For my sister Evil Regal, Em.

They were just out of the store when Emma stopped.

"You guys keep going. I'll meet you there" She said as she went back to Gold's store. She opened the door and headed to the back, where they had left Regina and Gold. She could hear Gold's voice, but she couldn't really make out the words.

She stopped, a moment of doubt before facing the two most powerful people, at least in this world. She took a deep breath and stepped into the room.

Gold was behind one of his counters, putting species, herbs and other weird looking substances away while Regina sat in the makeshift bed they had had for Henry and David, a faraway look in her face.

"Ah, Miss Swam, back already?" Gold's voice greeted her, making Regina to look up at her and stand up.

"Yeah, I.. um.. I just.. I just wanted to thank you one more time, for taking care of Henry and helping us get back home." As she said those words Regina took a glance at Gold, who had looked down back to his things.

"He is my son too" Regina said, her voice charged with badly suppressed emotion."But, you're welcome."

They stood for a moment, staring at each other until Emma nodded, Regina nodding back.

Emma turned and as she was crossing the curtain, she stopped and looked back.

"We're going to Granny's to celebrate that we're all okay and alive, you want to come?" Regina just stared at her, a surprise look in her face. "We can go back to being on opposite sites of things tomorrow" Emma added.

"Yeah, I'd like that" Regina finally said, grabbing her purse as she walked slowly towards the front of the store, following Emma. She threw a last look at Gold and kept going.

After hearing the bell in the front door, signaling that they were finally out of his store, Gold sighed and said to himself.

"I really need to stop betting against her"

So there it is. It just a small little thing I couldn't get out of my mind. I'm sure more than one person wanted to something like this happen.