vital to the Empire."

"Though there have been times when go beyond the boundaries," boasted Thomas, "Like this one time, we stole and destroyed an entire supply train for the Diesels."

"And, we blew up an entire fuel depot, that really caused some problems," said Percy while looking at Lady, this made Thomas slightly jealous.

"Wait..." interrupted Emily, "You guys did what?"

"Uh...long story," said James.

"Aren't you a rebel Emily?" asked Lady, confused by her shock.

"No, I just got caught in the crossfire when the Diesels hunted down these."

An uneasy silence lingered in the atmosphere, Lady decided to change to subject.

"So, why come to Elsbridge?" she asked.

"We came because it was one of the closest places where the Empire wouldn't search for us, and then plan what to do next," answered Edward, "Do you have any idea of what their presence is like here?"

"Well," began Lady, "There's not much to say, they don't seem to view Elsbridge as an important location. Aside from the checkpoints and the odd patrol, there are only two places where the Empires forces have any strong presence, the station and their camp just outside the village."

"Sounds like we have a new playground, boys," roared Gordon, the rebels cheered in response.

"So you guys are staying?" asked Lady joyfully.

"Definitely," said Thomas, who was overly excited, something Emily noticed.

"Well then, better find you guys somewhere to sleep," said Lady as she stood up from the table, everyone else was quick to join her. They followed her up stairs, where there were five doors, across the landing. Two on the side of the stairs with three opposite.

"Okay, these two rooms are the guest rooms, in the middle is the bathroom," Said Lady, pointing at the two at the far corners of the upstairs hall, with the middle door the bathroom.

"Here," she pointed at the door nearest the stairs, "this is just the airing cupboard, and over there is my room," pointing at the door across from the top of the stairs.

Inside the first spare room, was a large double bed, with a bedside cabinet on each side, a large wardrobe in the corner of the room, with a chest of drawers next to it. The walls had been painted white; and the floor was covered in a dark blue. The second room, had two single beds, one on each side, in-between them was a chest of drawers, and beside the door was a wardrobe.

The first room was given to James and Emily, which result in the lads giggling amongst themselves, much to their annoyance. The second room was given to Percy and Edward, leaving Thomas, Henry and Gordon to sleep in the lounge. Upon realising this, Gordon and Henry, raced to the top of the stairs, Gordon was first and started to charge down, quickly followed by Henry. Just as Gordon reached the bottom, Henry pushed past him. Gordon wouldn't let himself be beat and ran towards the couch and launched himself into it.

"I get the couch," boasted a victorious Gordon, Henry sieved with anger.

The other soon came down to get their stuff, with Thomas and Lady staying. Lady was about to give the two men a stern word, before Thomas stopped her.

"Leave them," said Thomas.

Soon, everyone's stuff was upstairs and Thomas, Henry and Gordon had their sleeping bags out, though Henry was still jealous about not getting the couch. One-by-one, everyone had gone to bed and was asleep, except Thomas, he was helping Lady clear the kitchen table. Though they could hear Gordon and Henry snoring, it was nice they could socialise with each other.

"So, I've been living here for nearly my whole, used to be a farm, but we sold all the land long ago," said Lady, as she explained a bit of her history.

"Interesting," said Thomas, "Hey, can I ask you a question?"


"When you found us in the barn," began Thomas, "Why did you let us come in when I said we were rebels?"

"Because I don't like the Empire, silly," said Lady with a giggle, Thomas chuckled.

"I mean why you trusted us so easily," explained Thomas.

"Well, I have like a sense that makes it easier for me to judge people," said Lady, "I had a good feeling about you lot, I just needed to make sure was all."

"I guess that makes sense," said Thomas, "I hope we stay friends."

"Me too," said Lady through a yawn, "I think I'll turn in, good night Thomas."

"Goodnight Lady," he said as he watched disappear through the door.

"I hope we can be something more than just friends," he thought to himself.

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