"Ralph, it hurts!" Vanellope whimpered.

"Don't worry, this is one thing I can fix." he said, with a smirk on his lips.

As rough as this wrecker could be, he was finally showing his gentle side. He bent down and began to lap at the crack in Vanellope's leg. Thankfully, she didn't taste like chocolate; not that he would have cared. Nothing could stop him from going further.

Quiet moans escaped her tiny mouth, silently wanting more.

Her tiny hands snaked their way up into his wild hair, tugging slightly. Everything was perfect until he hit a certain "sweet spot" (in more ways than one), and she yanked on his tangled locks.

He yelped in surprise, hand his smirk faded into an upturned sneer, a slight rumble coming from his massive chest.

Like a tiger pouncing on his prey, he shoved her onto her back, as their mouths and tongues waged war on each other.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the comfort of a bed to continue this in. So instead, they continued to wrestle back and forth in the chocolate dust-which was slowly starting to melt.

Ralph stopped to come up for a short breath, and said to the panting girl, "Maybe we should move somewhere else."

"Why?" the dishevelled racer pouted.

Ralph let out a sigh, "Because-I hate chocolate." he said with a grin.

She cupped his face with her tiny mitts and said, "It's so like you to complain, Stink Brain."


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