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A Seemingly Simple Mission

"Why are we both going on this mission again?" Nero groaned as he exited the car.

"Because it's been an overly slow day and I know if I'd left you at the office you'd have gotten into some sort of mischief and eaten my pizza." Dante shrugged.

"I don't get into that much trouble." The younger slayer said with a roll of his eyes.

"You eat my pizza, that's mischief enough to warrant getting shot." The elder growled, retrieving Rebellion from the trunk and placing it in its customary place on his back.

"That was one time! You didn't need to go for your guns over it! Besides, I'm a teenager! I was hungry!" Nero stopped ranting when he realized that the other man was smirking. "Shut up old man." Dante raised his hands in a gesture that said 'I didn't say anything.'

In all honesty Nero enjoyed the other slayer's presence; the older man was laid back and understood what it meant to have devil blood in his veins. He'd moved in when Fortuna had hit rock bottom when it came to demons and he and Kyrie had hit a few bumps in their relationship. It was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of work but right now the partial demon couldn't bring himself to move out of Devil May Cry.

"Kid?" Dante's question shook him from his thoughts and he realized that he'd stopped walking.

"What kind of demon are we going after again?" he asked

"You weren't paying any attention were you?"

"No." Nero stated as thought this should be obvious to the other man, Dante sighed.

"That's the thing, this was a mission that Lady dumped on us 'cause she didn't want to do it herself, I wouldn't have taken it, seeing as all the profits are going to go to her, but it was so slow that I was about to start picking up the office."

"That wouldn't have been so bad." The younger muttered

"So! Here we are, going after a demon that has supposedly only spooked a good number of people and killed some small game." Dante went on as though Nero hadn't spoken

"You're kidding me, right? This thing hasn't actually hurt anyone?" the older man thought for a moment then shook his head "Why am I here then? Seriously, I could do this mission with my eyes closed and one arm behind my back!" he gestured with his devil bringer for emphasis.

"Well we're here now, so…" Dante pointed to a small cottage up ahead, inside of which the smaller man could detect a very faint demonic aura. Wow, this thing's barely even worth the effort, Nero thought, staring at his devil bringer, which wasn't even the slightest bit brighter than normal.

"We just gonna barge in?"

"I don't see why not." The half devil shrugged, the other returned the motion then tore the door down with his bringer and in went the two slayers.

There was a startled squawk then awkward silence. The demon was very owlish looking; a beak, feathers, wings, down to the taloned feet. The only thing that made it unusual was its size for it probably stood just less than five feet, and the two feather coated arms with seemingly agile hands on the end. I would almost call it cute, the teenager thought before leaping into action. For being such a weak demon, it dodged pretty damn well, jumping from place to place while the two slayers wreaked havoc on the demon's home.

"Stop!" it screeched "Stop it! You're going to destroy all my studies!" this confused Nero, since when did demons care about their surroundings, and since when did they ask the slayers to stop?

"Quit movin' and that wouldn't be a problem!" Dante shouted over the gunfire with a rather manic grin on his face.

"I said stop!" it yelped. Nero turned his attention back to the owlish creature just in time to see something thrown at him. It exploded and the young man got a face-full of a strange gas. He coughed, stepping backwards in an attempt to escape it, only to trip over a book and go tumbling into a shelf. He had time to think, what the hell was that? Before unconsciousness overtook him.

Dante stared at the spot where Nero had just been, then turned his sights back to the demon, who was also staring that direction from its spot on the table.

"Where the hell did he go?" he growled, both guns trained on it

"I… I don't know. He crashed into my teleporter but in doing so he knocked it off the shelf. It could take awhile to figure out where it sent him."

"You better figure it out quickly, demon, or you won't be around much longer."

"What did I do to upset you two?" it squeaked

"You were scaring people! I was given a mission to hunt you down, I'm just doing my job, sorry if you were caught on the wrong end."

"I was seen!?" the demon seemed upset by this fact and paced back and forth, its feathers all in a ruffle. "Oh no… that was not supposed to happen… I just wanted to study in piece, and the human world is much calmer, not so much feuding…" it paused, and then took another look at Dante. "You… you wouldn't happen to be Dante would you?"

Dante, who was used to being recognized by demons for being the 'infamous son of Sparda' merely shrugged.

"Sure, gonna go after me now 'cause my pops was a traitor?" The demon was already poking at the shattered remains of the teleporter. The creature truly seemed to be sorry for what appeared to be an accident so the half devil was trying to cool down a little until he could find the kid again.

"No, I had the ill fortune to run into your brother many years ago." It kept fiddling with the device then uttered a low curse in its demonic tongue. This thing knew Verge? Dante was taken aback by this piece of news; it really was a small world.

"What's wrong? Can you find the kid?"

"No, but I'm sure I can figure something out. I really am sorry, I was just trying to stop you two from wreaking so much damage so I could explain myself." It shook its head "I really wanted to run more tests before I gave that potion a trial run too…"

"Wait, potion?" Dante raised a silver brow "That wasn't just a smoke bomb?"

"No, it was a potion to seal away demonic power and render it useless for a currently unknown period of time, but it's incomplete so there may be some strange side effects." the devil in red paled at the owlish demon's explanation.

"Help me find Nero."

"It's the least I can do for the trouble I've caused." It was already on the move, looking through the rows of shelves that had escaped the devil hunters' wrath.

"What can I call you?" Dante asked, feeling in his gut that this would not be a short partnership.

"Well," the demon hefted a large tome from a shelf "my name is rather difficult to pronounce in the English language, but I've always been rather fond of the tale The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so you may call me Quasi."

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