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Arthur found the place easy enough. He was early so he found himself standing outside the purple door on the sidewalk for a while just staring at the door's paint. Snowflakes began to fall from the sky. Arthur had always liked watching the snow as it just started to fall. He wondered if it was the same with rain. He hadn't been caught in the rain so he didn't know.

The cold snow was his comfort. Warmer months were usually spent back at the Pole where there was much work needed to be done to prepare for the next Christmas. He needed to remind himself to take some time off and find a place where it was raining. Maybe Jamie could show him, but what was he thinking? He barely knew her. Yet he could not get her emerald eyes out of his head.

All he had to do was go up and knock on the door. Steve would disapprove. There was the fear of being compromised and having to go underground again like in 1816. But Arthur didn't look like Santa yet, at least not the figurehead version.

It was now or never. Carefully, Arthur made his way up the slippery stairs to the door. Being Arthur though, his feet found a way to slide across the ice just as he was about to knock on the door. At the same time someone chose that moment to open the door. Arthur fell forward. He heard a little yelp from the person at the door as he crashed into her, sending them both tumbling back into the house.

It seemed events were bound to repeat themselves when he looked down and found that the person he had crashed into was none other then Jamie herself. She took one look at him and started to laugh.

"We have to stop meeting like this." She grinned.

"Its very icy." Arthur pointed out as he got to his feet, extending his hand for her to take. She did.

"I was just going to check for mail and I found an Arthur instead." She giggled. "Glad you could make it." She popped her head out the door and checked the mailbox, finding a few letters inside. "They're from some of the kids' families who couldn't be around for Christmas."

"How was their Christmas?" Arthur asked, closing the door for her.

"It's always magical to watch them wake up to find gifts from Santa under the tree. He makes their Christmas special every year." Her words made Arthur blush. He tried to hide it by taking off his scarf.

"That's wonderful to hear." Being up at the North Pole you never really hear exactly what people think of your work. It was nice to hear it first hand.

"Here, I'll take that for you." She took his coat and scarf from him. He stuffed his mittens in one of the pockets.

"I like your sweater." She nodded towards the Christmas sweater he was wearing.

"Oh." Suddenly he felt a little self-conscious. "It's just…"

"No, I'm not kidding." She laughed. "I really do like it. Always wanted one like that. Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially when I get to spend it with the kids."

"Really?" Usually people thought his sweater was over doing it a little.

"Of course. Come on in. We're just about to start taking the decorations off the tree." She waved him to follow her.

"Taking the decorations off?" He followed her.

"It's always sad taking them off so we try to turn it around by making a special celebration of it." Jamie explained. "Just in here."

She opened a door to what looked like a living room. There was a medium sized tree on the other side of the room covered in mostly homemade decorations and there was a paper star on the top.

"Jamie!" Five little voices yelled as they scrambled towards her. They wrapped their little arms around her. Florence was there too, and she smiled when she saw Arthur.

"Hey kids. I wasn't even gone for five minutes." She ruffled their hair. "This is Arthur." She gestured towards him.

"Too bad all the mistletoe has already been taken down." Florence whispered to Jamie so Arthur couldn't hear. Jamie elbowed her, but blushed.

"Hello Arthur." A little boy came up to him and took his hand, leading him towards the tree.

"That's Andrew." Jamie introduced the boy. She turned back to the others and counted their heads. "Five. Where's Christopher?"

"He won't come down from his room." A girl said, pointing at the ceiling.

"Oh." Jamie followed the way the girl was pointing and sighed. "Thank you Claire. Arthur I'll be right back. You make yourself at home."

Arthur watched her walk out of the room with a question on his mind and curiosity in his heart. When the others weren't looking, he followed her. He knew how to walk up stairs without a sound. He followed the sound of voices down a hallway. One of them was Jamie's, and the other belonged to a young boy. He couldn't be more then ten years old. The boy was sitting on his bed staring out the window. Jamie sat down next to him.

"Christopher?" She placed her hand on his shoulder, but he did not respond. He just kept staring out the window. "Why don't you come downstairs? We're all waiting for you."

"Why would you want me there? They don't." He rested his chin on his knees that he had pulled up to his chest.

"Your aunt and uncle." Jamie worked it out.

"Not even a letter. They don't care." Christopher buried his face in his knees. "No one wants me around."

"Don't say that." She told him.

"We want you here." Arthur heard himself say as he stepped into the room. Jamie looked surprised to see him there, but also relieved.

"Who are you?" Christopher asked as he raised his head to look at the stranger.

"You can call me Arthur." He took another step in.

"Why would you want me?" The boy asked.

"Because you're Christopher Balltic." The name just floated into Arthur's head. "There is no other Christopher that we would want downstairs with us."

"Why me?"

"Why not you?" That was the obvious question.

"No one ever seems to acknowledge me." His eyes were downcast.

"We came all the way up here to get you." Arthur countered. "We can't start without you Christopher. Won't you please come with us? We need you."

"No one's ever needed me." Christopher spoke softly as if he wasn't really saying it to anyone at all. He had a look of surprise on his face.

"Your family needs you." Jamie's voice joined in.

"But I don't have a family. They don't want me."

"We're you're family Christopher." She said. "And we'll always want you."

Not another word needed to be said. Jamie stretched out her hand to Christopher and he willingly took it. She pulled him to his feet and led him downstairs to where everyone else was waiting. Arthur followed close behind.

"How did you know his last name?" Jamie whispered to Arthur.

"One of the kids told me." He lied.

"Christopher!" Claire came running over and took him by the hand, pulling him into the festivities.

"Sing White Christmas." Florence suggested.

"Oh, I couldn't." Jamie tried to back out.

"Come on. It will make the night." Florence insisted.

So Jamie stood and looked around at all the faces staring back at her. Arthur saw her gulp. She was nervous. Somehow that made Arthur like her even more. She wasn't the most confident person in the world, but she wasn't overly confident either. She was just right.

Her nervousness seemed to disappear when she started singing. She let the song take over. Arthur's mouth fell open. Her singing voice was beautiful. Not that her speaking voice wasn't. Slowly everyone else joined in the song, even Christopher. But Arthur could barely take his eyes off Jamie for the rest of the night.

They spent the night singing and telling stories, slowly taking the decorations off the tree. Florence sat down at the small piano they had and started to play. The children danced. Jamie pulled Arthur in.

"I'm not a very good dancer." He warned, but Jamie didn't care. He only stepped on her foot a couple times as they danced around the room.

The night came to an end far too quickly and soon it was time to go. The tree was bare with no more decorations to put away. Arthur had to get back to the North Pole before the others started to worry. In secret he had had another wooden sleigh built to be pulled by a couple of reindeer. It would get him back to the Pole fast. He had hidden it not too far away.

Jamie walked him to the door. "Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I'm afraid I'm leaving for home tonight." Arthur told her.

"Oh." She sounded disappointed, but quickly lightened up as she grabbed a piece of paper and pen and scribbled something down. "Here." She said, handing him the paper. "Write to me? I'd like to stay in tough. I had fun tonight."

"You don't use email?" Arthur asked as he looked at the address written on the paper.

"I like the old fashion way." She admitted. "Do you like writing letters?"

"I love writing letters." He remembered every letter he wrote back to a child. It used to be his only job.

"Write to me then." She told him.

"I will." Arthur grasped the paper in his hand tightly.

"Maybe I'll see you again next year."

"Yes, I hope so."

In a split second decision, Jamie leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "Goodbye Arthur. I look forward to your letters." Then she closed the door, leaving Arthur stunned. He was frozen for a moment as his cheek warmed where she had kissed him.

"Until next time, Jamie." He said to the air and finally managed to pull himself away and off towards the sleigh with the piece of paper still in his hand.

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