"Cass?" Dean says to the dark forest surrounding him. Cass was just there.. But now he isn't. Awesome. Dean thought to himself. He could hear shifting in the trees, movements in the area around him. He could see the dark shadows of the monsters circling him fast.

"What the hell am I supposed to do now?" He said aloud, standing still. If I walk in any direction I'm gunna get ganked by these things, and all I have is a knife and a gun with one round left. And I doubt it'll work on every evil piece of crap that's waiting to kill me out there. He thought.

"You seem to be in a slight situation there." He hears a feminine voice call out behind him. Dean turns around to see a woman, no older than twenty-five, with long black hair falling almost to her knees, pale white skin and piercing green eyes standing casually in short black leather shorts, thigh high black boots, a purple tank top and a nice fitting black leather jacket.

"What the hell are you?" Dean asks, taking an attack position.

"Relax, I am not going to hurt you. I am here to help, Dean." She said slowly.

"I'll ask again, WHAT are you? And how do you know my name?" He shouted.

"Fine. My name is Saliene Mikijii. And if you must know I am a Vampire." She spoke back.

"A bloodsucker? And you say you want to help.. Why should I believe any of what you have to say?" Dean asked, getting annoyed.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me that, it's offensive. And because I chose to come here only to rescue you, and help from then on if you didn't mind." Her smile showed two long canines, and she took a step closer. Dean took a half-step backward, still not trusting her.

"Every one of you I've met has turned out to be a bad seed, what makes you any different? You might want to start making sense before I get tired of your game." He said.

"Because I didn't come from Eve." Saliene answered. "Does that satisfy you?" Dean was stunned, all monsters supposedly came from the big mother. What the hell is she, exactly, if she really didn't? He asked himself.

"If you give me more time to explain thoroughly, without the accusing tone of voice or your right hand ready to pull your knife on me if I say one word wrong, then I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find out about me. I swear." She tells him. Dean considers this for a moment and says,

"Well, your monster vibe is keeping what ever else is out there away," He said, suddenly noticing how the sounds of the creatures who were ready to kill him only moments before had disappeared.

"So I guess I can listen to what you have to say, but keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Or you will feel one point going through your heart before you can explain any more to me." He said.

"Fair enough I suppose, I wasn't even sure you'd listen to me, given your hunter background, but I'm glad you've chosen the right thing here. Let's have a seat, shall we?" She said. They sat down on two tree stumps fairly close to each other.

"So, the reason I have come to save you is because I simply felt like it." Saliene said. Dean looked like he was already about to reach for his knife when Saliene continued.

"Please, I'm not done. You are wondering how I came to be, I'm sure. Well, I'm banished from a planet that likes to watch yours, it's called Nelco. Nelco is said to be the home of great Gods and Goddesses. My blood line came from one of the remaining seven kingdoms ruling the planet. Specifically, Safire Kingdom, home of the Angel Tigers. My ancestors were banished due to a sort of negligence dealing in a war that destroyed thirteen of the original twenty kingdoms that were there. So you see, we became Vampires. I am however very powerful, much more so than your so called Alpha Vampires." She said. It was quite a story, Dean partially believed it, too. But he needed proof.

"Give me an example of your so-called power then." Dean said.

"Very well." Saliene said. She took a few steps back, inhaled, then exhaled. Suddenly black pillars of feathers jutted out from her back. Wings.

"No freakin' way." Dean said. "You got a pair of standard issue angel wings?" He asked.

"Yes, they work too, if you were wondering." She said. The black wings, with maybe a twenty-two foot wingspan, then disappeared behind her.

"Okay, that's not normal for any bloodsucker. If you're so powerful though, why don't you find my friend Cass for me? He disappeared when I got here." Dean said. I can't believe I'm siding with what I always called a monster.. But I guess I don't really have any choice. I have to get back to Sammy. He thought.

"I already poofed him out for you. That's why he disappeared." She said.

Dean clapped his hands together and rubbed them briskly, getting ready and said, "Awesome, let's do me now so I can get on back to my brother."

"There is a small issue with that, Dean.." Saliene said.

"What? I thought you were the Queen of Mad Skills?" Dean said, getting frustrated.

"I can get you back, but I'm out of energy from transporting myself to this area all the way from where I live and also sending your friend back. I'm afraid I'm going to need to refuel, or we're both stuck here." She tells him.

"So you need blood. Great well I'm sure there's some body around here who can.." Dean trailed off, Saliene holding his gaze.

"Um, what exactly are you giving me that look for?" He asked.

"You know what, Dean. I need human blood. There are no other humans in this place, save for you." She said.

"So I have to be your red juice doner or I'm not going anywhere?" He asked.

"Pretty much. I'm sorry, I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to. No need to worry about anything. My bite won't turn you, and I don't kill my victims. You'll be fine I promise you." She said, walking towards him and stopping a few feet away.

Dean raised his hand to the back of his head, scratching softly, "I guess it isn't your fault. But uh, gimme a minute to get ready, never been dinner before." He said grimly.

"That's fine I have plenty of time." She said. Dean shook off then stood firmly.

"Alright, do your worst Saliene." He said, turning his head to the side, revealing his neck.

"I'll be gentle." She whispered, placing her hands on either side of his exposed neck. Dean had his eyes squeezed as far shut as humanly possible, or so he imagined would be possible, bracing for the pain. But as he felt her teeth barley pressing against his skin, pointed edges pulsing on his neck and finally in it, it felt to him more of a... Comforting feeling, than anything else. In fact, in his last seconds on consciousness, he realized it didn't hurt at all.

*Author's Note- Hey guys, Super here! I hope you're all liking the story so far! I'm trying to make it as interesting as possible.

Now I know most of you drop out here due to Saliene's character, but give Super Nova a real chance. Read to at least chapter 4, where the action comes in. If you still dislike it, I won't blame you for not wanting to read further. But honestly, I think I gave this story a wonderful plot, there's plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, I promise!

And if you guys were wondering no Saliene isn't a love interest for Sam or Dean, I actually haven't decided if she should be and if so to which one. Whatever I decide I promise the story will still be full of action and violence and monsters and the like, don't worry. :)