"Knock, knock I'm coming in." Gabriel and Castiel looked up to see Dean coming through the door to Castiel's room with a stack of papers in his hands and a smile on his face.

"Why are you wearing a Santa hat Dean-o?"

"Apparently all the hospital staff have to wear these things the day before and the day of Christmas. Believe me I'm not wearing this thing because I want to."

"I always forget."

Dean thunked the huge stack of papers he was carrying on Castiel's bedside table then flopped into the vacant chair. "Enough about my Santa hat we've got things to discuss."

"All those papers are for us?"

"Yes they are. It's everything you could possibly need to know about what's going to be happening the next couple of months."

"Let's get started then." Castiel put the cards he had be holding down and turned to face Dean. "What's first on the list?"

"After the new year you'll be moving up to the rehabilitation ward where you'll be staying for the rest of the time you're in the hospital. Your rehabilitation therapist will be Doctor Milligan; he's really good from what I've heard so you'll be going from the best to the best. You'll also receive a nutritionist who will make sure that you've got a stable diet and of course I'll be checking on you every so often to make sure that treatment was in fact successful. Any questions?"

"How many months will I be there?"

"It depends on Doctor Milligan really. He'll be the one to report a bill of clean health, I'll come check on you and if everything is in working order like he says then you'll be discharged."

"I can't think of anything else unless you have a question Gabriel I think we're good."

Gabriel looked thoughtful for a second before shaking his head. "I've got nothing. It looks like we should start house hunting and looking at available jobs."

"Looks like. Although I'd rather have an apartment. A house would be too big for just me."

"While you two do that I'm going to work with my other patients. If you have any questions over the reading don't hesitate to ask."

As soon as Dean shut the door Gabriel started picking on his brother "You were staring at his ass."

"I was not!"

"Yes you were. You were imagining what it would like to take your hands and-"

"If you finish that sentence Gabriel I will forbid you from ever coming to see me again."

"You would never."

"Try me."

"Fine I won't finish what I was going to say." The two fell into silence during which time Castiel began to read the information Dean had left behind for them. "So are you excited for Christmas tomorrow?"

"Not particularly why?"

"Well Sam, Jo and I decided we were going to come spend the day with you since Dean will be working and Ellen is going to be up a Sioux Falls to see Bobby and Jody. What do you think?"

"It's fine by me. I'd rather be with friend then be alone. How did you convince Jo to actually come to the hospital?"

"She might not know about the plan yet."


"We're not going to drug her or anything. Sam and I might just have to carry her kicking and screaming to your room is all. No biggie."

"About you and Sam."

"What about us?"

"Are you two? You know."

"What? Fornicating? Having sexual relations? Participating in intercourse? Dare I say fu-"

Castiel cut his brother off with a groan. "That's not what I meant. What are you two?"

"We might be considering the title of boyfriends but as of right now we're just close friends."

"I'm happy for you."

"Thanks Cassie." Gabriel decided that was the perfect time to ruin the moment. "Although the sex is great. For being just friends that is."


Castiel never particularly like Christmas. Sure he enjoyed the gifts people got him and loved seeing the joy on people's faces when they opened up the gifts he had given them but it annoyed him to no end that he didn't get to go to church. On top of that, his family seemed to always fight on Christmas no matter how stupid the fight may be. It was on Christmas that Lucifer had up and left without a goodbye or so much as a phone call since then. All in all Castiel would much rather it be Easter.

"Cassie wake up. Come on Cassie it's time to join the real world. Don't make me make you get up because it's not going to be pretty if I do. Last warning."

"Alright, alright I'm getting up. You are so annoying Gabriel."

"Don't be that way baby brother. Look what I brought you!" Gabriel motioned for Sam and Jo to come in from where they stood by the door.

"Good morning Sam. It's been a while Jo. Come here!"

Jo practically ran to Castiel's bed and throw her arms around Castiel who was now sitting up. "It's so good to actually see you in the flesh not on some phone screen. You're looking good."

"It's wonderful to see you too and I feel good. Better than I have in a longer time. I can't wait to get out of here."

"Then you'll be coming to visit me all the time right?"

"Of course Jo. I'll visit you as much as I possibly can."

"Pinky swear!"

Castiel laughed and wrapped his pinky tightly around Jo's smaller one. "I pinky swear to come visit you as much as I possibly can after I get out of the hospital. Are you happy now? Do we need to take a blood oath or something?"

"No a simply pinky swear will do now scoot over so I have somewhere to sit. Gabriel you're back."

"Yes I am. I think Sam missed the elevator though." Gabriel set down the huge stack of gifts he was holding in his hands then slid the bags off of his arms. "Well that was a ginormous pain in my ass. I feel bad for Sam. He was carrying most of it."

"You mean there's more? Are you trying to drown my room in tissue and wrapping paper?"

"You'll be surprised to know that most of this is from Anna. I think she went a little crazy this year what with all the pregnancy hormones she's experiencing."

"If she bought me more books on how to pick up men she's going to be the first one I go when I get out of here."

"She's just looking out for you Cassie. You know if you got a boyfriend you wouldn't have this problem."

"Yes I'm sure getting a boyfriend would solve all of my problems. I should just put an ad up in the paper telling every guy in this town that I'm open for business."

"I didn't say you had to become a whore although I will support you no matter what profession you decided to go into after you leave this hospital."

"I think you just got bumped up the list."

"Can somebody help?" Sam's strained voice filled the room as he attempted to maneuver through the open door. "I can't see where I'm going."

"I'll help you sweetie!"

Gabriel walked over to where Sam was standing just outside the door and started taking some of the gifts from his arms. After a few minutes the two managed to get all the present into the room by Castiel's bed where the others were. Jo and Castiel sat and watched as the two began separating the gifts into five different piles each of which had an obscenely large amount of gifts.

"What time is it Cassie?"

"Eleven thirty why?"

"Dean's going to be joining us of course. He should be getting off for lunch now right gigantor?"

"Yes. Dean said he'd get off now for lunch."

"Dean is off now for lunch. Wow…" Dean was staring at the presents with an eyebrow raised. "Someone went crazy this Christmas."

"That would be my sister. Apparently Anna is having crazy pregnancy hormones."

"That explains two of the piles. Why are the other three so large?"

Gabriel scoffed at Dean's question. "Please. Anna loves Jo and she loves the two of you now as well. I told my sister all about you and your brother so now you're on her radar too."

"Well I'll have to thank your sister then."

"You can thank her later. Right now is present time." Gabriel began to boss everyone around so he could get to the exciting part of Christmas. He told each person where to sit and made Dean put all of Castiel's presents on his bed. Finally Gabriel sat on the floor with a childish smile on his face. "Start opening!"

By the time everyone was done opening their presents Castiel's room was a complete disaster. Paper littered the floor and Castiel wanted nothing more than to get out of bed and start cleaning the offending mess. The only reason Castiel restrained himself was because it would ruin Gabriel's mood and Castiel couldn't do that to his brother. Instead Castiel busied himself with looking at the gifts he had received and made mental notes on who he would need to send thank you cards to.

His sister had bought him several new books, some new cloths and a laptop, which Castiel was seriously considering telling her to take back but knew it would upset her. Gabriel had bought him several TV shows and a key to his apartment so when he got out of the hospital he could get into Gabriel's house whenever he needed to. Sam's gifts paralleled with Gabriel's and Castiel was almost a hundred percent sure that Gabriel had picked them out for Sam. Jo had nearly cried when she explained her and her mom's gift-a simple but elegant ring-to Castiel. It had been her father's and the two wanted him to have it because he reminded them of the brave man who had died overseas fighting for his country. While Castiel was thankful for all the gifts he had gotten, a part of him was disappointed by the fact none of the gifts were from Dean.

Castiel wasn't aware of the fact Jo, Sam and Gabriel had all left until Dean was snapping his fingers and inch away from Castiel's nose in an attempt to get his attention. "Earth to Castiel. Anybody home?"

"Sorry I was just thinking."

"I could tell." Dean sat awkwardly for a second before reaching into his coat pocket and pulled out a wrapped gift. "I wanted to give this to you while we were alone. Didn't want my brother to think I was becoming a girl like him. Go on open it."

Slowly Castiel reached out and took the gift from Dean's hands. For several seconds Castiel just stared at it before taking off the snowflake wrapper paper carefully as if he was scared of ripping the paper. In his hands was a Bible that looked well-worn with many crease lines on the spine and spots where the color was fading on the cover. Castiel opened the book and saw the name Mary Winchester scrolled in neat cursive on the top of the inside cover. As he flicked through the Bible Castiel noticed highlighted sections and writing littering the delicate pages.

"It was my mom's. She loved this thing. I think she took it with her everywhere she went. I never saw her without it. When she died it was the one thing of hers I wanted so it's been sitting on my bedside table since but I think this thing needs some love. That's what made it special so I want you to have it."

Castiel stared at the book in his hands before reluctantly putting it down and pulling Dean into a tight hug. "Thank you. I love it. It's the best Christmas present I've ever gotten."

"You know how to make a guy feel like he did something right. Just take care of it. Make sure you read it as often as you can and don't let it get covered up in dust."

"I won't." Castiel pulled away from Dean and took his own Bible out of the top drawer. "Here. Take this and put it on a shelf. I don't need it anymore."

"Are you sure? I mean it's yours after all. You've marked it up the same way that my mom marked up hers."

"I haven't written nearly as much in it as your mother has in hers and I think I'd rather just have this one. I'll add onto and maybe I'll get a new perspective from what she's written. Take it."

Dean took the Bible from Castiel and stood up. "I've got to get back to work but I'll come back later. Promise."

"I'll be here."

By the time Dean got a chance to stop by and check on Castiel, Castiel was fast asleep with the lamp on his bedside table still on. Dean was about to leave when he noticed Castiel had something clutched tightly in his hand. Quietly Dean walked over and took his mom's old Bible out of Castiel's heads with a smile then tucked the covers around Castiel's sleeping form. Clinking out the lamp Dean left the room with a soft smile still on his face. This Christmas was definitely a success.

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