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The last time Castiel was outside the hospital is impossible to say. He can't remember the feel of sunshine directly on his skin or the open breeze on his skin. While others might have been bitter about the fact, Castiel didn't mind in the least bit because at least he was alive. That was something he thanked God for every day.

Others saw Castiel's faith in God as something of a joke and laughed when he told them the origin of his name. Of course the irony wasn't lost on Castiel-being named after an angel only to get terribly sick-but that didn't mean he wanted people shoving it in his face either. Neither his name nor condition was something to be laughed about yet people still did. Castiel knew some people did it as a way of trying to diffuse the tension and while he acted like it was okay it still hurt. He only hoped that one day he could get out of this hospital and stop being the sick little brother.

Castiel came from a huge family five brothers-Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel- and one sister named Anna. When he was ten his parents had died leaving him, thirteen year old twins Gabriel and Anna and seventeen year old Uriel parentless. Luckily Michael, Lucifer and Raphael had started up a successful business and decided to raise their brothers and sister. They were a tight knit family until Lucifer left taking his shares of the company with him and hasn't spoken to them since. For that reason Gabriel was the only one Castiel ever saw not that Castiel minded especially since Gabriel came to see him whenever he could.

So when Gabriel strolled through the door Castiel looked up from the book he was reading and smiled widely. "Hi Gabriel."

"How you doing Cassie? I heard you're getting a new doctor soon. It's about time. The last one was great and all but he was getting way too old to be working on my baby bro."

"I'm fine. You're getting worried over nothing."

"Worried? I'm not worried."

Castiel rolled his eyes at his brother. "Yes you are. You always get like this when I'm about to go through chemo. I'll be fine Gabriel. I've done this enough times to know what to expect."

"You know me too well little brother. Plus you can't tell your older brother not to worry it's in the job description."

"If you say so Gabriel."

"When is your next round of chemo?" Gabriel sat cross-legged on the end of Castiel's bed. "And when do I get to meet your new doctor?"

"It's scheduled-don't laugh-for Thursday and I think the nurse said he should be coming in this afternoon sometime."

"Why would I laugh at that? Just because you're the angel of Thursday!" Gabriel let out a loud laugh that made Castiel shake his head.

"Sorry if I interrupted something." Gabriel and Castiel looked up to see a man with green eyes and a white coat standing at the door.

"It's no trouble at all. Are you Cassie's new doctor?"

The doctor raised his eyebrows. "Cassie? I thought I had a male patient not a female patient."

"It depends on the day. Sometimes-"

"Gabriel!" Castiel glared at his brother before turning back to the doctor with a smile on his face. "Sorry about my brother. He likes to treat me like a child. My real name is Castiel; Cassie is just Gabriel's nickname for me. I call him Gaby sometimes to get back at him."

"Well it's nice to meet you and it says here that you've been in this hospital for three years now is that correct?"

"Almost four."

"Okay." The doctor wrote something on the board he was hold before walking over to stand next to Castiel's bedside. "I want to get you out of here so you can have a life. How does that sound?"

"Like it's too good to be true."

The doctor smiled showing off perfectly white teeth. "There are a few new techniques that your last doctor didn't try so I'm hoping that they'll be successful on you and I've completely forgotten to tell you my name. I'm Doctor Winchester but you can just call me Dean."

"It's nice to meet you Dean." Castiel shook hands with Dean.

"You've got a firm grip. That's good and all your hair."

"Isn't it surprising! Cassie has gone through like a million rounds of chemo and he still has all the hair on his head. The one time he lost his hair was when he tried to grow a beard and that ended up falling off when they started him up on chemo."

"That's actually quite interesting. So you're his brother?"

"Yes. Gabriel Novak's the name and making my brother's life more interesting is the game."

"And do you visit often?"

Gabriel seemed surprised by the question but answered it none-the-less. "Of course. I come practically every day."

"That's good. It's believed that having a strong support system helps the patient feel more at home and thus helps the patients get better faster."

"Maybe I should just move in here."

"Gabriel no!" Castiel blushed knowing the way the outburst probably sounded to his brother and his new doctor. "I love you and all Gabriel but I'm a grown man and while I may live in a hospital I still need space."

"Whatever you say Cassie." Gabriel turned back to Dean. "So these new treatment that you were talking about. What exactly do they entail and what's the risk factor because I'd rather-"

"Believe me I understand your apprehension. I have a younger brother that I would do anything for and if he were in this situation I would be more than stressed. Now the treatments I'm looking at have a certain amount of risk but until I'm a hundred percent sure that these treatments are going to be a good option for your brother I'm not even going to attempt them. When I know which treatment I will be using I'll be sure to go through every detail step by step with you and I'll tell you every risk that comes with it."

"I already like you ten times better than his last doctor."

"Gabriel don't be rude." Castiel was looking at his brother with an exasperated expression. "Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Gabriel is always antsy whenever my next round of chemo gets close so you'll have to excuse him."

"Like I said earlir I understand where he's coming from. My brother is a hotshot lawyer and I still worry about him every day."

"You sound like a good big brother then."

Dean smiled at Castiel "I like to think I am. Now back to business. You're next round of chemo is scheduled for Thursday correct?"

"Yes that's what my last doctor said."

"Well from the looks of it this round of chemo is definitely something we should stick on schedule with if we're going to try any of those new treatments. I'll be back to check in on you every day at least once for the next few days and then after we get you going on chemo again I'll be checking up on you every hour. Do you have any questions?"

"Not that I can think of. Gabriel?"

"Nope I'm just glad to have you looking after my baby brother."

"Then I guess I'll leave you two alone. I've got other patients to go meet. It was nice meeting you." Dean shook hand with Castiel and Gabriel before exiting the room with a goodbye.

The two brothers sat in silence for a few minutes before Gabriel decided it was time to harass his brother. "So he was kinda cute."

"Yea I guess." Castiel blushed and started picking at the blanket on his bed.

"No way!"

"Shut up!"

Gabriel laughed. "I was joking but you really like him! I was starting to think you weren't even gay! Asexual seemed like a better term."

"It's not like I get to meet a lot of single men! I spend all day in this hospital room with the occasional nurse or doctor coming in to check on me."

"I suppose that's an adequate excuse but still! Your doctor!"

"I never said I liked him, liked him. I just think he's cute…"

"So green eyes and a muscular body is your type? Huh." Gabriel looked thoughtful for a second. "I wouldn't have imagined that as your type."

"I don't have a type."

"Whatever you say my darling brother."

Castiel narrowed his eyes at his brother, he knew that face. "What are you thinking Gabriel? I know that face and nothing good ever comes when you give me that face."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. This is the face of an innocent man who loves his brother very much."

"And the words of that man are those of one nicknamed that Trickster in high school. Come on Gabriel tell me what it is."

"No. I think I'll keep this one to myself. After all what's the fun if you know every little thing I'm planning on doing. That takes away the surprise of it all."

"Please don't do anything crazy. I don't want to be kicked out of this hospital. I like it too much here."

"When have I ever done something like that?"

"Should I list the occurrences in chronological or alphabetical order?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes at his brother as he pulled a sucker out of his pocket and popped it in his mouth. "I have no idea what you're referring to."

"Sure you don't. Please tell me you bought that and didn't steal it from the pediatrician's desk like you did last time…"

"Okay I didn't take this from the pediatrician's desk."


"Yea, yea. I know. You're such a spoilsport."

"No I just have a moral compass unlike you who lives your life like a bad pop song."

"I resent that. I have much more variability than a pop song!"

Castiel let out a laugh and picked up the book he had set down on his bedside table. "Fine I'll give you that."

"Mmm why are you reading that again? This is like the twentieth billion time!"

"I don't think that's an actual number and I'm reading it because it's my favorite book."

Gabriel pulled a disgusted face. "Why? It's just some disgusting teen fantasy novel."

"I know you don't like reading but I do and this book isn't a disgusting teen fantasy novel. It's a good book and I don't care if it's a teenager's book I like it."

"Well I guess I'll leave you to read your book. You're clearly more interested in your book than me."

"That's not true Gabriel. I just don't know what else to talk about."

"You always try to distract yourself when your chemo is coming up and that book is normally the way you do it. I'll leave you to it." Gabriel stood up and smiled at his brother. "I'll be back tomorrow Cassie."

"Alright. Text me when you get home."

"I always do. Love you Cassie."

"Love you too Gabriel."

Gabriel left after making sure that his brother was comfortable and tucked away safely in his bed. As soon as his brother left though Castiel slid out of bed and grabbed his bible out of the drawer that he kept it in in his bedside table. After getting comfortable on his knees, Castiel closed his eyes and began speaking the prayer he always did before bed.

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. Thank you for this life you have given me. Thank you for everything you have ever done. I am thankful of the life you felt me worthy of having and I pray that you will help me through this trying time in my life. I will always be your grateful son and follower. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

As Castiel stood up and crawled back into bed he didn't notice the man who was watching him with a small smile on his face. It always amazed Dean that some of the most faithful people were those who were ill, those who would have the most reason to give up on God and faith. Smiling Dean pulled out his cellphone and called his brother.

"I met the most amazing patient today."

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