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WARNING: This is not your average fic, it's rate M for a reason because Bo is juiced up on too much power and she is literally hurting those she loves. Hurt/Comfort


Author: Wolves for Lost Girl

It had been a good night with free drinks, games of pool and great company, the kind of evening Kenzi really enjoyed if she wasn't aiming for a high end party night out. Hale, Dyson and Hale's date for the night, a Gemini named Tequila, proved to be a very good choice of companions, with a good mix of feminine flirtation, male testosterone and great eye candy. The young woman didn't mind admitting to anyone that she liked looking at Hale, especially when he was trying, and boy was he trying to get the attention of the tall leggy red headed Tequila. Dyson was nothing to sniff at either, Kenzi considered him handsome in the rugged kind of way. A totally different kind of look to the polished smooth talker that was Hale, but not bad all the same.

Of course Trick had kept them supplied with drinks constantly and had even made sure they had small bowls of snacks to dip into from time to time to 'soak up' some of the alcohol, he had said with a bright smile to the young human. Indeed all in all it had been a great night at the Dale, indeed Kenzi even felt a little bit bad for being mean to Bo before she had left that she was being 'thrown out' of her own home, just so that the succubus could get her groove on with the doctor.

Acting on that thin strand of guilt the young woman got Hale to pull into the gas station on the way back to the club house the next morning and she'd picked up three coffees as a peace offering for her bestie, all with double shots.

Opening the front door Kenzi moved straight into the kitchen with the tray of drinks, noting immediately that Bo was sat on the couch, which was definitely not where she expected to find her best friend.

"I brought coffee." Kenzi called out when the brunette didn't turn. Still the succubus paid no attention to her bestie's arrival, which in turn made Kenzi's concern notch up a little. "Doc?" She called out loudly. "I got you one too."

"She's not here." Bo's flat voice came from the couch.

"What do you mean she's not here?" Kenzi moved over to the couch with two of the coffee's, plopping down beside her best friend and holding one out to her. She instantly notice the well... glum look that was plastered on the succubus' face.

"She left." Bo summed up, finally taking the coffee immediately nursing it, not opening or tasting it.

"I'm going to skip any jokes about wearing her out and go right too... why?" Kenzi turned in her seat fully facing the other brunette as she pulled up her legs and began to drink her own coffee.

"I guess she didn't like being called a lying bitch." Bo looked down at the coffee in her hands guiltily.

Kenzi had expected a lot of answers, after all the relationship between her bestie and the doctor had been well... tumultuous. But since their victory over the Garuda, things had settled into a rhythm that seemed to suggest the two of them had settled into as much of a relationship as they'd ever managed.

"Uh..." Kenzi finally managed to gulp and look wide eyed at her best friend. "Is there a good reason you called her a lying bitch?" She couldn't help but use the words that Bo had.

"You used to call her that all the time." Bo objected, but there was no volume or conviction in her voice, she didn't even look at Kenzi to add weight to her retaliation.

"Yes, and every time I did you gave me that look, the one that's like a left hook from Ali in his heyday." Kenzi reminded her softly. "Come on babe, tell me what happened?"

"I just don't know." Bo shook her head and leaned to put the coffee on the table, happier to hold her arms around her stomach, the position more comforting. "It was good, we were...you know, but then we started talking about, well what happens now." Bo frowned trying to recall the details of the last eleven or so hours. "What are 'we', that kind of thing."

"Uh huh, you finally got down to talking brass tacks about how much you too love each other..." Kenzi nodded completely having expected that conversation to have to have stared sooner then later.

"Yeah, and even that was going okay until..." Bo looked down again at her own hands.

"Until?" The word came quickly to urge her to continue.

"She said she didn't know if she could share me." The succubus turned her head to look at Kenzi.

"Okay, a valid concern when you're with a Succubus. What did you say?" Kenzi wasn't still sure how they'd ended up at lying bitch.

"I said I was a succubus, not sharing wasn't exactly an option." Bo answered her best friend's enquiry, "And it was like she had this prepared speech or something about how she wasn't talking general share, she was talking specific share." Bo finally looked up and for the first time since Kenzi had got in the succubus' demeanour changed, the muscles along the sides of her jaw locked and danced as she concentrated on keeping them fixed in place.

"And?" Kenzi made sure she didn't say anything else yet, after all it was a little expected that Lauren would have worked out some big 'I don't want to specifically share you' speech. Even Kenzi understood that since meeting Bo, her relationship with the succubus had always been in a triangle with Dyson, a state of being the young brunette wasn't sure she could have dealt with for as long as the Doc had.

"And? Kenzi she told me, TOLD ME." The succubus' voice turned a little sharp as she stressed the word, "That she wouldn't stand me sleeping with Dyson if I was sleeping with her." Bo pushed off the couch. "She, told me." Bo paced away from the couch shaking her head. "So I pointed out that I wasn't the one who had ever been involved in a relationship with someone else, whilst actively trying to get in my bed." The succubus paused and looked at Kenzi as she revealed her response to Lauren's ultimatum. "And from there things kind of spiralled."

"I can imagine." Kenzi took a deep breath and turned her body to look at the succubus again. "Okay, the best thing I can do right now is help you break this down, so we can figure out what your next move is." She put her coffee down looking at her best friend. "Fundamentally do you want to sleep with Dyson while you're sleeping with Lauren?"

"I already have." Bo replied her brow crunching a little in confusion at the question.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Kenzi leaned back against the couch a little shocked by the revelation. "When?"

"Kenzi what does it matter? Do you want the last time? Two nights ago." Bo folded her arms across her chest defensively.

"Whoa okay Bo-Bo, you got to get your shit together here. Which one of them do you want?" Kenzi looked at her, trying to hide her thread of disappointment at the succubus. She'd thought her best friend had gotten a better handle on this confusing situation but apparently of late she'd been making it worse. "I mean, if you're back with Dyson why the whole thing with Lauren last night?"

"One of them?" Bo's frowned deepened.

"Do you really think Dyson is cool with you sleeping with the Doc while you're banging him?" Kenzi quirked an eyebrow at her. "Have you not seen the animosity between those two over who gets you?"

"Then they will just have to learn to play nice." Bo stared at her best friend, the muscles in her jaw dancing again.

"Whoa there Mistress of Love, you're talking a little too much like it's your way or the sway way." Kenzi frowned back at her. "They get a choice Bo, and whether you like it or not they're aren't going to willingly go with this Mormon-esque lifestyle you want to swing with. This isn't going to be a remake of sister wives, with a wolf and doctor and your fifteen kids."

"Just whose side are you on?" Bo tipped her head slightly, her eyes locking onto Kenzi as she narrowed them slightly, a stray flare of blue flickering from the centre ring of her pupils to the outside edge of her irises as she stared at the young woman.

"I'm on yours chica, but I'm not going to lie to you." Kenzi was attentive enough to see the flare and she purposely tried to remain calm, after all Trick and even Lauren had said there would be some expected changes after Bo's blood binding to beat the Garuda. Maybe blue eyes flickering when she was upset was a very explainable one.

"Are you? Maybe it's that you want me to pick one of them." Suddenly Bo began walking back towards the couch, her hand dropping from across her chest to hang loosely at her sides. "That way the other one would be free." She flicked her eyebrows up for a second. "Free for you." Her top lip flicked up in something resembling a snarl. "Going after the Norn, pretty dangerous thing to do just for a friend."

"First off, I have never and will never do anything with your sloppy seconds." Kenzi didn't know how else to react to the complete shiver of sudden terror that went down her spine as she listened to Bo talk other then to try and be as honest as she always was with the Succubus. "Secondly, I went to the Norn because you needed 'whole' Dyson back to fight the Garuda, not because I wanted to impress him. And if you are feeling crazy enough after having a fight with the Doc to even think for a moment that I wouldn't do anything, and I mean anything for you, my friend. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself, sweetie."

Bo paused at the edge of the couch and looked at Kenzi for a moment, the tension dropping out of her jaw, her eyes widening back to their normal width, but only for a moment, before they dipped a little closed, though this time in the way she did when she was turning on her high level of succubus charm.

"Really?" The sexual purr in her voice was thick, "Anything." The brunette passed her tongue over her top lip.

"Bo, I need you to listen to me okay." Kenzi let her voice drop to a softer tone. "This fight with the Doc has put you off kilter, because are you really suggesting that to me? Your sista?" She blinked blue eyes at Bo and swallowed, not sure if there was even a chance that she could 'reason' with this 'Bo'.

"I can make you feel so good Kenzi." Bo let her eyes roll back a little as she let out a long slow breath, bringing one hand up to her own chest, resting it over her low cut top.

"That's just the point Bo, you'd be 'making' me." Kenzi felt pinned suddenly to the couch that was at her back, she knew if she tried to run that it might only instigate Bo into chasing her. The shake in her own voice as she said the words made the fear she'd been trying to ignore all the more real.

"We could share the wolf, you and me." With her other hand, Bo reached out and lightly traced the very edge of the bangs against Kenzi's forehead. "You could be Little red Riding Hood, I'd be your Axe Man, I'd save you from the big bad wolf." She drew her finger down Kenzi's cheek, over her neck onto her shoulder, drawing a swirling pattern in the shallow of her shoulder.

"Please..." Kenzi managed to squeak out the words, knowing that despite Bo actually touching her she hadn't used any of her power yet. She felt too much fear and confusion for that to be happening. "Don't do this Bo."

"Oh Red, what Big Blue Eyes you have." Bo tipped her head slightly blinking up to look into the younger woman's wide blue eyes. The succubus stayed completely still for a long moment. "Aren't you going to play Little Red?" She asked her voice suddenly a little tighter.

"This isn't a game." Kenzi gave a shake of her head, the motion far smaller and less confidently then she'd wanted it to be.

"Everything is a game." Bo's voice went stoney cold and the hand that had been drawing soft circular caresses on her shoulder suddenly clamped around Kenzi's throat, literally tearing her up and off the couch. "And guess whose in charge?" With almost no effort she pitched Kenzi up and away from her sending the slim woman up into the air and crashing into one of the timber uprights in the main room. The small body literally folded around it absorbing all of the power that Bo had put into the toss. "I suggest you get yourself dressed for when I get home, and in a better mood." The succubus dispassionately stepped passed Kenzi's injured form and walked towards the club house door, shaking out her long dark hair. "I expect you to make it up to me."