Chiharu screamed when she woke up just to find herself in BED beside Nakao, her BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND! She scuttled out of the hotel room, grabbing her clothes while putting them on at the same time. The night before flashed before her eyes

"HAPPY BIRTTHDAY NOBU!" Everyone in the gang shrieked.

Drinks followed.

"None for me please.." Chiharu shook her head bashfully.

"C'mon Chiharu!" Nobu playfully nudged her shy friend. "Quit it with that innocence! It's my B-day! Have some fun!"

Loads of shots were taken with giggles, followed by everyone getting drunk and blacking out...except Chiharu and Nakao, but BOY were they drunk!

Chiharu shivered at the flash-back of hooking up with Nakao, she wiped at the tears that were dripping from her eyes.


U like?