(Author's notes: Okay…I'm not much of a writer, so if this sounds kind of weird or like another story, Please don't leave bad reviews…I got my idea from "Captured by Pitch". If you have any ideas for additions to the story please let me know! It will help a lot, now on with the story!)

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Jack looked at Jamie with a playful smile then threw many snowballs at him, in turn covering Jamie from head to toe in snow.

"Ha-ha! I got you Jamie!" He chortled while smirking devilishly at the snow covered boy.

"No fair Jack! I'm not as fast as you!" He whined. Jack stepped closer and knelt down to the boy as he hugged him.

"I'm sorry Jamie. I should have remembered that. Jamie stepped back then shoved snow in Jack's face.

"Hah! Got you back Jack!" Jack laughed as he wiped the snow off his face.

"Alright. Alright. You got me." Jack admitted then smiled as he looked up at the moon.

"Jamie, I got to go. You head on home." Jamie nodded and started heading back home, then he stopped in his tracks to turn back. He then, when Jack had his back turned, hugged Jack tightly.

"You're the best big brother ever." He said with a smile then he ran back inside his house.

Jack smiled again then continued on his way. In the shadows, lied unspeakable evil. Evil that no one even thought about. He had tortured the North Pole and the guardians all he could, to be seen and believed in. Pitch. Now, apparently, was his chance. Finally he spoke.

"Well well…Jack Frost. Where would you be heading this time of night?" the ominous voice spoke as he hid in the shadows. Jack swung around and scanned his surroundings. He looked in the direction of the voice.


"Aw. You remember me." Pitch said with a smile as he slowly walked out of the darkness. Jack growled and stood in a fighting stance with his staff in hand.

"What do you want Pitch? You still mad that you didn't win the fight against 5 little kids and 5 guardians?" Pitch licked his lips, and then walked closer.

"I'm not mad, but are you sure you want to know what I want?" Jack rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Of course! Why else would I ask?"

"I want you Jack…And I will have you…" Pitch said grimly as he snapped his fingers. Black sand scurried across the floor and covered Jack from head to toe.

"Good Night Jack…" Pitch said as Jack fell to the ground, passed out. A few hours later Jack slowly awoke.

"W-where am I..?" He asked scanning his surroundings. Nothing but silence filled the dark room. He sighed and tried to rub his sore head with his hands, only to find his hands were restrained behind his back. He growled and struggled more only to find that the restraints tightened every time he struggled. He winced and groaned a bit as an evil laugh filled the dark room.

"Poor Jack…" Pitch laughed.

"Pitch…What do you want from me?! Why am I here?!" Pitch chuckled once again and knelt down by the winter spirit.

"I already told you. I want you. I want to hear you scream. I want to see you suffer." He said with a sadistic smirk.

"You're a mad man!" Jack shouted struggling a lot more than earlier. Pitch snickered and knelt closer to Jack as he ran his thin hand through the spirit's snow white hair. Jack pulled his head away and Pitch gave a dissatisfactory frown.

"Look at me Jack."

"No. You're sick!" Pitch smirked at his reply and cupped his face in his hand.

"You will look at me Jack…" He said pulling Jack's face in Pitch's direction. He got closer to Jack and whispered in his ear. "I like you Jack… I like you a lot…" Jack got the chills up and down his body as he struggled to free himself. Pitch just smirked then penetrated his cheeks with his nails, causing holes to bleed on his cheeks. Jack winced and Pitch kissed Jack from his neck down to his chest as he tore his blue hoodie.


Jack struggled violently and Pitch pushed him to the ground as black sand pinned him to the floor and hardened over his mouth, gagging him. Nothing but muffled grunts and groans escaped the trapped form.

"Stay still Jack…and this won't hurt more than a lot…" He smiled and Pitch went for his belt.