The second night together was slower and more relaxed than the first. They spent an hour on the couch, touching and kissing each other while feeling the rhythm of the music, and then moved to Auggie's bed where they continued.

Waking up in each others' arms was beginning to be Annie's favorite part of the relationship. His arm was on her chest, his thumb resting on her scar. In their explorations, his fingers always migrated to her scars.

"You're awake," his voice stated.

"Are you?" she asked.

"Mmmaybe," he mumbled.

"After work today, do you want to come to my place and get read in on Henry's files?"

"Never say that name while in my bed again, please."

"Do you want to come to my place and figure out a mystery?" She rephrased.

"Maybe," he replied. "Can you bring things here, instead?"

"I guess so, why?"

"The files are pretty useless to me, as they are. I have all my toys here."

"Oh, yeah, sure."

"Just warning you, I'm a little less efficient at home than at the office."

"You seem efficient enough, so far."

Auggie grinned. "In some ways, I'm far more efficient at home. Speaking of which, I'm going to go make us some coffee."

Annie let out a little whine when he got out of the bed. "If I'm going to be spending so much time here, I may need to know your systems."

"What systems?" Auggie asked as he scooped coffee into the fresh filter.

"I don't know - don't you have your liquor cabinet organized a certain way?"

"Oh, well, not really. I mean, it's not that different..." he heard Annie walk into the kitchen. "I don't keep that much variety of liquor around, but the only way that makes sense, sighted or not, is to have tall bottles in the back, short ones in front, and the ones you use the most in easy reach. Beyond that, liquor bottles are kind of all different, or a quick sniff will let me know what's inside."

"Easy enough," Annie replied.

"Soup cans, on the other hand, are harder." Auggie turned on the coffee pot, but started to look very concerned.

"What is it?" Annie asked.

"I was a pretty organized person, even before the accident. Please tell me I'm not going to have to start from scratch training you on yet another skill."

"Hey! Danielle started some organizational training."

Auggie grinned. "Just tell me this," he motioned to the rest of the living area, "Am I going to trip on your shoes between here and the bathroom?"

Annie double checked that she had left her shoes tucked under the coffee table the night before. "Absolutely not!" she replied.

"Then you already have most of 'my system' down pat."

In reality, Auggie was shocked at how well Annie fit into his home life. He showered after her, and didn't notice anything out of place in the bathroom at all. The only difference was her lingering smell, which was driving him mad. Perhaps he should have showered with her.

They were having a surprisingly easy time acting normal at work, too. Annie still gave Auggie ridiculously large smiles, Auggie still took an unusually large interest in Annie's workload, and they each were able to get their jobs done, as needed. Nobody seemed to notice Auggie's new habit of reaching to be sure that Annie was clothed after he referred to her as "Walker."

Auggie worked through a particularly interesting encryption mid-afternoon, and sent it to Joan. Unfortunately, the information was in three different languages, so Annie was stuck in the office trying to get it translated. This wasn't the sort of thing that could wait until Monday.

"I'll just hang out here while she gets that translated." Auggie told Joan.

"Auggie, it's a Friday night. There's no need for you to stay."

"You don't know that - what if you need me to do more digging?"

"Auggie, you are always more than thorough. If we need you, I'll call you back in."

"OK. I'm going to go to the gym before I head home, so if anything comes up..."

"We are fine. Go."

Auggie was never so sad to go home on a Friday afternoon. He stopped by Annie's desk on the way out. "Sorry about this."

"Not a big deal, I should be through everything in a couple of hours. I'll give you a call?"

"Sounds good."


Once he was home, Auggie decided to use the alone time to take care of some personal details. He booted up his computer and changed clothes. He was sitting down to dig into his personal emails when he heard something in the room. Everything within his being told him he was in danger.

"You have got to be the worst spy, ever." The voice announced.

"I am going to install retina scanners instead of a new deadbolt."

"I figured you would weasel your way into my mission, Anderson. I just didn't think you would do it so efficiently."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Of course not." Henry sneered. "But as much time as you have spent with your new lady, I'm sure she's told you something."

"Why are you here?"

"I wanted to have a little chat."

"Make an appointment next time."

"That's not my style," Henry replied. "It's not yours, either. I figured you would want to know that you inspired all of this with your talk of honor that we had, back at my old residence."

Auggie rolled his eyes at Henry's mention of honor.

"You don't trust me." Henry stated.

"I have a generally low opinion of convicted traitors." Auggie replied.

"Consider our history, Auggie."


"August, every time I've given you information, it's been reliable."

Auggie didn't reply. Henry had given him a key detail to solving Jai's murder. It also led to Annie being shot.

"I just wanted to stop by and encourage you to have an open mind. I wouldn't pick you to investigate Joan and Arthur. I know you and Joan have a long history." Henry said the last line as if the history was as personal as it was professional. "But you are involved in this now, and you have to trust that this is a worthwhile cause. There is a lot of dirt out there, and it needs to be cleaned up."

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because I know more than you and your lady friend. You don't have to like me, August. Just trust me." When Auggie didn't respond, he continued. "I'm sure you need to get ready for her to come over tonight. Good catch there, by the way. Are you as sincere with her as you were with Liza?"

Auggie wondered which side of the coffee table the man was standing on, so he would have the best chance at finding him to snap his neck.

"Oh, I see that struck a nerve. I'll let myself out."