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Daily Prophet

May 3rd, 1998

It is official. The second Wizarding War is over and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has been defeated. For good. The Chosen one has won the final battle and you can finally get your rest and peace. Unless of course you are a dark wizard or you work for the ministry. If that is the case then you have quite a busy few weeks ahead of you. I fear that it will be just like the end of the first war. Dark Wizards going into hiding everywhere and ministry officials pulling their hair out. Yes, it will be quite a while before any real peace had been brought.

Politicians are already wondering what they will be doing with anyone who is accused. With He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named having an even bigger army than he did the last time, it is almost impossible to tell the liars from the ones who were really under the imperious curse. I will remind you that ever since the scandal in 1467 it has been illegal for Veritaserum to be used in trial.

Everyone who was still standing on the battlefield when the dust settled is currently in custody and will be released or convicted in due time. For anyone concerned of those being held, visiting hours are still being debated. For any Dark Wizard who escaped, you will be found eventually.

Other news about the war and how everything went about will be posted in the other.

- Cassandra Patton

.: .: .:

May 7th 1998

Debates are running wild throughout the ministry. The main questions are 1) Are they going to be submited to the kiss? 2) Who will guard Azkaban? Surely they cannot trust the dementors again. 3) How will the sentencing be drawn out? Will every participant be given the same sentence, no matter how involved they were? 4) What will we do with the ones under the imperious curse? The ones claiming to be under the curse? and more...

Many of these answers are still in the air and I have been unable to get a comment from anyone who is allowed behind the closed doors. I do know that Mister Harry Potter is behind these doors and I believe that his word will have a great influence with any decision. Accused are still being held for questioning and it seems that this process is going nowhere, fast.

If the ministry can't even settle these things in due time, how are they going to rebuild themselves once it is done? Many people still don't trust the ministry and it will take a lot to bring back the confidence of the wizard population. Just what is it that the ministry will do this time around?

-Cassandra Patton

.: .: .:

May 20th, 1998

The ministry has finally came to a decision. Proclamations were announced late last night as to what will happen now that the war is over. I dare say that they managed to think of everything. Their decisions have made a believer in me about how they will run in the future.

The first Proclamation declared that anyone who is held and found guilty will serve life in Azkaban. The deadly kiss will be implemented to those in the higher circles of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It is said that some may be able to buy their way out of this fate if they are to give names of people who were not captured and those names hold true.

The second stated that Azkaban will no longer be run by the dementors. The ministry claims that they will still be in Azkaban, but more wizards will be put at Azkaban to watch the prisoners and to make sure that there is no more mass breakouts as there have been in the past.

Now moving on to what I feel is the most important issue. The ministry have heard the people and their concerns about those who were under the imperious cures and those were close to the convicted. The third proclamation announced was what had been dubbed as the 'Uprising Brand'. Now not all of the bugs have been worked out, but what we have been waiting on was this Brand.

Every person, convicted or found innocent will be submitted to this Brand. Along with that, anyone in the immediate family of a branded victim will receive a brand as well. Along with that the next three generations of the youngest accused in the family will get the brand as well. The ministry states that the brands will not harm anyone, but will keep track of anyone with one. They claim that it will be a symbol that will remind the family of their mistakes and will keep the next generations from making the same.

More details about the brand will be available in the days to come once they figure everything out and test to make sure that everything works out.

-Cassandra Patton

.: .: .:

June 1st, 1998

The first accused with the Uprising Brand was released today. For his privacy his name will not be said but his number will be displayed and an explanation will follow. (posted below is a picture of a right forearm, the numbers - 0:02:03:10:00-1 glowing on the skin, the dash starting at the wrist)

The Brand is broken up into six sections for the convicted and accused and five sections for the family of them. These numbers are personal to the wizard who wears them and they are connected to their situation. It is likely that no one will have the same numbers of the Branded ones around them.

Now the most important is that anyone who is convicted or accused will have a the dash at the start of the Brand and the dash and number at the end. The first is to stick out as the first thing one would see on the brand. The second dash and number following is to claim weather the person is convicted or accused. If the number is 1, then the person is accused but not convicted. If the number is 8 then the person was convicted. The ministry claims that there will be rare cases where the number after the dash is a 7, this states that the person was convicted but has either served their time, changed sides before the war ended, or gave enough names not to be sentenced. This is the only difference between the accused and convicted from their families. Everything else is similar.

The first number to appear tells the generation that is wearing the Brand. Any of the accused will have a 0 as they are the first in the family to wear the brand and do not count as the first generation. One of the main topics with this brand is that everyone in the immediate family will also receive a brand as well. His parents, brothers, sisters, and wife will all be branded with him and they will contain the first number a 0. His children will be branded as well, but their first number will be a 1. No one but him will contain the dash unless they too were in the circles of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

The next two numbers state the amount of family members they had in the circles of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In this case the man had two, himself and another person in his family. If we assume that the other member was his parent, then the first generation would have a two in the section, the second generation will have one, and the third will have zero.

The next two numbers claim how high the family was in He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name's circles. The lowest that a person can have is a 3, the highest a 17. This number will not change based on the generations to come.

The next two numbers state the potential danger that this wizard has. This number changes through the course of the wizards life depending on his surrounding and the amount of magic that he or she has studied and mastered. The lowest number found here is 3 and the highest 17.

The last two numbers tell us how long the wizard has until they are of age. This section was made to watch those young wizards who are still going to school. It will change on the midnight of their birthday and remain at zero once they are of age.

There is more to this brand than just numbers, though. In places with large amounts of people the Brand will glow a shade of green depending on the potential danger the wizard has. The lower the number the lighter the shade. The higher the number the darker the shade. The brand also has a trace intertwined with it. It will stop anyone with the brand from leaving the country by magic and can be activated at the ministry to find where they are.

The Brands are contagious. If you are to marry someone with the Brand, you would get the Brand. If you have the Brand and have a child, they would get the Brand unless they were the fourth generation. If you were to adopt a child, they are to get the brand.

The Uprising Brand is mandatory and is being put on the rest of the convicted and accused as we speak. The ministry stated that the Brand is not to be used as discrimination but to be used as a precaution. We have no reason to fear anyone with a Brand and they should be treated as any other person. Please respect the privacy of anyone with the Brand and be aware that they pose little threat to the world.

-Cassandra Patton

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