"Are we there yet?"


"How about now?"


"How abou-"

"I swear if you asked me that again I'm going to drop your body in the nearest quick sand pit and watch you slowly drown!"

I growled turning to the irritated and sweaty winter spirit. He gave me a fierce scowl which I quickly returned.

"Well sorry, I'm not use to being in the middle of the desert!"

He yelled, teetering back and forth with a pained look.

I just shook my head and looked forward, to be fair I should have warned him that I put the sun in the hottest dessert this world could have but then I thought, why not get back at him for all those snowballs.

So here we both were walking through this hot sandy waste land to the area I usually take out and put in the sun. I glanced back now and then to see how Jack was doing and I never knew that a spirit could look that miserable till now.

I should have really thought about it, but the look he gave me before hand when I told him I had to go to work, I just couldn't say no.

I sighed and stopped again for the eighth time for Jack to catch up, by the time I already wasted its going to be a short night, which meant that some spirit or creature was going to complain which would give me a bigger headache then usual.

I stopped mid-thought when Jack stopped and pretty much dropped himself on me.

"I can't handle this, I can't even get the wind to get me out of here."

He muttered and I gave a sigh again, I've done that a lot lately. I dropped the bag I was carrying and took of my jacket and handed it over to him as he gives me a look.

"I said I was hot, why would you give me your jacket, to kill me faster!?"

My brow twitched and I side glared the idiot.

"It's a magic jacket, it keeps your body at a comfortable temperature so you don't burn out, or freeze up. I got it from our dear Santa after the second snow storm you hit me with."

He looked at me and have an 'oh' sound before quickly putting it on and giving a content sigh. He pulled on the neck of the jacket to cover his nose and I just watched him with a smirk to which he replied with a stick of his tongue, I rolled my eyes before grabbing my bag and continuing on to my job, hopefully we can move faster now.

About thirty minutes past by and I knew that our dear Jack was bored out of his mind, he even started floating behind me once he got comfortable in my jacket. I could tell he was bored because he started 'brushing' his fingers in my hair, or more like see how close he could get his fingers into my hair before they get burned off.

"Doesn't everything burn up when your 'hair' touches it."

"It only becomes real fire when I'm being annoying, like now.


He gave a laugh before going silent and Calcifer gave a sigh of relief; perhaps Jack will answer is silent wish of him staying quiet.

"So from what I hear, way back then, when you were actually fun, was that you didn't wear cloths."

All of Calcifer's dreams were crushed.

1. jack didn't shut up

Embarrassing memories of his younger days was coming back full force In his mind

there was no way in hell we were going to make it to the sun spot on time.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Calcifer said nonchalantly before adding more speed to his step and Jack smirked and quickly followed or floated to Calcifer's form.

"Oh really, then why did North tell me a story of you going naked multiple when bringing up the sun, and driving a chariot?" Jack asked teasingly while a raised brow and Calcifer snorted and looked away from Jack and checking out the many sand dunes they were passing.

"Your probably thinking about Apollo or Helios, or something..."

"No, No, No. North and even tooth told me stories of how OUR dear carrier refused to wear clothing because, and I quote "A man like me doesn't need to wear cloths." Jack said, that damn grin still on his face and he mentally patted himself on the back for actually listening to North and Tooth for once.

Jack knew Calcifer would probably glare and ignore for a while but it was so worth it to seeing the once calm looking man turn as red as his own hair.

Calcifer gave a twitch before quickly turning 180 to be face to face with jack a raised finger in the air.

"Well did you know that North got stuck in a chimney and he was in their for two days till the yeti's could actually get him out. Or how tooth sometimes grabs candy corn on accident instead of teeth and then later whines about kids these days never take care of their teeth before actually realizing their not teeth, and Bunny is ALWAYS NAKED!"

Calcifer said, huffing with embarrassment as jack just gave him a look with a raised brow.

"Calci, he's a bunny..."

"your a bunny...and stop calling me that!"

Calcifer yelled before quickly fast walking to his destination, completely embarrassed on how much he sounded like a kid.

'Damn Jack Frost!' he thought not turning around to see if jack was still following him. Only when a cold hand grasp his shoulder did he look to glare at the spirit who was giving him a playful smile.

"Don't worry about it, I would have enjoyed seeing you naked." he said before floating ahead, going for the general direction that Calcifer was going.

Calcifer was frozen, only his beating heart was still going and it was trying to break out of his chest as he tried to understand what the hell just happened.

'Was he was teasing or was he flirting!?'

Calcifer sighed, feeling weird things and emotion come on. He swallowed before his face turned into embarrassed rage.

"I'm too old for this!" he said and ran after Jack.

"So this is it?"

Jack said unimpressed as he looked down a giant black hole before looking at Calcifer whose face still had an angry red tint to it.

"I put the sun in here, and when it's in here it warms up the earth, and while its up in the sky the heat from the sun cools down, it helps with the plants and stuff."

He muttered, dropping his bag and pulling out something, long and thin.

"Rope, really!?"

Jack said and I frowned at him.

"well you use a stick I use rope, so shut up and watch."

Jack huffed and sat down on a large rock, pulling the coat closer to him, if the sun was going to be put here, then it was going to get a lot hotter.

Calcifer stretched his arms and Jack titled his head to get a better view as Calcifer tied the rope into a lasso and started swinging in the air, fire started swirling around the rope from his hand as Jack watched amazed before Calcifer threw the lasso up into the sky.

"The rope wasn't that long." Jack muttered, squinting up into the sky to see if he could see the lasso in the sun only to be amazed to see it slowly slinking down.


Calcifer smirked, glancing over at Jack before looking back up at the sun. Slowly the sun started to sink and the air grew thick and the ground began to glow red. Jack quickly jumped off the rock when he felt the rock almost burn his butt, he grabbed the hood of the jacket and pulled it over him before hiding behind the rock, he would have been burnt up if he was wearing the jacket Calcifer had;

Brownie point for the carrier.

Finally the sun was in the hole and was glowing with a ferocious red as it spit flames at Jack and Calcifer.

Calcifer walked towards it and stood at the edge of the hole, the fire melting his shoes of as he raised his arms high in the air before slamming them into the sun and suddenly it got much darker than it was before and Jack looked up to the sky to see it black except for the moon which was glowing down at Calcifer.

Jack watch Calcifer smile and nod to the moon before quickly grabbing his bag.

"Hey jack, you want to see how I have fun?"

Calcifer said, turning to Jack with multiple silver balls in his hands. Jack got up from behind the rock and quickly walked to him, wanting to see what the silver balls are.

"their stars." he said answering Jack's silent question before handing him enough of the silver balls that he could hold.

"what do you to with them?" Jack asked and Calcifer took a step back, pulled his arm back and threw one of the balls with all his strength into the sky and Jack watched amazed as the ball exploded like a firework and watched stars jump out and fly around the sky before stopping at certain places.


"you try."

Jack turned to Calcifer and shrugged, placing the balls in his hands softly to his hand before grabbing one and throwing into the sky, only to drop ten feet away from him, still intact.


"Shut up!"

Jack yelled at the laughing carrier, crossing his arms and glared at the silver ball.


Calcifer finally said after a few minutes of laughter, putting one of the balls in his hand before grabbing him from behind to show him how to throw.

Jack was flushed and thanked his spirit body that he couldn't easily go red like Calcifer. His chest was snugged against his back as Calcifer raised Jack's arms and helped him throw the silver ball into the sky and watched it explode with the stars scattering around.

"Like that." Calcifer said and jack didn't realize that Calcifer was talking him through his demonstration.

Jack remembered how he was standing threw another ball into the sky and silent thanked the man in the moon that it exploded in the sky instead of falling on the ground.

"Like a pro."

Calcifer said and Jack turned to watch him throw more balls into the sky, watching and realizing that Calcifer was smiling the whole time. For how long he has known the man he has never seen him smile, and it made Jack feel a little bubbly.

Jack grabbed another ball and threw it in the sky, for once the fun spirit enjoyed the silence between them as they spent the rest of the time throwing stars in the sky while being happily watch by the moon hovering over them.