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During the entire morning tennis practice, Sanada was visibly jumpier than usual. He was so jumpy that he tarundoru!slapped Niou merely for running his laps too close to him.

"Relax, Genichirou," Yanagi told him in such a calm manner that Sanada was a small push away from slapping him too.

Relax? How could Yanagi tell him to relax? All this was Yanagi's fault in the first place. The data master should be breaking his head open right now trying to find a cure for Yukimura and, more importantly, for Sanada's own sanity but instead Yanagi was wasting time telling him to relax.

One court away, Yukimura was rallying against Akaya and mercilessly defeating him. So far, no one seemed to suspect anything; Yukimura was acting the same way as he always did during tennis practice. That meant Yukimura was the same hard-ass as usual.

Sanada sighed and allowed himself to calm his tense muscles. Only one day in and he already felt like he had suffered multiple panic attacks.

"Where's the other Seiichi?" asked Yanagi in a hushed whisper.

"School building's roof," answered Sanada. The other Yukimura was in the place most furthest away from the tennis field. The plan was that once practice was over, the Yukimura currently acting as captain would stay behind and hide in the locker room while the second Yukimura attended class. If all went well, no one would ever see them together.

The practice ended with Sanada still wandering about nervously. They all showered and got dressed, ready to attend class. The regulars left the locker room, waving goodbye to Yukimura, saying they'll see him in class.

"I know, Sanada!" snapped Yukimura when Sanada reminded him to stay put and out of sight for the rest of the school hours. "You told me a million times."

"Just making sure," grumbled Sanada. "I'll come see you during lunchtime."

Sanada and Yanagi closed the door behind them and walked to school. Sanada looked back many times, still not feeling comfortable about leaving Yukimura there. He hoped Yukimura wouldn't be too bored or lonely staying in the locker room all day.

Class was boring and it didn't help that Sanada was bouncing about uncharacteristically in his seat.

Yukimura was in a different class so Sanada couldn't keep an eye on him during school hours. Sanada constantly looked over at the clock, willing it to go faster. At one point, he had been sure a good ten minutes had passed, but a quick look at the clock had showed him that ten minutes in school time translated to thirty seconds in real time.

Sanada audibly groaned. Yagyuu shot him a suspicious look from next to him but said nothing.

Being bored and eager for class to end made Sanada's eyes wander. He looked out the window, counting the cars way off in the distance. He looked at the clouds and tried to make shapes of them. He looked down at the tennis courts, visible from where he sat, and saw someone practicing.

Wait, what?

Sanada did a double-take and saw that yes, there really was someone dressed in the tennis club uniform playing tennis by himself on the supposed-to-be-empty courts. Sanada didn't even have the time to get angry over the fact that the whole tennis club might get in trouble over this before he noticed that the person playing had dark blue hair and a jersey flapping in the wind.

And there went the third panic attack of the day.

Sanada stood up so quickly that his chair squeaked noisily and attracted the whole class's attention.

"Sanada-kun, is there a problem?" asked the teacher.

"I-I have to pee!" said Sanada more loudly than he had meant to. He didn't wait for the teacher to tell him he could go and just zoomed out the door.

Damn it. Damn Yukimura. He had explicitly told Yukimura multiple times to stay put and remain out of sight, yet there he was playing tennis in the middle of the school day and oh no he was going to get in so much trouble and then everyone was going to find the other Yukimura and realize they had been duplicated oh shit this was not good.

Sanada had never run so fast in his life. He was lucky he didn't bump into any teachers patrolling – or maybe he did and just didn't notice? – even when he practically tackled down the doors leading outside.

"Yukimura!" Sanada shouted the moment he reached the gates of the tennis court. "What are you doing?!"

Yukimura had been in the middle of hitting an overhand serve when Sanada's voice startled him, causing the ball to fly forward and hit the net. Yukimura glared back at Sanada, angry for being interrupted.

"Don't surprise me while I'm serving!" said Yukimura.

"You're not supposed to be outside! If a teacher spots you out here, you'll be in some serious trouble!"

"But I was bored," said Yukimura. "And how could you expect me to stay in a stuffy locker room all day with tennis equipment without getting the urge to play?"

Sanada made an infuriated noise, looking up at the sky and wondering which god he had offended today to make him deserve this. Watching over Yukimura Squared was like being in charge of babysitting a whining infant and a hyper dog all at once when they were both trying their hardest to make his life difficult.

He gave up on talking to Yukimura. Right now he had to get Yukimura back in the locker room and put away the equipment. If a teacher found them and then discovered there was a second Yukimura in the school building... well, that wouldn't be good. And as his luck would have it, Yukimura seemed to have hit every single tennis ball the school owned onto the field.

Sanada exhaled loudly. Okay, relax, breath… calm and peace… one thing at a time.

Sanada went around the fence and grabbed Yukimura's wrist, tugging him back towards the locker room. Yukimura yelled something and resisted, pulling his wrist free with a sharp tug. Unfortunately for him, Sanada was already at his limit. In one swift move, he leaned down and grabbed Yukimura's waist, pulling the bluenette up over his shoulder.

"Hey!" Yukimura shouted, hitting Sanada's back with his fists. "Put me down!"

Sanada paid him no attention, continuing until he was back inside the locker room. There he put Yukimura down with a thump. Yukimura landed on his butt, cringing at the fall and looking very Not Happy.

"I'm taking your racket," said Sanada, grabbing the object from Yukimura hand before the captain could react. "I know this isn't easy, but you're making my job really difficult. Now stay here and be a good boy. I don't want to have to lock you in."

"Don't tell me what to do, I'm the captain here!" said Yukimura, crossing his arms and looking ready to have a hissy fit.

"And I'm the vice-captain who confiscated your racket and is ready to dump you in the showers with icy water if you disobey me again," replied Sanada. He sighed and pulled his cap off, throwing it down on Yukimura's lap. "Here, in case you get bored."

"What am I supposed to do with your stupid old cap?"

"I don't know, but it's all I have on me right now," said Sanada with a shrug. It would be recess soon and Sanada would have to go check up on the other Yukimura and make sure he wasn't causing any trouble in class. "I have to get back to class, so take care of my hat in my absence."

"I'll just repeatedly throw it against the wall and pretend it's your head."

"Whatever makes you happy," said Sanada with a sigh.

Once he was sure Yukimura wouldn't follow him out, Sanada left the locker room. He closed the door behind him and exhaled heavily. This was going to be a really long day; not even one class had gone by yet.

Sanada walked away from the tennis fields and towards the main school building. He turned a corner and nearly bumped into someone.

That someone was very tall and most definitely the school's vice principal. Sanada froze on the spot. The vice principal crossed his arms, looking at him as if saying "What excuse could you possibly have for being out here during class time?"

"I-I can explain," said Sanada, hiding Yukimura's racket behind his back and being fully aware of how bad this looked.

"You can explain in detention after school," said the vice principal.

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