Welcome to my FanFiction advent calendar! It is written for Aiko's challenge at the RLt:

Write 24 short little fics (between 100-1000 words) for any fandom, any pairing, any rating you'd like, even though up to T would be nice. On the 25th day write a full oneshot (1000-5000 words) to finalize it. It's like a little advent calendar, mostly for fun.


Prompt 1-Chill

In the darkness of an overcrowded living room, nine faces were glowing in a flickering half-light. Though it was Christmas, none of the nine Weasleys were feeling particularly generous. This year, their lack of wealth had chilled their hearts—they understood that money wasn't everything, but it seemed a lot more significant now that they had none.

It had been one of their darkest Christmas days to date. With a new baby—Ginevra—making one more child to supply with Christmas cheer, presents had been limited to one homemade sweater for everyone and one slab of chocolate for all the boys to share. Arthur and Molly did their best to entertain the boys and little Ginny, but no one was fooled—the holidays, supposedly a time of peace, prosperity, and happiness, was seriously lacking in the "prosperity" department…which, naturally, got rid of all good cheer that remained.

But Weasleys were not known for having less than an overabundance of hope. Molly, particularly, stared at the family she loved and saw that she, for having this family that she had now, was a very prosperous woman indeed-even if they now felt like an icy wind had blown through their hearts. The Galleons would come in time; right now, this was as good a holiday as any for a monetarily-deprived Weasley: peace, safety, and family.

Warmth would come later: at the moment, a chill which they all shared was good enough.