Carrier of the Sun, Father of the stars, titles I use to have when people actually believed in me, when they use to fear the dark and would run to my light. But things change over time and soon I just became science, a fact for men and women who stopped believing in magic, but the magic will always be there...

even if I'm not.

It was a beautiful night, the moon gave a warm glow as parents whispered goodnight to their sleeping children and animals huddled together for warmth as they too was lured to sleep by the sand flowing in the sky. It was a goodnight but it would have been better if I wasn't be frozen to my toes by the damn winter spirit.

I looked up to glare at said winter spirit as he continued to make snow clouds over my head as he lazily floated around the street lamps with a grin that that would put a jackal to shame.

"Aren't you suppose to be harassing some bunnies now?"

I seethed through tight teeth, refusing to show any indication that I was freezing cold even though I moved side to side in order to keep blood flow in my feet. The kid's grin grew as he floated closer till he was nose to nose with me, I guess no one taught him about personal space.

"Tried but he ran to his own world, muttering about preparing for Easter..., besides I still want to see if I can blow out that giant ball of fire on your head that you call hair." he said before blowing snow onto me which quickly melted away.

I scoffed and moved away from him, what of the qualities you get for carrying the sun is that you get a little makeover, which consists of you having the body temperature of a furnace and your hair turning into a hovering fireball, giving you the look of a lit candle.

I was sort of blessed for not being able to be seen by mortals otherwise I would have a lot more screaming people and a lot more of a laughing spirit, and I could barely handle the later one.

"You know it won't go out no matter how much snow you throw at me, and you've thrown a lot!" I growled at him remembering all the time he would find me and throw snowballs at me before either running or hiding behind one of the guardians.

He smirked and flicked my noes before hovering his hands over his my head making sure he was close enough to feel its warmth but not close enough to get burned since I once promised him that I would get him back for all those snowballs, but I didn't have the energy to burn him, at the moment anyway.

"You know if keep acting this comfortable around me you might make tooth jealous."

I said not moving him away but giving him a glare for freezing up my noes and he merely titled his head with that smirk on his face and floated away.

"She's more on the cheer squad for us; she loves the whole idea of opposites attracting."

I snorted, "That humming bird is only cheering for us because we're both men, the dirty thoughts running through her mind I wonder."

Jack frowned and a look of hurt spread in his eyes before quickly disappearing.

"I didn't think that kind of stuff mattered to you."

he mumbled and I raised a brow at him before checking my watch, I need to always check the time to make sure I would get the sun up on time.

I looked up to where jack was only to find him gone, I gave a noise of surprise before shrugging and continuing on my way, the snow on my boots quickly melting away since its creator was long gone and couldn't continue making more.

I watched trails of sand glide across the sky while tiny little fairies continued on their merry way collecting teeth and leaving coins. I let out a sigh, children believed in them, giving them the power they need to continue living out their days, they never had to worry about disappearing, becoming nothing but a shadow of what once was.

I remembered when I once was worshiped like they were but that was during the dark times when their was actually something in the shadows to be afraid of. And also in the Greek era, but during that time anyone could have been idolized as something great and when clothing was...,optional but that was a time and memory I try to forget. While people told their children about Santa Clause and the Easter bunny I was written off as a fact in science. But I wasn't surprised, when I actually was something was before the big man started the whole guardian thing and afterwords I just became something in the background.

I wasn't mad, bitter yes, but not mad. I was just...lonely.

I missed people believing me, I missed the time that I didn't feel so weak.

I stopped and shook my head from all those dark thoughts, it was a long walk and the big man on the moon forgive me if I'm late for my job.

"So what, he was a big shot once." Jack Frost asked watching North go through the nice list, occasionally crossing a name out.

"Not just a big shot, he was the biggest big shot there ever was." he said raising his arms wide to show how big before continuing. "He carries the one weapon that can destroy the darkness and make a time for children to not live in fear."

Jack was silent for a moment, he didn't really get why the guy was so important. He just saw a not so, maybe so, hot guy hover into the night sky sometimes with the sun slowly following under him.

"So why aren't there stories about him."

"Oh there were at a time, back in the Greek era when he was in a faze of not wearing clothes, glad he got out of that if you ask me." he said with a deep chuckle glancing back at his list and jack gave him a confused look.

"But didn't pitch say that when kids stopped believing in something then it would slowly disappear?"

North looked at Jack with a twinkle in his eye.

"He's a special case, people believe in the sun to make daytime and since he is part of the sun then in some way people believe in's a little confusing when you put it in words."

He answered before grinning at Jack.

"Why so interested in our old carrier Jack? From what I hear from tooth is that you've been following him around, more so then it to be just a coincidence."

Jack gave an awkward cough and looked away, giving an impish shrug before answering.

"I don't know what your talking about, he just seems so lonely so I hang out with him sometimes, that's it."

North gave a chuckle before going back to his work, indicating that question time was over so Jack hopped off the filing cabinet he was sitting on and walked out of the office, giving a backwards wave to north and headed upstairs to the giant observatory room to watch the sun slowly rise.

He leaned on the window seal and thought about the discussion he had with the carrier.

"only cheering for us because were both men"

"I didn't think that kind of stuff mattered to you"

It was a stupid thing to say since he's only known the man for a few months, and that was only to make the stubborn looking man smile or yell, depending what mood he was in. He didn't care that he was a guy he just wanted that sad look in his eyes to go away, a sad look he once and sometimes still had. But now that he thought about it he didn't even know the guy's name, did he even have a name?

Jack smirked and grabbed his staff, twirling it around before looking up at the sun.

"might as well find out." he said before calling for the wind.