Crazy For You

Chapter Two

After a long boiling hot shower to remind me of the circle of hell I've entered, I get dressed into the pyjamas. There's a blue button-up shirt with matching blue pants. A thin white robe is inside the bag as well, so I put that on. I exit the room to see Ms. A there. She wasn't waiting the whole time, was she? She probably had nothing better to do. What is there to do here, anyways?

"Follow me." She says. I don't have any other choice, so I do. We walk up some more stairs and down more halls. Finally we reach a room. There's a whiteboard on the door with my name written on it. "This is your room. You will find your bag inside. Dinner is in ten minutes." Ms. A explains before leaving. I shrug and enter the room.

It's a lot nicer than I thought it would be. The bed is small, and it's pretty bare, but it's not falling apart like it was in my imagination. The window is closed and locked, but it doesn't have bars over it, though this place still feels like a jail. I kick my bag towards the small dresser and fall onto the bed, sighing as I go. I study the ceiling, although there's not much to see, since it's just white.

Back at home, I had a mural on my ceiling. My father had painted it when I was a kid, years before he ran off. It was of green hills and a castle and a royal family. It was so childish, but I loved it. Even when I was stuck at home, I always knew that just by looking at that ceiling, I could go anywhere.

Not here though. Now, I'm really stuck; for who knows how long.

I sit up and tug on my wet hair. Whatever, it's not like there's anything I can do about it now. I'll just have to make the most of it...or something. It's not like I can try to kill myself again. I really have no other choice. Still, this place fucking sucks.

After fifteen minutes of casually banging my head against the wall, I head down the stairs for dinner, following the enticing smell of...hell, I don't even know what that is. It smells like plastic, but I have a feeling it's meant to be food.

I enter a room on the first floor not far from the office. Inside is a large dining table. A bunch of adults are sitting at one end, and a couple kids are sitting at the other, closest to me. I head towards them and sit down next to a girl who looks to be around my age. She glances up at me and smiles.

"Hey. You the new kid?" She asks, brushing her blonde hair with her fingers. At the mention of "new kid", the others around the table stare at me, judging me. I start thinking of how I should have brushed my hair, or my teeth, or something, before reminding myself that I really don't give a fuck. I realize they're waiting for some kind of response, so I just nod.

"I'm Gloria."The blonde girl beside me says and grins, showcasing her crooked teeth. She introduces all the kids at our end of the table.

Sitting beside her is Aoife, a small girl with long, curly black hair who doesn't talk much. Then there's Nelson, a boy with shaggy beach blonde hair and earrings who looks like he's trying to appear older than he actually is. Last, but not least, is Oliver. He's got dark hair and dark eyes and has a mysterious aura that I automatically approve of. He keeps staring at me, even when the food is brought to us by some nurses. I glance down to see what looks like perogies and steamed vegetables on my plate. I use my plastic fork to take a bite. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but it still has that weird aftertaste that all hospital food has.

I realize I haven't told them my name yet. "I'm Luna."I say before stuffing more food into my mouth. I didn't realize how hungry I was until just now; hungry enough to eat this shit, anyways.

"Welcome to Hallow Hell."Nelson says with a smirk on his face. His food stays untouched.

"Welcome, indeed."I reply between mouthfuls of food. I take a chug of milk out of a plastic cup. "How long you guys been here?"

"Too long."Nelson replies. I nod in response.

"You're the first person that's come here in about a year."Gloria says. "You're in Iris's old room, right?"

"Where?" I ask.

"Sorry, I meant the room at the far end of the hall." I nod in response. Gloria keeps talking between small bites of food."It's been empty for a while now, but we've always referred to it as Iris's old room."

"Who's Iris?"

Gloria shifts her glance away from me. "She was staying here at Hallow Hill in the Psyche Ward with us. Thing is, she wasn't here for long before she suddenly disappeared."

My stomach does an unpleasant flip. I can't tell if it's from Gloria's words or the plastic food. "Disappeared? How?"

She shrugs. "No one knows. She was getting paranoid and edgy for a while, more so than she usually was, and then one day-"

"She got eaten by a cannibal." Nelson interrupts.

Gloria frowns at him. "Shut up Nelson, we don't know that."

"Sure we do." He says slyly. "She kept going on about some stalker or something before she got taken. It was definitely a cannibal."He shuts up when Gloria punches him in the arm.

"Why didn't you tell the nurses?" I ask.

"No one would believe us. We're here because we're crazy, remember?"Oliver says. It's the first time I've heard him speak. He has a faint accent, although I can't tell where it's from.

"Right. Crazy." I say. I guess that's why I'm here too; cause it's crazy to want to kill yourself and get out of this fucked up world, apparently. All the sane people would rather stay here.

I honestly don't get it.