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Chapter 3

Maria only knew things would go downhill from there, so she prepared for the worst. And, just like expected, the women began to spew hateful words and thoughts. She even heard one woman, a blonde with an attitude, say the following:

"I'm putting a stop to this. When he comes around, I'm taking him."

Maria sighed. This always happened. Sometimes she wondered if maybe they should just lead male and female recruits around together, and keep Clint and Natasha tucked away, so that everyone might actually focus. But alas, Fury never listened to her. And now here she was, forced to do the most demeaning tasks at S.H.I.E.L.D.

She led the group into one of the more specialized mission control rooms, currently deserted of people. Maria began to point out what some of the computers lining the walls were functioned to do, and what the agents manning them had to do on them.

However, that was when Clint decided it would be an excellent time to enter the room.

"Hi there, Maria." Clint grinned, making the fangirls swoon. "Need any help in here?"

"I think we're all set, Barton." But Maria barely got the words out of her mouth when the blonde woman strutted up to Clint and shoved herself in his face.

"Hell-o, handsome," she said in her most flirtatious voice, batting her eyelashes. "I'm Barbara. And I think..." she let a finger trail up his arm "that we need to go somewhere."

"Excuse me." The temperature in the room dropped ten degrees. Natasha gave Barbara the glare of a million daggers. "But that's mine."

Barbara didn't know what hit her. Clint wisely took a few steps back. Natasha gripped the arm of the other woman and flipped her to the ground. Barbara, not giving up, tried getting back up, only to be pushed to the ground. She managed to grab a handful of red hair, but that didn't stop Natasha; it only encouraged her. She twisted Barbara's arm and held her there, Barbara whimpering.

"I know fifty ways to kill you with a pen," Natasha whispered in her ear. "Dozens of ways to kill you with a chair. A hundred ways to kill you with my feels. A thousand ways to kill you with a knife." She tightened her grip. "And twenty ways to kill you right now." With her other hand she yanked back Barbara's head by her hair. "Now. Are we clear on the things we can and cannot do?"

Barbara nodded, the fear apparent in her eyes.

"Good. Now get away from me."

She let her go, but not before giving her arm a final twist. Maria could hear the bones snap, and she winced. Barbara fell to the ground.

Natasha faced Clint. "Clint."

Clint smiled. "Oh, Tasha. You know whenever you do that it only makes me love you more. Although, you need to stop hospitalizing recruits."

"They need to know their place. It's below us. And if they think they can just waltz up and do whatever they want to you, they need to think again before enlisting."

"You always know how to teach them a lesson."

"Always?" one of the stunned women asked.

"How often do you think this happens?" Clint retorted, grinning. He snaked an arm around Natasha's waist, and without another word, they left the room.

With a smile tickling her face, she tapped a button on her communicator.

"Recruit down. We need some medical attention. Code Clintasha."

"On their way," Fury buzzed back.

Maria left Barbara on the floor as the medical team approached. She and her group headed to the main lobby, where they'd entered base. "I hope you've enjoyed your tour of headquarters. If you are still interesting in joining us, please fill out the forms we've sent to your homes. If not, please burn anything and everything that has to do with S.H.I.E.L.D. We'd like to keep our name off the radar." Maria pressed the button on the wall beside her, summoning the elevator. "Enjoy the rest of your day, and consider your options carefully."

The recruits entered the elevator, and, like with the male recruits, she heard one final comment muttered as the doors slid shut.

"No way in hell I'm messing with Natasha Romanoff."

Maria smiled and shook her head. She sighed and tapped the button on her communicator. "Sir, I'm done with this job. I can't deal with the recruits anymore."

"Fine. You're off the hook. I can find someone else to do it. I'll be changing the tour, anyway," Fury said.

"Sir, why did you do it like this?" she asked.

It was awhile before he said anything. "Because I wanted to."


"I've shipped them from the beginning, okay?! Don't judge me."

"You're starting to sound like a teenage girl."

"Get back to work, Hill, or I'll start making you work with recruits again."

Maria sighed, defeated. She didn't really care that much about Fury's internal desires. She was just relieved beyond comprehension she wouldn't have to deal with the recruits again, no matter what ship she herself sailed. "Yes, sir."

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