So… here is my newest story. When I imagined it, I thought I'd call it "iMight Love You" but I picked a better name. I thought this up months ago but just haven't gotten around to writing it.

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Ordinary or normal

EX: It was an average day



"Please?" Pretty please?" Carly begged.

"NO! I do NOT want to be in a talent show! Talent shows are lame, Carls. God, I'd rather fall off the Eiffel Tower or kiss Fredwad!" I frowned. "Scratch that last one. Even a damn talent show isn't as terrible as the dork's face." I shuddered for effect.

"Hey, I take offense at that!"

I stuck my tongue out at the ever-annoying Fredward Benson. I couldn't quite figure out what it was about him. His hair, his sense of humor, his style, perhaps his intelligence? I never could figure out how that boy could be so… irritating.

What? Did you expect me to confess my undying love for that nub? Sorry to disappoint you.

"Real mature", Freddie muttered.

"What's that, Fredwad? I'm sorry, did you ask for a beating?"

"Oh my god!" Freddie exclaimed sarcastically, looking at Carly, "Sam said 'sorry'!"

"That's it."

I lunged at Freddie. He squeaked and tried run away, but I was faster.

"Let me go!"

"Not until you say the magic words."

Freddie groaned, "Do I have to?"


"Guys…" Carly interjected. She always tried to break up these fights. She would never give up, even though she ought to have learned that it was all pointless. Kind of like how Freddie started going to the gym so he could defend himself. Who's still the one pinned to the floor? Exactly.

I whacked Freddie's head, which had jerked up to look at Carly.

"Say it."

He sighed, "Fine… Sam, you are always right. You are stronger than any boy on the planet and could easily kill me if you weren't so gracious. You are so perfect, gorgeous, and smart that any guy would be lucky to have you. But-"

I grinned, this being my favorite part of the speech.

"-I am a nub and, therefore, not even worthy to touch one hair on your lovely head. I am so nubbish I should go die in a hole. I will never insult you again, ever…. Can I go now?"

I laughed and moved my knee off his chest. "Music to my ears."

He stood up and walked out the door, trying to regain any sense of pride he might have had.

"Aw, Sam. Why must you always bully our tech producer?"

"Because", I said, jumping on the Shay's couch, "it's FUN!"

Carly rolled her eyes.

"CARLAY! Where are the Christmas lights?"

I looked and saw Spencer on the stairs with purple paint and feathers stuck to him.

"I don't know. Why do you need Christmas lights? It's April!"

"Nyaah! I'm going to the store! Bye, Carly!"

Before Carly could protest, Spencer had left.

I jumped up and landed on the couch lying down. "Your brother is weird."

Carly laughed and sat on a chair. "Yes he is."

"So will you so the show?"

I growled.

"You could just dance with Max."

"Oh." Not a terrible idea, actually. Max was my new- okay not "new", we'd been going out for 6 months- boyfriend. He saw me in the pageant I won and thought I was pretty cool. He had just moved to Seattle and had gotten lost and walked into the wrong building. He saw me at school the next day and asked me out.


Carly jumped up and clapped her hands together, "Yay! This is going to be so much fun!"

What have I gotten myself into?

Friday (a few weeks later)

Dancing with Max turned out to be insanely fun. The next few weeks flew by and suddenly, it was Friday. There were only 5 rehearsals left.

"Come on Sam, let's get going."

"There you are!" I smiled, "Can we go to the Groovy Smoothie first?"

"Alright. But no more super-sized extra larges. Those things are expensive and you passed out last time I got you one."

"Yea", I said dreamily, "it was marvelous."

"Marvelous?" Max faked concern, "You definitely need a smoothie."

I nodded and we headed to the Groovy Smoothie. Max was a great guy. Though he wasn't a genius, he did well in school and sometimes I let him tutor me, even if I wasn't ever paying attention to what he was saying. He was also hot. Like, so hot you could cook burgers on his abs. Max had a six-pack from playing soccer. And his eyes were this amazing hazel color that really complimented his dirty blonde hair. He lived in Britain as a kid, too, and sometimes he slipped up and started talking with an accent. It was adorable. Best of all, he liked me for me. When Max found out that I wasn't the beauty pageant type- more tomboyish and maybe a little abrasive, but not girly- he was relieved. It made him like me more. He was sweet and the first boyfriend I had that hardly noticed Carly. Plus, he bought me food constantly, and I'd learned that he always ate meat before our dates so he smelled good. What he didn't know was that he tasted great too.

Max bought me a Blueberry Banana Blitz and a burrito on a stick for himself. He let me have half of it.

We practiced at Max's house because of the state of mine. I took him there once and my mom told him not to get me pregnant. He wouldn't kiss me for a week.

After an hour of rehearsing, we called it quits. He tried – unsuccessfully- to get me to do some of my homework. Finally, he gave up and popped in Final Destination 4. We laughed at how lame all the deaths were and kissed when we got bored with the movie. All in all- it was a good night.


The weekend went by without any rehearsals. I hadn't gotten to see Max, so I was relatively exited to go to school on Monday. But when I got there, I didn't see Max. He was a senior, so we didn't have any classes together, but Max always walked me to my classes. Finally, when he didn't show up for lunch, I decided to call him. I pulled my PearPhone out and noticed a "new voicemail" icon. I didn't even know how to receive voicemail. After fiddling with it for a while with no success, I used my last resort.

"Freddie", I whined, "My phone won't work."

He sighed. "What now?"

"How do I get voicemail?"

He touched a few buttons and told me that it was calling voicemail.

"What the chiz does that mean?"

"Just put it up to your ear, Sam."


I put the phone up against my ear and listened to the ringing. Finally, a mechanical voice asked me what I wanted to do.

"I want to listen to my voicemail."

"Did you say, 'I want to delete all voicemail'?"

"NO! I said-"

"Would you like me to repeat the list of options?"

"NO! I just want to-"

"Freddie rolled his eyes and took the phone from me. He punched a button and handed it back.

"You have one new message and zero old messages."

"No shit, Sherlock."

I heard a beep and then Max's voice.

"Hey Sam, it's Max. Listen, I don't want you to worry or anything so don't overreact. I got in a tiny car crash last night and went to the hospital. I'm fine, except for some cuts and bruises. Well, that and a broken leg. I guess that means I can't dance with you in the talent thing. Sorry- maybe you can dance with someone else. Call me back! Bye."

"Holy crap."

"Aw, Sam", Freddie scolded, "You broke your phone again!"

I looked down and realized I had dropped it. Oops. That would be the sixth time this month.

I picked up the remains of my phone and frowned.

"If you want to delete this message, press one. If you want to-"

"Oops", I said, dropping it again. "I guess I'll have to take yours Fredalupe."

He groaned. "Why me?"

So, what do ya'll think? I know it doesn't feel like a Seddie story, but don't worry. The Seddie romance is coming, just give the story a few chapters. Please review!