Ok, here is chapter 2. This is about some history with the black chest and why every and I mean every villain to fear.

Chapter 2

It was night time and everyone would be asleep by now. But King Boo was not.

He paced around his room thinking about that black chest he'd found that afternoon.

I thought I got rid of it. I thought it would just be happier for me and everyone that thing never exist at all; but I was wrong.

Long ago King Boo had first believed that Bowser the koopa king found the chest while he was planning yet another plot to beat Mario.

But then the koopa king realized that even he knew something was wrong with that cursed black and told his minions never to open it.

But one foolish koopa didn't listen… and vanished without a trace.

Bowser was so angry and scared at the same time that he ordered his kids to get rid of the chest.

Bowser and his kids never wanted to see that thing again.

Until King Boo heard the news, heck even all the villains around the Mushroom Kingdom heard and this causes the villains (if they ever seen this black chest) to not look at it, no touching, and leave it somewhere far away.

That was until King Boo found it. What he wanted to do with the thing, he wanted to ether burn it or bury it somewhere in the Dry Dry Desert.

But he never thought Petey would know of the history behind it (that'll save for another day) let alone even know what it does.

I don't want Petey to get into this because he'll get into more trouble than ever. I never meant to yell at the guy…

So King Boo floated out of the room and headed to the attic. Long ago the attic was home to many dusty things that even the king himself knew it would still be there.

As soon he opened the attic door, he spotted the black chest. It was sitting in the middle of the room with some old cardboard boxes surrounding it.

The king gulped and made his way towards it.

Realizing that it was heavy before, King Boo tried to pull and push the chest towards the door.

It didn't work.

King Boo suddenly saw that the lid was nearly opened and tried to close it…

Then everything went white.