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AlphaLegion Asks:

Q) I was thinking though, if you are going to argue that magic is effectively the denial of the normal rules of reality, then shouldn't Harry be able to do much more with his magic? I mean, if the effects mostly depend on intent, as with his new accidental magic, should he not be able to do some sort of wandless magic in addition to what he's doing now?

A) Well knowing he can do something and doing it are two very different things. Right know Harry doesn't have the right mind set to go all god like. Also he is getting better at the wandless part.

Q) Secondly, why is Harry not getting any sort of ninja training from Sasuke. It would seem to me that if he has the potential to get up to mid chunin level, then it would be safer to get him that training, rather than leave him just sit there.

A) Sasuke is a mother hen.

Sssweety Asks:

Q) you will speak also of the three hollows of death?

A) Maybe later right now all Harry has is the cloak

Q) But Harry will learn to use the sharingan? with all the near-death experience that took ... should be waking up now

A) Harry's not going to get the sharingan. With all the near death experiences it should be obvious that if he didn't awaken the sharingan by now it's not going to happen. Plus I just don't want him to have it.

Kolarthecool Asks:

Q) I get that you want Harry to stick around Konoha but what was the point of giving him skills if he won't use them? There is no reason for him to no longer disillusion himself and fly away, he can easily do it from the privacy of his room.

A) That would be too easy er... I mean Harry is staying in the village to learn more about the ninja world or something like that. Plus before now I didn't really finish my plan for what he would do outside the village until like right before I finished this chapter. *Hint of things to come*

~ Zeakagirl =^!^=

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A Mistrusting Wizard and the Ninja Who Found Him

Chapter Seven

Walking out of the school Harry wasn't completely sure how to feel. The test had been harder than he had expected. In math he had done alright, but when it came to science he had utterly bombed it. The only saving point was that it had been a multiple answer type of test. Not that he expected to do that great on that part of test anyways. Especially since he hadn't even heard the word science in about five years. Maybe he should talk to Moody about setting him up in the muggle world to take some classes in the next summer. Who knew what else he might be missing.


Turning to see Sasuke heading towards him; Harry was glad he had already stuffed said test into his pocket before he had left the building.

"Hey Sasuke ready for lunch?" Harry asked. Maybe if he didn't bring it up Sasuke wouldn't ask. That might work. Right?

"Sure." Sasuke said as he came to a stop beside him.

"I am soo hungry." Harry said. Moving towards a shaded area Harry paused as he saw Iruka exit the building behind him.

"Aren't you hungry?" Harry asked in confusion when he was the only one that sat down on the lunch bench. Sasuke was just standing there with a sort of blank look on his face.

"Yes, though I thought we might eat out today." Sasuke said making no move to sit down.

"Eat out? I thought you liked my cooking." Harry said in a mock hurt tone that would have been more convincing if it weren't for the hint of a smile twitching at his lips.

"I do, I'd just thought I would treat you to lunch today." Sasuke said.

"We can do that any day. Come sit down; we're not going to waste food. If you want to go somewhere afterwards we can do that later." Glancing over at Iruka Harry noticed he was eating his own lunch under another tree. Iruka gave Harry an amused look as Harry looked nervously between him and Sasuke.

"Shit!" Harry thought looking down at his food. Surprisingly Sasuke didn't call Iruka over. Instead he sat down and started eating his own lunch.

"Weird." Harry thought giving Sasuke a troubled glance.


~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~


Closing the door Sasuke didn't take his eyes off the ninja.

"Coming here alone was a mistake. Now tell me your pitch then get the fuck out!" Sasuke said not wanting him in his house any longer than necessary.

"Yet you invited me in." the ninja said. Dropping all hints of a bland tone he removed his mask revealing an older teen with blond hair in a crew cut and gray eyes that seem rather bored. Glancing around the house he didn't see any signs of the seals. Nor were there any indications of new paint.

Sasuke glared wishing the ninja would just get to the point.

"Ah I didn't introduce myself. I am Takehiko of the Sound. My master sends an invitation." The ninja said giving a slightly mocking bow.

"I don't need his handouts." Sasuke hissed as he forced himself to calm down. "I'm already gaining strength here."

"In this village?" Takehiko scoffed. "Isn't this the village that let Itachi waltz in to take down your teacher? Then he's was able to waltz right back out without breaking a sweat. I heard he only brought one other ninja as back up and he didn't need to do a thing. Then again if the jounin they teaching you can't beat your brother I'm sure he can teach you to defeat him."

"Shut up!" Sasuke shouted activating one of his household traps. It caused the sound ninja to jump backward as he narrowly avoided losing his legs.

"Now that wasn't very nice." Takehiko said drawing his blade.


~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~


Taking another bite Harry tried to figure out why he was feeling uneasy. "Maybe it's the food?" Harry thought looking down at his containers. It was rather late to eat lunch, and the food had been sitting out. Maybe he should have taken Sasuke's offer to eat somewhere else. No, this wasn't food poisoning. Something else was wrong, but what?

"Hey Sasuke, did anything happen while I was taking my test?" Harry asked inwardly wincing for bring it up.

"Not particularly. Why?"

"Just asking." Harry said shrugging. Ok, so Sasuke wasn't going to ask about the test at all? Glancing up Harry noticed Iruka heading back inside since he was done he eating.

Cleaning up his own lunch containers Harry kept an eye on Sasuke. There was just something off about him. Wrinkling his nose in annoyance Harry tried to figure it out. Sasuke's hair was the same. He was still wearing that same stupid outfit he wore every damn day. Ah it was the face; more like he had never seen Sasuke make a face like that. It was off and his eyes were… If he had to describe them it would be almost emotionless. It was almost as if…

"So… Sasuke?" Harry asked hesitating. "You ready to go? There's laundry and chores to be done." Harry said.

"It's fine." Sasuke said. "You can do them when we get back."

Harry stared at Sasuke as his mouth dropped open for a second before he caught himself and snapped it shut.

"What?" Sasuke asked giving Harry a watchfully look.

"Nothing." Harry said not taking his eyes off of Sasuke. "Nothing at all."


~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~


Sasuke activated his sharingan eyes as they both took the fight to next level. While Sasuke had the home field advantage and a dojutsu. The sound ninja had some serious skill. Using his eyes Sasuke avoided being hit while getting in several strikes; knocking Takehiko to the ground. However Takehiko just stood back up grinning.

Sasuke stared at the ninja "Why?" Sasuke wondered. He had felt every hit connect, yet Takehiko didn't seem like he took any damage.

"Is that all you've got?" Takehiko asked. "That was so weak Sasuke-kun, and here I thought those eyes made you special."

Angry Sasuke released his curse's seal. He couldn't help but smirk as the power rushed through his veins; while the curse mark spread across his skin. Roaring in a power filled rage Sasuke lunged forward only to get smacked right back down?

"Heh, I was wondering when you were going to release your seal." Takehiko said still grinning.

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly in shock. Curse marks were spreading quickly over Takehiko's skin.

"What? You didn't think that you were the only one my Master gave this gift to?" Takehiko said slamming Sasuke against the floor pinning him in place. "You really shouldn't use the cursed seal so carelessly; especially when you can't even control it. It will consume your body; not that that matters as you'll lose your mind well before then. Can you see it you mindless attacking the ones you love. Harry was it?"

"You're lying." Sasuke said flipping Takehiko off him and into another wall.

"Fine, stay here. Risk it. I'm sure they know the signs leading to the madness just like they can teach you what you need to kill your brother."

"Don't talk about him!"

"Maybe when he's older than dirt, and blind as a bat." Takehiko continued. "Of course by then it will be more out of pity than anything else, but that will be alright as long as the final blow is yours. Right? Well that's if he doesn't get sick and die first. It doesn't have to be that way my master can make you strong enough to kill him. Then your precious people will be safe no matter what happens to you."

"Shut up! Sasuke flew towards the sound ninja in rage "How dare you threaten my cousin?"

The ninja smirked. Dodging Sasuke's attempts he slammed Sasuke into the ground again holding him once more in place.

"Threaten? No I'm just telling you the truth. Itachi has always targeted the people close to you; your family, your teacher, your teammate, and your cousin. Every day you wait is another day he can take someone else from you. Think about it. Sacrificing yourself isn't much when it keeps your precious people safe. Or do you just not care about your family."

Sasuke went still; he wouldn't admit it but Takehiko was making sense. It wasn't like he was expecting to live a long life as a ninja and Harry was able to continue the clan.

"If I leave Harry will be safe?"

"Safe from the Sound."

Reluctantly Sasuke nodded "Fine" he said as Takehiko let him up.

"Good, now hurry up and pack. We'll be leaving as soon as it gets dark. What did you think I would leave?" Takehiko said giving Sasuke a smirk.

Starting to pack Sasuke wondered if he was making the right choice. Moving through the house he decided to not take much, only the basics and his weapons. Coming down stairs paused to look a picture he had taken of Harry on the top of Hokage heads. He was always so much happier in higher places.


~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~


"Ready to leave then?" Sasuke asked.

"Sure." Harry chirped "Pull me up?" Harry asked holding out his hand.

Sasuke didn't hesitate and reached down.

"Stupefy." Harry said the moment Sasuke grabbed his hand. Watching the fake go down Harry wasn't all that surprised to see another boy lying there instead. It was a pain looking boy with a bluish colored hair. He was wearing a headband with a single music note on it.

Harry felt kind of mad he didn't realize it was a fake sooner. Though if he was here where was Sasuke? Worried Harry used Petrificus Totalus before he cracked open the boy eyes, searching his mind for some answers.

It only took a few minutes before Harry stepped back looking down at the boy in anger. "Sasuke!" Harry thought with growing alarm. There was a ninja going after Sasuke. Harry just prayed that Sasuke didn't go outside. As long as the enemy wasn't invited in he'd be safe. Running through the school gate Harry didn't even noticed as he disappeared with a loud crack.


~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~


Sasuke looked up. He had been in the middle of packing up his weapon when he heard a cracking sound coming from in front of the house.

"Expecting anyone?" Takehiko asked.

"No Harry test doesn't end until…" Sasuke looked at the clock and blinked. "Shit! I was supposed to meet Harry for lunch."

Takehiko frowned disappearing out of view.

A few seconds later the front door opened as Harry peaking in looking worried until his eyes landed on Sasuke. He was showing signs of being in a fight, but he looked alright.

"Sasuke you're here! What happened to the house?!" Harry asked looking around at all the damage.

"Got into a bit of a fight." Sasuke said shrugging his shoulder.

"I see." Harry said moving closer to Sasuke. "Hey Sasuke you find anywhere that sells my tea yet?"

Sasuke paused and looked at Harry confused.

"Of course not, no one here has even heard of Earl Gray." Sasuke said giving Harry another look.

"Right." Harry said stopping to stand next to Sasuke. It was good to know that he was the real deal. Now that he thought about it was rather obvious that this Sasuke was the real deal. The way he moved and talked it was just right. Though there was something going on and it wasn't the fight.

"Hey Harry." Sasuke said. "I'm going to have to go on a mission for… awhile."

"Mission? Sasuke what are you talking about, you just got back. Never mind that." Harry said continuing to look around. "A sound ninja boy disguised himself as you and… you're leaving." Harry trailed off as he spotted the half packed bag as he put the pieces together. Was Sasuke being threatened?

Sasuke eyes widened before he pulled Harry behind him as Takehiko threw a shuriken that would have landed in Harry's shoulder.

"You were going to take my cousin. That wasn't part of the deal." Sasuke hissed in anger.

"Deal? Did I ever say that he would be left behind? Worthless Ninja, I wonder how he escaped. Oh well, surrender Sasuke and I won't kill your cousin."

"No!" Sasuke said keeping himself between Harry and Takehiko.

"When I give you the chance I need you to run." Sasuke whispered as he deflected several thrown weapons before pulling Harry to the side, and out of the way of another attack.

"What you want me to leave you?! Are you mad?!" Harry whispered back. He had already palmed his wand but everything was going to fast for him to get a good shot.

"Harry please!" Sasuke pleaded.

"You two do realize I can hear you right?" Takehiko said amused and he took in their angry glares.

Feeling a bit useless Harry watched as Sasuke threw several more kunai towards the ninja. He trusted Sasuke so he allowed Sasuke to push and pull him as both of the ninjas moved faster than he could see. Thinking quickly Harry got an idea.

Whether Sasuke wanted to admit it Orochimaru had sent some who was a better fighter than him and he was losing… badly.

Glaring at the sound ninja Sasuke avoided another slash of a blade when he heard Harry shout something from behind him. Glancing back he was surprised to see a flock of hawks closing in. If that wasn't strange enough the hawks began attacking the sound ninja while helping him. One of them even blocked an attack for him but didn't disappear in a puff of smoke like a summoned animal did. The injured bird was just gone.

Not complaining Sasuke kept an eye out on his new allies. As they made the difference Sasuke risked a glance back wondering where Harry had disappeared to. Hopefully he had taken his advice and was running for help.

Beating the ninja back Sasuke heard Harry's voice shouting something foreign again. This time from the other side of the room. Then another bizarre thing happened. All of the sound ninja's weapons tore away from his body flying away only to hit some sort of invisible barrier and bounce off before disappear out of existence.

Sasuke could tell that was the moment the ninja stopped playing around. A cold look crossed his eyes as Sasuke could only watch as curse marks once again moved across Takehiko's skin. This time they didn't stop half way and Takehiko transformed into something else.

He looked like an oni with yellow skin that muscled with two black horns and tiny little bones coming out of his head that looked like feathers.

A red light flashed through the air missing the oni man almost hitting him when Takehiko's let forth a screech. Sasuke narrowly dodged it but he could see a giant hole in the wall where he had just been. Moving again Sasuke dodge a swipe of a sword. Looked like he managed to hold on to one of his weapons.

Fighting back Sasuke tried to cut Takehiko but found his skin much tougher than before. Moving to grab one of his hidden swords Sasuke could tell that Takehiko was gearing up to scream again. Dodging Sasuke was surprised when no scream came.

Looking over Sasuke could see Takehiko made motions with his mouth but there was no sound. Taking advantage to the confusion Sasuke dashed forward. Raising his sword he aimed for the eyes; hoping to stab through the weaker spot and into the brain. The sword was defected as Takehiko grabbed Sasuke slamming him into floor.

Moving to late Sasuke bit back a scream as felt the blade slide into his side, but he could tell right away that it has missed anything vital. Hearing Harry scream his name he knew he couldn't black out yet.

Determined to at least take the ninja down with him Sasuke rushed forward he using the last of his energy to tackle the sound ninja in a suicide run he made a partly formed chidori when he felt it. Poison, during some point in the fight he had been poisoned. Barely inches way from Takehiko Sasuke's body collapsed.

"Finally!" Takehiko mouthed giving Sasuke a kick. "Don't worry you'll live, but your little cousin might not make it."

"NO!" Sasuke thought glaring. Not that it did any good as he promptly passed out.

"Protego Expelliarmus!" Harry said before watching as the sound ninja weapons were ripped from his body. The ninja was able to grab his sword, but the rest flew away only to crash into his barrier. Wasting no time Harry immediately vanished the weapons.

Moving once again to another part of the room, Harry kept a disillusioned eye on the fight. From what he could see Sasuke was finally gaining the upper ground. Then the ninja changed into something else. Not understand what the ninja was Harry sent a stunner at the thing hoping to take him down fast. The stunner missed as the ninja dodge and almost hit Sasuke when the demon thing screeched destroying part of another wall.

Taking another chance Harry cast a silencing spell this time hitting the target. Thankfully it worked and he wasn't able to use that attack anymore. Harry moved again when Harry froze in horror.

"Sasuke!" Harry cried out as the ninja plunged blade into Sasuke side. For a moment it looked like he was going to be alright as he geared up for another attack, but after a few steps Sasuke collapsed at the ninja's feet.

When the ninja kicked Sasuke Harry felt something snap. Feeling a blazing anger his magic flooding the room. Blasting the ninja off his feet the ninja was flung into a wall. Well way from Sasuke his magic burned the ninja alive. Hearing the scream go silent Harry wasted no time rushing over to Sasuke's side.

Good news was that Sasuke was alive, but he was pale and wasn't responding. Taking a closer look Harry felt his breath hitch as he realized that Sasuke's lips were taking on a pale shade of blue. Alarmed Harry shoved his Bezoar stone into Sasuke's mouth. It was only when Sasuke's color started to return to normal that Harry released a breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding. That done Harry started to seal up Sasuke wounds when he heard movement behind him.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Harry thought as he saw the ninja get up. He was no longer in his demon form and badly burned. Yet he's was still moving! What the Hell!

Glancing down at Sasuke Harry didn't think he just acted. Send in more hawks Harry grabbed Sasuke placing up a barrier behind him as they left the room. Levitating Sasuke in front him they made their way for the stairs.

Takehiko winced as he painfully extracted himself from the wall. This had to be the worse retrieval mission he had ever been on. Looking forward he could see Uchiha brat still lying there, when more of those damn birds appeared.

Without fighting the brat at the same time they were easy enough to take down. Though by the time he was done the brat had disappeared. Not that it matter. Moving forward he followed a trail of blood picking up some weapons along the way. Right until he walked into some sort of barrier.

Feeling tired of this he looked around and tried another hole in the wall. Finding it unblocked Takehiko walked through quickly finding the trail of blood again.

Keeping to the shadows Takehiko followed the trail of blood up the stairs where he paused for a moment before looking again. The Uchiha boy had just floated up the stairs. Looking closer Takehiko noticed several indents in the carpet as if someone was following closely behind.

Harry could see his room when a sharp pain in his leg forced him to drop Sasuke. Looking down he was a little surprised to see a kunai impelled in his leg. Realizing that the ninja had caught up Harry used his magic to quickly push Sasuke the last few feet through the doorway and into the safety of his room. Not a moment too soon, mere seconds after Sasuke the ninja slammed into the rooms' barrier painfully bouncing off.

Gritting his teeth Harry pulled the kunai out and healed the wound. Looking back up he barely had time to jump back when he felt himself being lifted by his neck. The fact that he was chocking didn't keep Harry from smirking as he took in all the burns, scrapes and gashes that had been inflicted.

"Harry Uchiha?" the ninja said confused as he was suddenly able to see the boy. Then a look of anger settled as he understood just who was behind the rest of the attacks.

Not caring that his spell had ended, Harry took that moment of confusion to head-butt the ninja and grab tightly on to the man's arms "Bracklum Emendo!" Harry managed to get out. Falling to the ground Harry immediately rolled to the side. Shooting off a stunner he blasted the ninja once again, this time through the window.

Not that the ninja noticed, he had been too busy staring at his useless jelly like limbs in shock. Without magic to support his system the ninja's body was going into shock from the sudden lack of bone marrow.

Breathing deeply Harry looked around almost expecting another attack. After a few minutes of nothing happening Harry calmed down and went in to his room to check on Sasuke. Stepping through the doorway he grimaced at the position that Sasuke had ended up in. It was a good thing that his room wasn't lined with carpet or Sasuke would be suffering from some major carpet burn.

After levitating Sasuke onto the bed Harry started to cast a diagnostic spell. Reading the results Harry was glad to see that most of the poison was already gone from his system. The rest of his injures just looked worse than they really were, while nothing vital had been damaged.

There was also something strange attached to Sasuke's neck. Looking over his reading the closest thing to its description in his healer helpers was a parasite or a symbiote. He was have a hard time telling which one it was, but he could tell it wasn't hurting him at the moment. He would just have to take care of the rest of Sasuke, and get back to that thing after some research.

Following the directions for dealing with an unconscious person Harry removed the stone from Sasuke's mouth was able to get Sasuke to swallow the detoxing potion. It was only after the last of the potion slid down Sasuke's throat that Harry remembered how the detoxing would happen.

Unable to shield himself in time Harry could only stand there in horror as Sasuke opened his mouth redecorating Harry's shirt with everything that had been in his stomach. Taking a step back Harry gave a cry of disgust as he gave Sasuke a glare. Even when he was sick Sasuke still had the ability to test his nerves, but that was alright. This is what cleaning spells were for.

Moments later a much cleaner Harry was now administering a blood replenishing, nutrition and a basic healing potion for anything he might have missed. With a good night's rest Sasuke would be fully recovered by the morning.

Tucking Sasuke in Harry swallowed some of the healing and nutrition potion as well. He had barely put his potion supplies away when his vision started fading. Fortunately he crashed on to the bed landing next to Sasuke; slipping into a magical healing sleep. Looked like both boys were going to get some much needed rest that night whether they wanted it or not.


~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~ page ~ break ~


After Moody had used his eye to look ahead he had changed their clothes to blend in with the locals; before they started to walk through the village. The spell wouldn't last forever, but it would last long enough that could grab some clothes from a local store that wouldn't revert back at the wrong time. His magic eye on the other hand was covered, but he could see just fine through the eye-patch that was charmed for people not to notice it.

Entering the village Moody made his way to the local back dragging Sirius behind him. The place was nice enough. Scanning the thoughts of the banker and quickly came to the conclusion that the best chance they had at any trade would be their gallons.

Once they were finished trading Moody asked about a place to buying a map. Unfortunately the only map seller was out of the village at the moment and wouldn't be back until next month. Moody was a little disappointed, but thanked the man anyway, all the while taking a mental map and culture information from the man's mind instead.

As the banker excused himself to go get some headache medication Moody Sirius quickly left to buy some clothes before leading them to the local bar.

Entering Mood noticed that while most of folk were civilians there were a few that gave him a dangerous vive. Mainly those who were wearing a headband on some part of their body. Hurrying Sirius through before he could do something stupid Moody noticed that their headbands had a marking that looked like a fancy lower case letter i.

Sitting down at a far corner with a good view of the whole room Moody set up his wards before turning to Sirius. "Stop growling Black. That's not the headband we're looking for."

Noticing a server approaching Moody signaled for Sirius to be quiet as he lowered the sound ward.

"What can I get ya?" The bartender asked a bored look across his face. Moody didn't miss how he had glanced towards his forehead.

"What have you've got to eat?" Sirius asked glanced at the other tables. The smell of food was making him hungry.

"We've got fish soup, smoked rabbit and salted tongue."

"Tongue!" Sirius said shocked before Moody gave him one of his looks

"We'll take the rabbit." Moody said butting in before Sirius could make a bigger fool of himself.

"Any drinks?"

"Water for both of us." Moody said eyeing the bartender. He had a weather look about him with sandy hair and brown tired eyes.

"Coming right up sirs." The bartender said before leaving to go get their drinks.


"Then who are they?" Sirius asked once Moody put the sound barrier back up. They smelled like blood and his instincts were telling him that they were dangerous.

"English Sirius." Moody said glancing around "Less chance of being read."

"Fine." Sirius said switching languages. "Well what did you get from the banker?"

"They're ninja." Moody said.

"What's a ninja?" Sirius asked confused.

"Moody gave Sirius a wait sign as the bartender retuned with their drinks.

"They're what you would call super killers, assassins and sometimes body guards. Except everything they do is for their villages." Moody said after the waiter left again. Ignoring the cup of water Moody took a sip out of his flask.

Sirius frowned but resisted the urge to turn and stare at the killers in the room. "Wait villages?"

"Yeah we're dealing with a whole continent with different countries and different ninja villages. That i, headband means Sand Village Ninja. No information about the swirl headband or Harry though." Moody said before Sirius could ask.

"Then we'll just have to get the information from someone else." Sirius said thinking out loud.

"We're going to have to be careful." Moody said scowling "These ninjas have abilities, and I don't know what they are."


"Maybe, just keep constant vigilance and an open mind."

"So how are we going to do this?"

"We'll keep low key in public. Other than that I don't want to be in this land of ninjas any longer than we have to."

"So what next?"

"I learned of another village not to far off. We'll see if they have a map, and if that doesn't work than we'll just have to rely on mental maps."

The conversation ended there as the waiter came back with their food. After Moody checked the food they both dug in happy to fill their bellies.


As they exited the bar Moody continued to pulling tidbits of information from the minds around him when Sirius stopped in the middle of the street.

"What's wrong?" Moody asked his eye whirling around.

"Someone just screamed." Sirius said before running off.

Looking ahead with his eye Moody bit back a curse. Grabbing ahold of Sirius Moody apparated them into an alleyway seconds before the street they had just been on exploded.

Glancing around, Moody didn't think they had been seen. Throwing up a notice me not protective barrier Moody tried to follow the fight. These ninjas they were not only deadly they were fast too. It was only thankful to the magic in his eye that he was able to see this fight at all. Hell it wasn't a fight it was a massacre. Ninja were slashing through the towns people like butter. "What part of low key don't you understand?" Moody said angrily.

"But, we've got to help them!" Sirius said cringing every time he heard someone new scream.

"Which side Black? Besides they already have fighters." Moody said pointing at sand ninjas who were joining the fight. "We would just get in their way."

"Well I've got to do something. I can hear them… dying." Sirius said a painful expression flickering across his face.

Sighing Moody rubbing his head in frustration. Something was going to go wrong; he just knew it. "Fine Black, but we do this my way." Moody growled. Reaching into his bag Moody pulled out what looked like some sort of pale blue grenade.

Recognizing it Sirius immediately pulled up auror's mask activating it as Moody tossed it out in to the middle of the Street. Seconds later and everyone out there started dropping like flies.

"What do you know, it worked." Moody said taking in sight of the paralyzed and knocked out people.

"Here." Moody said giving Sirius some vials "Go ahead and start healing who you can. I'll get more info." Disillusioning themselves they stepped out cautiously, surveying the damage.

Working his way through the stone like injured people Sirius felt sick. While he could no longer hear the screams he could still smell and see everything. What strange horrifying magic, and what they did with the blades. Shaking his head Sirius got to work delivering first aid.

Pulling one of the music note ninja to the side Moody disarmed and stunned him before cracked open his eye just enough so that he could dive in the mind.

Exploring Moody found much more information about the ninjas and which village the spiral headband belonged to. Searching further he found that the ninja didn't know anything about Harry, but he did know where the Village Hidden in the Leafs was.

Smirking Moody came out of the Sound ninja's mind. Obviating the last few minutes just in case Moody let the ninja fall to the ground; before he moved on to the next ninja doing the same thing. He was disappointed. No matter how many of this minds he went through none of them knew anything about Harry.

Done gathering information Moody moved on to levitated the sound ninja into one spot where he created a cage surrounding them. The gas would wear off of all of them at the same time, best to not let Sound restart the attack when they woke up and were able to move again.

Joining Sirius Moody helped a bit with the healing and some obviations of those who hadn't completely gone under before leading Sirius out of the village.

When they were well away from the town Moody stopped at a small clearing. Setting up the wards he had Sirius set up the tent. Once that was done; Moody headed to the kitchen to get them both something to drink. At the same time Sirius sat down in front of the fire place lost in his thoughts.

"Here." Moody said handing over a cup hot chocolate.

"Thanks." Sirius said after taking a couple of sips.

Moody watched as Sirius finished the cup; slowly he could see the chocolate calming him down.

"Learn anything?" Sirius asked his tone hopeful as he accepted a refill.

"The headband is from the Village Hidden in the Leaves." Moody said.

"That's where Harry is?"

"Maybe, none of the ninjas I read know anything about our boy."

"Oh." Sirius said glumly.

"I do however now know how to get to Leaf Village."

"Really?!" Sirius said standing up. "What are we waiting for let's get going."

"No, we'll leave tomorrow."


"Black look at yourself! How much energy have you used healing today?" Moody asked pushing Sirius back into his seat.

"I feel fine." Sirius said stubbornly.

"Really?" Moody said raising an eyebrow. "All right, if you can get past me you can go. I won't even use my wand."

Sirius looked at Moody; normally he'd never have a chance, but a wandless Moody.

In a flash Sirius raised his wand shooting off a series of spells. Not a single one landed a hit. Next thing Sirius knew he was on his back his wand gone. Damn that was less than ten seconds. Not that that fact would keep Sirius down. Getting up again and again, Sirius worked through his frustrations until he was too exhausted to try again.

"Going at half strength won't do any of us any good." Moody said bringing out some food as Sirius recovered. It had been hours since lunch and they both need to eat.

"Yeah I guess I wasn't ready to take on a village of ninja." Sirius said grabbing a plate and digging in before pausing. "Would you have even told me how to get to village?" Sirius asked looking at Moody suspiciously.

"Well you never got past me so you'll never know."

Sirius rolled his eyes. He thought so.

After cleaning up from dinner Moody prepared settle in for the night. Slipping into bed he thought about everything that had happened today and wondered what they should expect next.


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Sasuke was feeling a bit confused. He had just had a very strange dream. At least he thought it was a dream. Looking down Sasuke could see the rips in his clothes, but no signs of any wounds. Had he been stabbed after all? It didn't even feel like that after effects of being healed, and… that didn't make any sense.

Doing a self-examination the only thing he could find off about himself was this strange taste. Touching his mouth his fingers brought back some sort of reddish liquid. Maybe it was a drugged hallucination. Though it certainly did look like Harry's room with Harry lying next to him.

It took some time, but it eventually donned on Sasuke that this was real, and Harry was sleeping next to him. He briefly wondered what happen, before he decided he was just glad that Harry was alright.

"Harry time to get up." Sasuke said shaking Harry slightly. The movement shifted Harry causing a little bit of the same reddish liquid to dribble down the corner of Harry's mouth. Now really panicking Sasuke desperately felt for a pulse. Feeling it Sasuke letting out a small cry of relief; before he checked Harry for any other signs of injuries. Other than his breathing being a bit raspy Harry seemed was fine. He just wouldn't wake up.

No longer caring how this morning had come to be Sasuke quickly picked Harry. Jumping out the window he took the roof top route as rushed towards the hospital at full speed.


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