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Lucy's P.O.V

I was lost, Susan believed Narnia to be a children's game. Or rather was putting her every effort to believing that, I would often talk to her after archery classes. Then would be the time that she was most likely that she would listen.

"It can't be real," she finally snapped at me on the way back to the storage shed to place back the archery equipment, after staying later than anyone else. The teacher was watching us from quiet a distance away.

"You said can't," I realised, "Not isn't real, can't be real. Why can't it be real Susan?" I hated contractions with a passion, as we had never used them in Narnia. They grated uncomfortably against my teaching from my tutors.

"Because I wouldn't be able to stand it," she choked out finally. I was so caught up in the fact that she was actually speaking that I didn't notice the fact that men were surrounding us. "Being less than I am and never allowed to go home, no I cannot believe in Narnia any longer for I fear it will kill me."

"I understand," I whispered, that was not schoolgirl Susan speaking it was a declaration by Narnia's beloved High Queen Susan the Gentle. Truly understanding that my sister was lost to us whether she believed or not I shuddered in loss and I was going to respect her decisions until they attacked. Three men tore me away from Susan a knife held to my throat.

"Lucy," Susan gasped, as she was backhanded across the face and her blouse ripped open to reveal her bra and creamy white skin. The bow fell from her hand and the teacher seeing what was happening turned and ran to the school. Knowing that slight little Miss Applebee wouldn't have stood a chance against thirteen fully grown men I didn't hold it against her.

"Little tease, were finally going to teach you your place and if you don't please us were going to have to try out your sister," one leered as they all continued to speak filth. I was worried, at age eleven I wouldn't be able to do this alone.

"Please Susan," I whispered in Narnian before summoning ever particle and breath of the Valiant Queen that I was, am and will always be, "The Valiant requests the aid of the Gentle." It reverberated through her very being and something in her eyes snapped.

"The Gentle gladly answers the Valiant's call," she said before switching to English, "If you don't leave now, and desist from you course of action then I swear by the Lion that you will fall to death at my hands or my sisters."

They laughed raucously and tried to continue with there assault. Susan had a genial smile on her face as her leg swung up and connected with force into the man stomach, she grasped the bow in her hand and immediately fired an arrow at the unsuspecting captor holding a knife to my throat. It landed in his neck with a dull thunk, a fine mist of blood spraying the air, covering my clothes and the coppery blood smell of battle.

A feral smirk lit my face as I picked up the fallen mans knife and joined my sister in battle. Arrows whistled through the air, as did the switchblade I had attained. There were no debilitating shots, rape is considered to be the most vile a crime in Narnia. Every hit was lethal. The last attacked managed to get behind Susan and sink the flimsy knife into her shoulder, the blade snapping when he tried to remove it.

Rage blinded me, as it burned its way through me I threw the dagger with enough force to have the fairly blunt knife lodge itself in his forehead causing him to drop like a sack of potatoes. There was dead silence as Susan and I held each other's gaze, bloodstained and surrounded by death on the red watered grass. The teachers and two officers of the law not a stones throw away and standing immobile with paralysing shock.

"Narnia welcomes back it's lost, but much beloved High Queen," I intoned low enough for only Susan to hear, "Susan the Gentle…. Welcome home, my Queen." She would have curtsied low as Narnian tradition dictates for such an occasion but with the people watching she merely answered in kind.

"I thank you, and I full heartedly once again join the great nation that is Narnia under the concession of our cherished Valiant and most Wild Queen," she responded delightedly, tears present in her eyes, "No more pretending."

I nodded in agreement. We were no longer eleven and thirteen in anything other than age, we were to let ourselves be twenty-eight and thirty respectively, as we should be and carry ourselves once again with the wisdom and grace that we always should have done. The only thing left to do would be to consult our brothers the Magnificent and the Just.

The whole interlude between Susan and I had only taken a few seconds, noting the authorities nervousness Susan dropped the bow and I moved forward to inspect her wound. The blade was jammed in there dreadfully; I would need a second pair of hands to get it out properly without causing further damage.

"I am going to take my sister for medical attention," I informed the group of adults that still hadn't moved or said anything. This seemed to startle them out of that.

"I'm afraid that you both have to come with us," one of the officers said uncomfortably, shifting from foot to foot. I practically snarled with rage.

"Considering my good officer, that you stood there and watched my sister and I fight for our lives and virtue against rapists," I said coldly spinning Susan around to show them the knife wound and torn shirt, "I will thank you to rid yourself of any delusions that you words have any effect on our course of action. She needs medical attention and I shall not stand here discussing it while my sister bleeds to death."

"Peace sister," Susan said taking my hand to steady my anger, "Let us go." And with that we left the baffled, scared grown ups standing in front of the mess battle scene and walked to our brother's school, which was conveniently located across the road. We walked through the empty halls until we reached their classroom. Edmund had been placed into Peter's class due to his inability to hide his intelligence.

"Lucy," they chorused when they saw me standing at there door covered in so much blood. They sprang up and raced to the front of the door before stopping recognising the look I had about me and just like that all pretence of school children of fourteen and twelve disappeared. Leaving behind only High King Peter and King

"The Magnificent and the Just are required to give aid to the Valiant…" I said extending my hand to behind the doorframe and escorting Susan into the light, "And the Gentle. No more pretending."

"Susan," Peter said softly, but to us that one word said everything as he moved forward and placed a kiss on her brow. A blessing from the High King, everything was going to work out fine now.

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