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He was breathing heavily.

It wasn't a good sign.

Green ectoplasm dripped from his side. His silver glove clutched his side in pain.

"Owowowow..." He muttered. Each step was more painful than the next. Our hero wearily trudged his way to an alley. Collapsing on the ground, he transformed back into human. His beautiful green eyes turned to an icy blue before passing out behind Sam Manson's house.

"Danny...Danny... Get up. Now." Hissed a familiar female voice. A coating of fear tinted her voice as she shook her friend. "Danny!"

His icy blue eyes opened slowly. Danny's vision was blurry for a bit, but it cleared as he saw Sam with an extremely worried expression on her face.

"Danny, we need to get you to a hospital. Now. You're bleeding..." She whispered. Her gaze trailed down to his now red shirt, doused in blood.

He let out a groan of pain.

"S-Sammy...it hurts..." Danny whimpered. Purple lip bit, Sam dug around in her spider backpack to look for gauze. She sighed in relief as her hand pulled out gauze for his wounds.

"This will hurt a little... I'm sorry." She apologized. Her fingers lifted his shirt over his head carefully. Working quickly, she wrapped the gauze around his wound. Moans of pain were heard from Danny, and Sam tried not to cringe.

"Sammy...s-stop it. Please." Begged Danny. His baby blue eyes turned into puppy dog eyes, and he pouted his lip. It was obvious to see it was forced.

"Danny, I'm almost done." She whispered. He cringed.

"It hurts... It hurts..." He muttered. His eyes were glazed over in pain, and Sam wanted so badly to put him out of his misery. An idea struck her, but it was a reckless one. She finished wrapping up his gauze and smiled weakly.

"Danny... It's over. Still, you need... 'medicine'..." She said slowly. A soft grin was spreading over her face. He gave her a dead panned glare.

"Really Sam? Re-"

Nurse Sam had placed her lips on his, carefully making sure she wasn't touching his wound. His eyes went round with shock. The 'medication' was working quite well- he forgot compeltelty about his wound.

He kissed back. His lips yearned for more, but in his condition he didn't risk it. Breaking apart to breathe, a grin appeared on Danny's face for the first time in hours.

"Thank you... You know, I really should get injured more often." He joked, his blue eyes twinkling. Sam frowned, but a small smile appeared on her face as well regardless.

"You'd better not, Daniel James Fenton. But you look a bit pale... Need a bit more medicine?"

Danny's face lit up.

"Yes please!"

Sam grinned and without warning-

-she stuck a giant pill in his mouth that knocked him out instantly.

Chuckling slightly to herself, she scooped him up carefully bridal style, but not before picking up his bloodied shirt. She made a face of disgust, and quickly chucked it into a trash can.

"Clueless... You really should be more careful..." She said as she brought him inside her house. Her eyes watered slightly, but she blinked them away in surprise. Glancing at Danny, she swallowed.

"I never want to lose you."