Rachel glanced at her clock.

5.00 am-time to do chores.

It was the same every morning, wake up and do the chores before going to school. She walked down the stairs and into the stables before feeding all the horses, that's right, she lived in a barn. Her stepmother took hold of her father's ranch when he passed away in a horse riding accident, she turned into a hospitality business.

Rachel loved riding but Carol would never allow her to compete. She usually took care of all the ranch animals and doing room service for the guests. She had to stay because she had nowhere else to go and it was the only way that Carol would let her ride, if she did all her chores during the week she was allowed to ride during the weekend.

Her phone vibrated and saw a text from Jenna 'Bring me some breakfast! I'm starving!' Rachel just rolled her eyes, she didn't like either of her stepsisters but she had to tolerate them until she was eighteen at least and that was another two years away.

She went and catered to her stepmother and stepsisters before leaving for school. The trip there was fairly average, she walked down the road to her friend's house and got a ride from her.

"Hey Rachel", Laurel said, with a smile to show off her pristine white teeth.

"Hey Laurel, what have you been up to lately?" Rachel asked curiously getting into the old car.

"Just working on a few of my tricks", She explained as she started up the engine, "Karmah has been really good lately."

Laurel was a trick rider with her horse Karmah, she was pretty good too, Rachel didn't really specialise in any form of riding, she did a bit of western and English but she mostly just enjoyed spending time with horses.

"So I guess you heard that Jason Sanders is staying at our ranch", Rachel stated flatly.

"Who hasn't? only like one of the best horse riders in the country! And plus he's hot! I was surprised though when he came to visit a small town like this?" Laurel pondered.

"Well, because my mum is paying him huge money to give some instructing to my two stepsisters and plus he said he wanted to find his roots again, apparently he's going to go compete at the local fair against other riders", Rachel explained as she gazed out the window.

"You should compete! This would be your chance to show others how good you are and maybe compete on a professional circuit", Laurel Proposed as they approached the school grounds.

"Okay, let me give you an extended list of why I can't, 1-don't have the time, 2-don't have the money, 3-Carol won't let me, 4-I'm not really that good, 5- I have to focus on my studies and saving money so I can go to a riding college when I graduate, besides where am I going to get a horse from?" Rachel rambled as the entered the grounds and sighed, another day in this place only meant one less day to go until she graduated. She absolutely hated school.

"…In a barn full of them", Laurel spoke but those were the only words that were caught by Rachel's ears.

"Huh?" Rachel said after losing her train of thought.

"You can just use of the horses from the ranch, I mean you ride them all the time don't you?" Laurel explained to Rachel.

"I don't really care anyway", Rachel admitted defeat, she did care but it was just too much effort for such a small thing, she could always go next year anyway if she really wanted.

"I didn't think the school allowed scum on this property and yet you still show up every day", Bianca said, Rachel didn't understand her, she was always so mean and yet Rachel never did anything wrong.

Bianca was an enemy of hers, she kept her horse on her father's ranch and was competing at a state level for show jumping, she was good but was the most horrible person that both Rachel and Laurel had ever met.

"So I heard Jason was staying at your ranch, but after he sees you he'll be out of there in a heartbeat", Bianca said with a smirk before going off to her locker.

Rachel didn't think she was that ugly, she was curvy, not fat but not a stick insect either. She had brown hair with natural ringlets, her eyes were a vibrant green colour and she had full lips with a delicate smile.

"Look, don't listen to her, she doesn't know what she's talking about, your beautiful honey", Laurel tried to comfort her.

"Doesn't matter anyway, people don't look long enough to see past the skin so I guess then beauty is only skin deep, anyway, I have to go to English, see you later", Rachel said with a fake smile before taking off to class, she was beyond care anymore.

Throughout the day Rachel was planning a list for that day, it was a habit of hers. Every day she would mentally plan out what she had to do before she went to bed that night.

-Do homework

-Clean out stables

-Brush horses

-Put rugs on the older horses (It's not fun to go through a snowy winter without a coat, especially for the elderly)

-Clean the other guest apartments

-Mop the floors and clean the windows for Carol's house

-shovel snow off the pathway

-Feed the animals

-Prepare dinner for Carol and her daughters

-Go and greet the new guests and prepare dinner for them.

-Clean dishes

-Go to bed

It disheartened her to think that all this was to be done by 10:00 that night if she was going to get any decent sleep.