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The Rikkaidai tennis club was well-known across the entire country for being a very disciplined and skilled team who lived and breathed tennis. Therefore, it was only normal that all the members attended mandatory practice twice a day, sometimes even squeezing in a few games during their lunch period.

This was why Sanada Genichirou, Rikkaidai's tennis club's vice-captain, was very confused at the moment as to why two regulars were missing from afternoon practice. And not just any members; no, the missing people were the treasurer and captain themselves.

"Vice-captain, where's captain and Yanagi-senpai?" asked Kirihara.

Sanada sighed, lowering the brim of his cap. "I don't know, but they are late therefore we will begin practice without them," he said before he barked at the team to start running their laps.

"Maybe they are eloping together," snickered Marui, blowing a bubble with his gum. Sanada felt like slapping the gum out of him.

"Dunno but they better get laps when they get here," said Niou. "I always get laps when I'm late."

Sanada yelled some more and remained along the sidelines with his arms crossed, watching over the practice. He looked around a few times, trying to see if Yukimura or Yanagi had appeared somewhere. Both were still missing by the end of the laps and the start of the tennis matches. Sanada muttered a "Tarundoru" under his breath. This really was weird. Yanagi and Yukimura had been there at morning practice and he had just seen them hours ago during lunchtime.

If Sanada wasn't watching over practice, he would have gone looking for them. But he couldn't leave the team alone for a few minutes without having the members tearing down the courts and leaving like prisoners escaping from jail.

The practice ended without too much disaster, but still with the absence of two members of the Big Three. Sanada wouldn't say he was panicking just yet, but it was quite unnerving. Yukimura and Yanagi rarely missed practice, let alone both of them on the same day.

That was why the first thing Sanada did when he returned to the locker room was take out his cellphone and call Yanagi. He waited for three rings, a long time for Yanagi, until he heard someone pick up.

"You have a lot of guts to skip tennis practice," growled Sanada into his phone.

"I apologize, Genichirou," said Yanagi. "But there was a bit of an accident…"

"Accident?" Sanada swore his heart skipped a beat. "Is it Yukimura? Did he have a relapse?"

"No, no, it's um… Yukimura's just... nothing to worry about," said Yanagi a pitch higher than usual. "Everything's under control."

"Renji, you better tell me where you are right now or else you will taste my iron fist the moment I find you!" The others in the locker room looked back at Sanada for his outburst.

There was a pause in which Sanada heard two other voices in the distance, and then, "Fine. But don't bring anyone else with you," said Yanagi. "Come to the school's main building, in the third floor's unused classroom." Yanagi ended the call a second later before Sanada could question him any further.

Sanada frowned at his cellphone. What the heck was going on that Yanagi didn't want to tell him? An accident had happened… and apparently Yukimura was involved too? Sanada didn't even bother showering or changing clothes, he just left the locker rooms in a hurry and ran to the school's main building.

The school was nearly empty by now. All the after school activities had ended and the only students he saw were those heading home. Sanada sprinted up to the third floor and headed straight for the abandoned classroom at the end of the hall.

Sanada tried the doorknob but found it locked. He didn't hesitate to slam his fist against the door while yelling, "Renji! Open the door!" Yanagi and Yukimura better have a good reason for skipping practice or else they were both going to get it. He heard what sounded like a lot of scuffling and finally a click. The door opened barely an inch, showing one of Yanagi's closed eyes.

"Hello Genichirou."

"Renji, what's the meaning of this?" snapped Sanada.

"Sanada!" A voice that was unmistakably Yukimura's came from inside the room. "Sanada, get me out of here!"

Sanada immediately pushed at the door. "Renji, get out of the way," he hissed. Sanada didn't know what was going on but if Yukimura was hurt then someone was going to pay.

Yanagi resisted for a second. "Genichirou, I know I can't stop you from coming in, but I only ask that you remain calm," said the data master before opening the door and letting Sanada enter.

The moment Sanada stepped inside the dusty classroom he saw a flash of yellow and dark blue and then felt the wind being knocked out of him when Yukimura practically tackled him.

"Oh, Sanada, it's terrible!" said Yukimura, sounding beyond frantic.

"What is-" Sanada's words were cut off when he looked up and saw Yukimura standing close to the window on the left, staring at him with a small smile. Sanada blinked. He then looked back at the Yukimura panicking right in front of him.

Time froze for a moment as Sanada slowly came to the realization that there were two Yukimuras in the room.

"Hello Sanada," said the Yukimura close to the window.

"What on earth…?" Sanada blinked rapidly, scratching at his head in confusion. He looked again and saw that there really were two Yukimuras. He then turned to look questionably at Yanagi.

"As you can see, there was a bit of an accident," said Yanagi.

"Why are there- How did- But…" Sanada just couldn't comprehend it. Niou and Yagyuu were both back in the locker rooms down by the tennis courts and couldn't possibly be dressed up as Yukimura right now. Just in case, Sanada pulled on the nearest Yukimura's hair, testing if it was a wig.

Yukimura yelped in pain.

"They are both Yukimura, Genichirou," said Yanagi.

The Yukimura closest to Sanada looked pissed off, rubbing at his sore scalp. "Guys, do you not realize how severe the situation is?" he demanded.

"You're… there are two of you," said Sanada, completely stunned.

"No, not that, you idiot," said Yukimura. "I missed tennis practice. Do you know how disastrous that is?"

"How did this happen?" Sanada asked Yanagi.

Yanagi walked to the opposite side of the room where a rather large transparent bottle was placed on an old school desk. Its contents were rather bubbly and sludgy-looking. Yanagi held it up for Sanada to see.

"Sadaharu and I developed it yesterday," explained Yanagi. "I've been interested in creating concoctions with him for a while."

"So you cloned Yukimura and locked them both in here?" demanded Sanada. The Yukimura close to him still looked upset over the missed tennis practice. The Yukimura next to the window was smiling gently as if this didn't affect him at all.

"Actually, the potion was originally made with the goal being to give someone the ability to duplicate another's tennis skill, but the test was… well, as you can see it didn't turn out as we expected," said Yanagi.

Sanada shook his head, still having trouble wrapping his mind around this whole situation. "And why did you have the brilliant idea to test it out on Yukimura?"

Yanagi shrugged. "We were talking about it at lunchtime. Seiichi volunteered."

"I had heard about Inui-kun's famous juices and was eager to try it out," said the Yukimura next to the window.

This was crazy. This was absolutely, completely insane. One Yukimura was hard enough to deal with but now there was a duplicate of him. This was really not good. How were they going to explain this to Yukimura's teachers, friends and family?

"So which one's the real Yukimura?" asked Sanada with a sigh.

"I'm Yukimura," said both Yukimuras at once.

"They are copies of one another, therefore both believe they are the real one," said Yanagi. "I'm not sure which one is the original either."

"Great," said Sanada with yet another exasperated sigh. Just great. Fantastic. This was already starting off very badly.

Plus, it was now getting dark outside. The school gates would be closed soon and they had to get out of here before they got caught by a teacher and then they would really have a lot of explaining to do.

"Renji… please tell me you have an antidote or know how to cure this," said Sanada.

The slight hesitation in Yanagi's response was enough of an answer. Sanada groaned.

"How are you going to explain this to his parents?!" demanded Sanada. Just going up to Yukimura's mom and dad and saying "Sorry, I accidentally duplicated your son, so congratulations you now have twin boys" was probably not the right way to do it.

"I'm not going to tell them," said Yanagi. "Making an antidote shouldn't take too long. Sadaharu and I will start working on it as soon as we can and fix this problem before anyone finds out."

"And what are we going to do in the meantime? We can't just lock him- I mean, them up in an abandoned classroom! And bringing them back to their house will just freak out their parents!"

Yanagi was thoughtful for a second. "I suppose the solution would be for us to keep our eyes on both Seiichis," concluded the data master.

The two Yukimuras were walking around the room looking rather bored with the conversation, as if this totally did not involve them at all.

"Sadaharu is at my house this week. I can hardly have another guest over," said Yanagi.

"But this is your mess!" cried out Sanada.

"I won't be able to work on making an antidote if I have to watch them all the time," said Yanagi in his reasonable voice. "Besides, you have a very large house, Genichirou. I'm sure you will be able to pull it off without anyone realizing there are two Seiichis."

The two Yukimuras lit up in an instant. "I'm coming to your house, Sanada?" asked one of them.

"I don't think I have a choice," grumbled Sanada. This was going to be a nightmare. He knew his parents wouldn't mind having Yukimura sleep over for a while, but having two identical Yukimuras would bring up strange questions and Sanada didn't think convincing his parents that Yukimura has a long-lost twin was going to work. Sanada would have to make sure to keep one Yukimura hidden at all times.

"I trust you to keep a close watch on them, Genichirou," said Yanagi, smiling. "You've always been very concerned for Seiichi after all. I don't know the side-effects of the potion yet so I know I can count on you to take charge if ever there is something wrong."

Sanada then felt both his arms being clung to, both by a different Yukimura. They both looked excited at the thought of staying over at Sanada's house for a few days. Sanada paled.

What nightmare had he gotten himself into?

Author's Rant:

At first I wanted there to be three Yukimuras but I decided to cut Sanada some slack because I'm nice like that. o_o

I dunno where this came from. Probably from the ChildofGod!Yukimura/Sick!Yukimura artwork I saw a long time ago. And then I decided that there definitely needed to be a second Yukimura to bring chaos and destruction to Sanada's life (!yay for Sanada torture).

This should be fun and confusing.