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A Mistrusting Wizard and the Ninja Who Found Him

Chapter One

Harry grimaced as he woke up in cold sweats as the nightmare faded away. Calming down he realized that he way laying safe in his personal hospital bed. Though as Harry looked around at all the treats and cards that were congratulating him he frowned. No matter the good intentions behind them, they just made him remember that he could no longer play around. Voldemort was back and his latest attempt on his life had taken someone else instead.

'Never again!' Harry thought as he climbed out of the bed. Never was he going to be so weak that he couldn't save even one innocent life. It was time to really step up the training.

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If someone were to glance at Alastor Moody right now they would see what appeared to be a very twitchy man. Not that Moody could help it; the end of the school year was here, and now he had to pack up after that imposter. Others had offer to do this for him, but Moody refused; no one else knew which items were his and which weren't. So now Moody was twitching in anger every time he came across something that belonging to the Crouch brat and even burning them wasn't putting Moody in a better mood.

However eventually Moody finished the task and his angry thoughts turned to other things; like his friend. His so called lifelong friend who hadn't even been able to tell the difference between him and a bloody fucking fake.

Either Dumbledore didn't know him well enough to be as close a friend like he originally thought they were. Or Dumbledore's manipulative nature for the greater good had reared its ugly head once again, and this time on their friendship. Either way Moody wasn't happy.

Not only had he been held captive by a death wanker brat, but an innocent boy had died. Hell, the even the Potter boy had almost died and he was supposed to be the country's golden child. And if he was to be believed that that dark mother fucker was back again...Oh God Damn It To A Bloody Fucking Hell! He was getting too old for this kind of shit. Though after all that cursing he was feeling better.

Shrinking his trunk Moody paused just before there was a knock on his door. "Enter Potter." Moody barked not bothering to turn around.

"How did you? Oh right, the eye is still the same." Harry said as he opened the creaking door.

"What do you want Potter?"

"Well sir, I know that you haven't been teaching us this year. But I've hear stories about you and I need your help sir." Harry replied as he entered Moody's office while closing the door behind him.

"And what could I help you with?" Moody asked, Harry could hear the irritation behind the tone. Maybe he had come at a bad time.

"I would like to request training sir." Harry said deciding that hopefully the worse thing the Professor would do is say no. "This is at least the fifth time that bastard has tried to kill me, and now that he's back he won't stop until I'm dead. What I'm learning from this school is good and all, but I don't think they're going to teach me how to kill Voldemort. Well not without me doing something suicidal and stupid that takes us both out at the same time." Harry said in a bit of a rush.

Moody was shocked "Fifth time, what do you mean the fifth time he's tried to kill you?" Moody demanded.

Harry proceeded to tell Moody about all the things that had happened during his four years at Hogwarts from Fluffy to the many encounters with Voldemort. In fact this was the first time he had even given someone the whole story. Harry wasn't sure why, but Professor Moody just had this presence that demanded that he hold nothing back.

"And all this time, what training has the old kook been giving you?" Moody asked inwardly seething.

"Nothing extra, just schooling like everyone else. I probably should have studied more though." Harry grumbled as he looked away ashamed.

"Nothing!" Moody hissed. "You have almost died every year and that old kook isn't training you at all! That old fool! Is he trying to get you killed?!" Moody yelled.

"Sorry." Harry mumbled.

Moody sighed and remained silent for a moment. "Don't apologize Potter, and yes I will train you. No one who has such a realistic death threat should go around not being able to defend themselves properly. Especially with the Dark Bastard focusing on you." Moody said eyeing Potter.

'The boy's rather short for his age. He almost looks like he's still twelve or thirteen.' Moody thought to himself grimly. "I'll test you over the few days we have left here. That will help me figure out your new training plan for the summer."

"Thank you Professor Moody." Harry said happily. Whatever the Professor threw at him he could take it.

"I don't know so much about 'Professor'. Never got round to much teaching, did I?" Moody chuckled darkly. "Just call me Mad-Eye Moody or Moody for short. None of this Professor garbage."

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Beginning of summer break…

Harry was having trouble concentrating on one of the few books he had manage to sneak past his relatives. It wasn't that the book was boring; his thoughts kept wondering back to the series of tests that Moody had put him through. Runes, Arithmancy, Potions...who knew that Moody was a secret potions master. When Harry asked Moody had gone on a rant about his potions.

"I always drink from my own flasks. What made you think that I'd trust anyone else to mix a potion for me to drink? Hell I even had to grant Madam Pomfrey special permission just so she could access to my potion supply. That way she'd be able to treat me if anything went wrong. You think Snape is a master? Ha! I've got a potion that can stop almost anything under a Basilisk level poisoning. Which is good thing seeing how that's one of the first things your would-be killers always try. Also you see that bottle?

Harry had nodded at this point.

Don't touch that's one of the most potent poisons in the wizarding world. I like to keep some just in case."

Harry sighed as he closed his book. He still didn't know in case of what and he wasn't sure if he wanted to.

Moving on, Harry still needed to figure out how to convince his relatives to let him take lessons this summer. Harry didn't know how Moody was planning on teaching him this summer with the Dursleys and all, but he certainly wasn't going to try and make it worse without backup. The nightmares from Cedric's death were already pissing them off enough. No way were they going to let him learn more of his freakish ways over the summer.

A heavy knock on his bedroom door drew Harry out of his thoughts. He opened the door only to receive a face full of water.

"Constant vigilance Potter!" Moody barked as he stepped through the doorway; before setting down a water gun. "Nifty little muggle device there; don't think I'll give it back to you cousin. Now then, never open the door without your wand close at hand. Where is your wand Potter?"

"Um, it's here in my back pocket sir."

"Potter, you remove that wand this instant!" Moody yelled. "Don't put your wand there, boy! What if it ignited? Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know."

"Who'd you know who's lost a buttock?"

"Never you mind that boy!"

"Moody," Harry slowly began. "How did you get my relatives to let you in here?"

"Oh I just told them that I was a traveling salesman. The Weasley twins aren't the only ones that can make some charmed food. A few free samples of my instant Dieters Delight drink and they were hooked." Moody said with a grin. "As long as they keep drinking that stuff you will cease to exist in their memories."

"You mean I can practice magic in front of them and they won't care? That's amazing!" Harry crackled as his eyes lit up with thoughts of revenge pranks that he could pull on them. However Moody immediately recognized the glint in Harry's eyes.

"No!" Moody snapped "Neither you nor I will do anything in front of them. If you do something really big in front of them or something they see something they really don't like; they could snap out of it and might not start drinking the drinks again. Other than that I have a whole bunch of things to teach you this summer." Moody said with a grin.

"Now listen here Potter, Dumbledore, for some strange reason, doesn't want you trained and has a lot of followers who act like lost sheep when around him. Obviously that Dark Bastard won't wait very long to attack you again. So this summer I'm going to teach you how to survive. The Dark Bastard continues to underestimate you. We can use that against him." said Moody.

"Can I really survive against Voldemort?" ask Harry.

"Don't say that name!" Moody shouted.

"Why not, it's just a name after all?" Harry asked confused.

"It's not just a name Potter. Haven't you ever heard of the Taboo curse?" Moody asked as though he was speaking of common, everyday knowledge.

"No." Harry said as he shook his head.

"It's a powerful spell." Moody said switching to what Harry called his teaching tone. "Using a pre-selected word it can reveal the speaker's location even when whispered. The Dark Bastard used this in the last war to bring hordes of Death Eaters upon his enemies and anyone else who spoke than name. You see Potter, it's not the Dark Bastard's name that people fear, it's what saying the name brings. The only protection people had were powerful wards like the Fidelius Charm or like Hogwarts has. Seeing how the Dark Bastard used that curse the last time he was around, it's only a matter of time before he uses it again."

"Oh, no one has ever explained that to me before. I think I'll just start calling him the Dark Bastard too then." Harry said with a smirk.

"Glad to hear it. Now let's go over Runes first, glad you took the smart choice and took Runes & Arithmancy instead of that Divination rubbish."

"You don't believe people can see the future?"

"Nah, if something is meant to happen then it will happen. But that doesn't mean that we can't prepare for the future or that we have no choice but to follow fate. The future? Bah, that's just what we make it." said Moody before a thoughtful look crossed his face. "First, we need to do is a little bit of improving." Moody said with a grin.

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Moody snuck Harry out for a little shopping trip where he took him to his private eye doctor, a wizard of course, to get his vision corrected to the point where he no longer needed glasses. The method used to fix Harry's eyes was not exactly legal in the wizarding world, but it was well worth not having to worry about the danger of Harry losing his glasses in the middle of a fight. Then they also stopped by muggle London to shop Moody ended up buying Harry some new running shoes, clothes to work out in, as well as some every day clothes and some other things he felt the boy show have.

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After that the summer began to pass rather quickly as Moody began teaching Harry extensively in Potions, Runes, Arithmancy, Languages. It turned out once Harry could talk to snakes, all other languages came easily after that. Moody also taught Harry about…

Dirty Fighting. "I don't have time to teach you to be a first class fighter by your next murder attempt, which with your luck will be sometime this upcoming year. But I can teach you a whole bunch of tricks that may save your life; because if you are going against a killer there is no such thing as a cheap shot. Merlin knows I've survived a few fights for my life by kicking below the belt, and I'd do it again if it meant living to see another day. Remember in a fight for your life anything and everything goes. Throw dirt in their eyes, kick below the belt. If you enter into a fight with an enemy and it's a fair fight for them, then you're doing something wrong."

And Occlumency "You've got to protect you mind! There's always going to be an enemy who will try to steal your secrets. I've heard that you threw off the Imperious Curse on your first try, that takes a very strong will. We can build on that."

Yes training was going well. Painful, but well.

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Itachi was sitting in a hidden booth with a spy known as Rat. Rat was a short, disgusting missing ninja who resembled his name. The short slob had only survived this far by trading secrets for protection from powerful ninjas, and now he was working for Itachi.

"Itachi-sama." the masked ninja said nervously. "I've found some information that may be of use to you." he said handing Itachi a scroll.

Quickly reading the scroll Itachi's eyes widened in a split second in shock before he closed it. Itachi smirked. "This is very interesting information. Thank you Rat-san with this you have repaid me your debt. For this information I will never bother you again after this night."

Rat smiled in relief for a second before paling at the double meaning. "Wait Itachi-sama!" he cried out as he tried to jump away. However it was too late as he was already caught by the cold red eyes and never even felt the final blow.

"Harry Potter." Itachi thought as he disappeared into the shadows. "How interesting."

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