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Footsteps roused him from his sleep before his curtains were drawn back and Rick Henshaw roughly pushed his shoulder to get him up. "We're leaving," came the harsh voice; Henshaw was a no nonsense kid. Scorpius pulled on his robe and glanced at the other boys already waiting at the door.

"What about him?" Scorpius asked, nodding his head towards Albus' bed.

"Nothing about him," Sean Splint spit out opening the door.

"No, you git." Scorpius sneered back, "What if Albus wakes up and finds all of us not here. It would be alright if it was just you three, but I'm in this too. He'll think we are up to something." Scorpius couldn't believe how careless they were being. Obviously this isn't something that they had been plotting for a long time.

"Take care of it then," Goyle said, walking out of the door, "We will wait no more than five minutes in the common room. " The two other boys followed after Goyle, not glancing back as Scorpius scrambled to think of something.

"Damn," he muttered, pulling out a spare sheet of parchment and scrawling a quick note. Scorpius tried to tell himself that he was writing the note mainly so Albus wouldn't go out looking for them and get everyone in more trouble than what he was going to be up to, but Scorpius knew a lie when he saw one. He didn't want Albus to wake up and think that Scorpius had something to do with the other three boys. Albus already questioned too much as it was.

The other three Slytherins were muttering under their breath when Scorpius finally walked into the common room. "'bout time" Henshaw let out before stocking off towards the door. Scorpius rolled his eyes in response and followed the three out of the dungeons towards the back stairwell. When they reached the second floor Goyle turned to Scorpius. "You stay here, it shouldn't take longer than an hour."

"How do we even know he is coming?" Scorpius questioned before they walked off.

"Oh," Splint said, a deadly smirk spreading across his face, "He'll come."

Mere moments after Scorpius was left alone he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. His grip tightened on his wand and he quickly hid behind a tapestry. He was ready to give the signal to clear out when the person walked into the light.

Adam Fairbrother took unsteady steps towards the hallway where the three Slytherins were waiting. His face was pale and etched in fear. His Ravenclaw tie was hanging crookedly along his collar and his hair was standing at awkward angles. Scorpius wondered just what Splint had on the fifth year.

Scorpius tried to listen to what they were saying but he couldn't get close enough to hear all of it without turning the corner and leaving his post. He did hear when the fight started, though. The constant buzz of communication suddenly turned more harsh. He heard something, probably Fairbrother, smack harshly against the wall, a groan of pain, and the crackling of spells intermixing. Scorpius winced at the thought of what was going on around the corner. He would hate to be Fairbrother right now.

It was over quickly. The noise ceased and then the three Slytherins had made their way back to Scorpius. They walked right past him and Scorpius followed behind. None of them talked the entire way back to their beds. Scorpius was glad for that; he didn't want to hear about what they had done. He knew he would be seeing the damage soon enough.

He waited until he heard the snoring of Henshaw before getting out of his bed and creeping out of the dormitory once more. He went back to where they just were and took a deep breath before turning the corner. There was a figure leaning against the wall, his head was tilted upwards and his eyes were shut tightly.

"Come to finish me off?" Fairbrother breathed harshly when he heard Scorpius approach.

Scorpius raised an eyebrow, "You could call it that," he shrugged, even though the boy had yet to open his eyes. The place smelled of burnt hair and flesh. Fairbrother looked as if his left arm had been badly burned; some of his hair was gone as well. The entire place was soaked and it looked as if his right leg had been partially frozen. Scorpius wondered for a moment if these spells happened at the same time. There was blood seeping down from his eyebrow and his stomach was swelled to twice, maybe even three times, its original size. "Can you walk?"

"What's it matter to you?" He growled out. Obviously he wasn't trusting, yet the boy still didn't open his eyes. It was as if he didn't want to see the attack coming.

Scorpius sighed and then grabbed the arm that wasn't burned and threw it over his shoulder, taking most of the boys weight. Fairbrother gasped and Scorpius saw his eyes finally open. "What are you doing!?" he yelled out.

"Taking you to the Hospital Wing."

"Oh," was his only response before Scorpius felt him relax against his shoulder and they started their way towards the Wing. They were silent the entire time except for a few hisses in pain Fairbrother would let out every now and then. His frozen leg was dragged most of the way and he cradled his burned arm atop of his protruding stomach. Scorpius didn't know how, be he looked more gruesome walking than he did just leaning against the wall. Scorpius tried his best to hide his discomfort as he felt the freezing water seep through his clock. He knew for sure now that he really didn't want to get on the bad side of the other three boys. He would do everything in his power to keep Albus away from them as well.

"I can get there from here. " Fairbrother grunted when they were about to turn the corner towards the Hospital Wing. "Can't have you seen taking me in. It will just get you in trouble with your cohorts." Fairbrother managed to throw himself off of Scorpius and against the wall. He started dragging himself away before he turned around, "Thanks… Scorpius."

Scorpius stood shocked as he watched the boy turn again and round the corner. "Welcome," he said, too late for the boy to hear him.


Walking back into the common room that night, Scorpius wasn't surprised to see Albus waiting for him by the fire. Albus just stared at him for a moment. Uncomfortable under the boy's stare, Scorpius gave a sheepish smile and then pulled fresh pumpkin pastries from his pocked along with a large thermos full of hot chocolate. He was relieved when the green eyes lit up and he scooted over to make room for him on the couch.

"Couldn't sleep," Scorpius said as he sat down next to Albus, handing him a pastry.

"I know, I got your note." Albus nodded towards the piece of parchment he had brought down with him. It was the one that Scorpius had left behind before he went out the first time that night. Scorpius could faintly see the words in the fire light, Couldn't sleep, went to the kitchens, meet in commons if you wake up -Scor. He had forgotten about the note really, with everything that had gone on. He just happened to stop by the kitchens on his way back, knowing that he would need something to be able to get to sleep.

They ate in silence, most things about that night were done in silence. Scorpius wanted to say something, but he didn't know what. He just felt tense around Albus, he felt like he had betrayed the boy somehow. Scorpius shuddered and reached for the thermos, burning his tongue as the hot liquid went down.

"Is that blood?" Albus asked. Scorpius looked at his hand were blood was spattered across his knuckles and running down to his palm.

"Oh, I, uh, ran into a wall." he replied hoping that would work.

"More like punched a wall," Albus smirked and took another bit of the pumpkin pastry.

"Okay, the wall ran into my fist then," Scorpius chuckled, relaxing a bit when Albus laughed along with him.


By the time Scorpius and Albus went to breakfast the next day, rumors were already circulating about Adam Fairbrother. The Hall was loud with speculations of what happened and people were constantly moving around to swap stories. Kris was waiting for them at the Slytherin table, ignoring the glares of the other students.

"Did you hear what happened yet?" She asked when they finally reached the table.

"No," Scorpius said the same time that Albus asked "What happened?"

"I knew practically before anyone else really," Kris started, "What with Adam being a Ravenclaw," She shrugged before continuing, " Apparently Adam had a secret meeting late last night. He left a note on John's bed. He's the Ravenclaw prefect. Anyway, John was going crazy looking for Adam this morning, being his best friend and all. The boy was ranting to no end about how stupid Adam was as he rushed out of the common room. Penelope followed John all the way to the Hospital Wing where Madam Pomfrey was waiting to shoo them away and say that Adam wasn't fit for any visitors yet." Scorpius and Albus were lost on who was who, not knowing all of the Ravenclaws by their first name. They didn't need to know the names, though.

"Many people are trying to figure out what happened but I have a theory of my own." Kris said, leaning in, "I think that Splint did it." Three pairs of eyes turned to look at Sean Splint who was sitting at the end of the table with Goyle and Henshaw.

"Really?" Albus asked, astonished, "I mean, I know he is mean, but why would he do that? Does he even know the bloke?"

"Of course he knows Adam," Kris said rolling her eyes, "He had been dating Splint's sister, Luce, for over a year now. Last week they had a break up, like, a bad one. Apparently Adam had been cheating on Luce for the last five months with some Huffelpuff. I don't know her name but she and John have been trying to get into the Hospital Wing since they woke up."

"I didn't know Splint had a sister." Albus looked back over at Splint and Scorpius followed his gaze. Splint was acting normal, the other three 2nd year Slytherins were talking excitedly with a few of the fourth years, either swapping rumors or telling the real story.

There was a pondering look on Albus face, the one he always got when he was looking over his charms textbook. Suddenly he turned to face Scorpius, "You didn't punch a wall last night, did you?" The words prompted Kris to glare at Scorpius as well.

"You were with them!" The harsh words were like a slap to the face and Scorpius winced.

"Not here," He muttered, grabbed a piece of toast, and walked out of the Grand Hall, knowing that the two would follow him.

"I can't believe you Scorpius!" Kris shouted after him once they were out of the dining area. She was stomping angrily after him and he knew that if he turned around he would be met with her piercing glare. He just kept walking, past the second floor and onto the third, around a few corners, and finally into an empty class room. The entire way he did his best to block Kris' accusatory rant and Albus' silence.

"I didn't know what they were going to do," Scorpius started off. Kris just scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Can you believe this Albus?" She was still raving, "Can you believe he is actually trying to tell us it not his fault? I don't care if you didn't know what was going to happen, it's Splint, and Goyle, and Henshaw we are talking about."

"Kristal Clare, will you just SHUT UP!"

Immediately Kris shut her mouth and two pairs of shocked eyes fell on Albus. He was fuming, his hands clenched at his sides. The group was silent for a bit, still shocked that it was Albus that had exploded. "Scorpius," Albus said, causing Scorpius to wince at the use of his full name, "Explain. Now."

"Right, right," Scorpius shook his head wondering where to start exactly. "When Goyle came up to me in the library the other day he said that he need me as a look out. He just wanted reassurance that he wasn't going to get caught late at night."

"And you agreed!?" Kris yelled. Albus glared at her and she huffed, silent again.

"I agreed because Goyle is not someone who you disagree with. Trust me, you don't want to be on his bad side. If I didn't agree, I would get on his bad side and then…" Scorpius trailed off and tried not to look as Albus, he didn't know how to exactly explain that.

"And then what?" Albus asked before Scorpius could try to move on, "What, exactly, would happen if you were on Goyle's bad side?"

Scorpius tried to silently plead with Albus to let him off the hook of that question, but his green eyes held firm.

"Fine," Scorpius said, sitting down on the windowsill, running a hand through his hair, "But only because you asked Albus. If I were on Goyle's bad side, there would be no hope for you in Slytherin. None of the other boys accept you yet," He looked Albus dead in the eyes, "They believe that you were placed in Slytherin to make sure none of the Brands were acting out more than usual."

"So you're their spy just like I'm my dad's then? You befriended me to make sure that I wasn't spreading the little secrets of theirs."

"NO! Of course not!" Scorpius shouted. He couldn't believe this was happening, "I am not their spy, I befriended you because you needed a friend and you were different from everyone else I knew growing up. I don't care about them," Scorpius pleaded.

"Alright," Albus said. His face didn't give anything away and Scorpius didn't know if Albus believed him or not, "What else happened last night?"

"Around two we got up. I left the note to make sure that you wouldn't worry too much if you woke up and found all of us gone. Anyway, I was told to wait behind a tapestry at the staircase and signal them if a teacher or a prefect came. Then Fairbrother showed up and I knew from the look on his face that he was there to meet with them. I tried to listen to what was going on, but I couldn't hear anything until the fight started, even then I only heard a little. It was over quickly. When they were done we all went back to the dormitory.

"It didn't feel right to me, though, so when they were all sleeping I went back and found Fairbrother leaning against the wall. It was ugly. I don't think I have ever seen anyone more messed up than Fairbrother was in that moment. I helped him get to the Hospital Wing and then I went to the kitchens to get something to help me sleep. After that, I met up with you in the common room." Scorpius bit his lip and hung his head, waiting for Albus or Kris to say anything.

A door slammed and Scorpius looked up. Kris was still standing in front of him. Albus had walked out. Scorpius shuddered and let out a sigh, wrapping his arms around him as well.

"Is that true?" Kris asked, her voice flat, "Is it true that you are doing all of this to protect him."

"It's all true, Especially that," Scorpius said, "He wouldn't be able to handle them without what I'm doing. I can hardly do it."

"Okay," Kris breathed out, sitting next to him, "Okay."


Albus ignored him for the rest of the day, "I need to think," was the only thing he said when Scorpius had gone up to him once. Scorpius nodded in response and sat through the class without saying a word. Scorpius was left alone for most of the day. Kris was still processing everything as well and while Scorpius could see that she was trying to get over the fact that he had been a part of what happened with Adam Fairbrother, she was having a hard time.

The two sat next to each other during dinner mostly because they didn't know what else to do. They didn't talk and as soon as Albus was done he went down to the commons saying that he was going to sleep early for tomorrow.

"What's his problem?" Goyle asked, sneaking up behind him.

"Tomorrow's the first game," Scorpius shrugged, thinking it would be best if the other three didn't know what was really troubling Albus. He thought, that by not telling them what he had told Albus, he would be able to say that he was putting Albus ahead of them. He wanted to not have to deal with Goyle and the other two for a while. He feared what they would do to him were they to ever figure out that he had chosen Albus over them.

He wouldn't let anybody know, but that day, in the unused class room on the third floor, was the day he had officially decided he would always pick Albus and Kris over the others. He feared the consequences that would come with that decision, but he was willing to face them, even if Albus didn't talk to him again.


"I haven't fully forgiven you," Kris started as she sat next to him in the stands, "But no one in Ravenclaw wanted me next to them holding this." She smiled and held up a green flag with a snake on it. Scorpius held his up in return and Kris started laughing. Scorpius smiled back, knowing that even if he wasn't forgiven entirely, Kris wasn't holding it against him.

"I hope he gets to play today, at least a little," Scorpius said.

"Me too, I won't want to be around him if he doesn't. And if they lose on top of that," Kris fake shuddered, "I'm glad I'm not the one who has to room with him." She pushed Scorpius lightly at the comment.

Then the players walked onto the field, the ones starting the game walked towards the middle while the backups sat on the bench. James Potter mounted his broom, sending a smug smile towards his brother sitting on the bench. Scorpius let out a sigh, hoping that he would hear a rant on James today. He wasn't looking forward to it, but if Albus ranted to him, then things would be alright.

"Scorpius! Kris!" Both of them turned to look over at who was calling them. There was a tangle of curly red hair and freckles making his way over. The Hufflepuff smiled brightly as he plopped down next to Kris.

"Hullo Hugo," Kris smiled, "are you over here for the same reason I am?" She help up her Slytherin flag.

"Yup," He smiled, "Rose and Lily told me that I wouldn't be able to sit with them and cheer for only Albus, and I think most of my friends would be okay with me rooting for the other team, it just doesn't feel right," Hugo shrugged, "Oh! The game is starting." His brown eyes drifted towards the field.

"Do you play?" Kris asked.

" I wish." Hugo replied, "I'm not the best with a broom, though, get that from my mom. Dad hates that none of his kids have any potential to try out for the Chudley Cannons. Maybe Albus will though."

"What about James?" Scorpius asked. At that point in the game James was I possession of the quaffle, heading for the goals.

"Nah," Hugo shook his head, "He's a good player an' all, but he wants to be just like Uncle Harry. Aiming to be an Auror since he was about three or something."


"I've yet to completely understand quidditch," Kris said.

"Quidditch isn't something you understand," Hugo laughed, "It's something you do."

Kris pondered the thought, tilting her head to show true thinking. Then she nodded her head.

"SAATY SHOOTS! SCORES! 10 POINTS TO SLYTHERIN!" The everyone in the Slytherin stands cheered, almost overpowering the boos from the other side.

The game started to speed up then. The quaffle changed hands more frequently and it was almost impossible to hold a conversation and pay attention to the game at the same time.

"TRINITY PASSES THE QUAFFLE TO POTTER" Scorpius looked down at the benched, Albus was searching the sky, looking for any signs of the snitch incase he went in. He wasn't watching his brother. "POTTER SHOOTS! SCORES! TAKE THAT SLYTHERIN!" He saw Albus frown slightly, but otherwise he kept searching.


The Slytherin side was full of hissing, "Oh, that sucks," Hugo said.

"Yeah, but we won't have to deal with Albus," Kris reminded him.

"Oh, right," Hugo smirked and reached over to pat Scorpius on the back.

"I just hope Potter doesn't…" Scorpius stopped talking when he looked down and saw that the brothers were talking down on the field. It looked more like arguing, as one of the Slytherin chasers was pulling Albus away by the sleeve and James stood there with his arms crossed, smirking.

"Well tonight will be fun," Scorpius let out a shaky chuckle, "That is, if he even talks to me."

Kris gave him a sad look, "I'm sure he will. There isn't anyone else he can rant to in the dungeons."

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