Chapter 6: Confrontation

Tooth looked at Jack with the saddest look. She was mortified by what Jack has just endured. She felt anger towards Pitch for putting the one she loved through so much agony. Tooth blushed thinking about what she just thought: "Someone she loves". Was it true? Had she fallen in love with Jack? Her face turned pink and a small smile appeared across her face as Jack slowly tossed and turned in his bed as if he was uncomfortable. He looked like he wanted to say something, so she got in closer to try and hear him.

"T-Tooth…" He stuttered as his eyes shot open. "Where's North?!"

Tooth looked at Jack again with that sad look then looked down as she covered her face with her hands. Jack looked at her with a sad look in return and rubbed her back with one hand as he grabbed the other with his other hand.

"Tooth…Please tell me what happened to North…What has Pitch Black done with him?" He lifted her head up to where she was looking at him; tears were welling up in her eyes. She explained what Pitch had done after Bunny, Sandy and Tooth took Jack away from that place to take him to the hospital. Jack looked in surprise at her and he sighed, "I'll leave first thing in the morning. I'll find North and—"

"You're not going anywhere mate." In the door stood Bunnymund, spinning his boomerang around his paw while leaning against the door jam. "You're in too awful a condition to even move the tiniest bit that you're doing now. Lay back down and rest."

"No Bunny! North is in trouble and it's all my fault…" Jack looked down and balled his hands into fists. "I need to right what I did wrong…"

Bunny sighed again and walked into the room with Sandy following. "It's not your fault, mate. Pitch kidnapped you, not the other way around." Bunny put a paw on Jack's back gently. "We'll focus on finding North, and you focus on recovering."

"Please Jack…" Tooth Fairy pleaded with Jack, a sad look showing on her sad teary-eyed face. "If you put yourself in danger while you're in this condition, you could be killed…" Bunny nodded and held Tooth's hand. "Listen to us mate. We're your friends and we care for you. Just stop being stubborn and listen to the people who care about you the most." Sandy nodded and an exclamation point appeared over his head as he pointed his finger in the air at the moon.

Jack sighed reluctantly and nodded. "Fine…I'll stay in bed. Please be safe guys…" He laid back down in the bed and tooth covered him with the blanket before kissing his forehead then softly kissing his lips. Jack blushed then returned the kiss before Tooth smiled sadly as she left the room with bunny and Sandy following, Sandy shutting the door behind him.