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Third installment to my previous A/U stories: Sine Qua Non, One Week and The Hard Six

I feel it's important to note that this story takes place on Earth in a fictional Russia in the 20th century. Some of the references are accurate but the premise is totally made up.

"How are you feeling? Bill asked his son as he fixed the young man's tie.

"Nervous - but in a good way," Zak quickly added. "I just don't want to trip or anything."

"You'll do great," Bill assured with a smile.

It was Zak Adama's wedding day. A day long anticipated by all. After their first date freshman year Zak decided Melena Federov was the one. They spent every moment together afterwards and his parent's feared he wouldn't complete his first year at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Zak planned to propose sophomore year; however, he was persuaded by his father to wait until after graduation.

"Were you nervous at your wedding?"

"Which one?" Bill muttered playfully. "To your Mom? Yeah. I was young like you. Saul and the guys took me out and we got wasted the night before our big day. I had the worst hangover but when I saw Carolanne coming down the aisle..." Bill trailed as he quested the merit of recollecting the wedding day of a failed marriage.

"And with Laura?" Zak asked recognizing his Dad's hesitation.

"A little nervous," Bill lied. "But I was an old man when I married her. More worried about you boys staying out of trouble."

"We were good kids," Zak protested.

"You are good kids," Bill agreed looking over at the clock and realized they had to get moving. "Ok. Advice. Always tell Mel she's beautiful. Tell her twice if she calls you a liar. Never forget how much you love her - especially when it gets hard. And trust her. She only wants what's best for you."

"I think I can remember that," Zak said letting out a deep breath.

"Oh and don't lock your knees."

"There you two are!" Lee cried exasperated. "I've been looking everywhere. The wedding starts in 15 minutes. What are you doing?"

"We're playing war," Emma responded distracted as Kara set down the winning card and took the stack.

"Haha sucker."

"Kara!" Lee exclaimed as he watched her place a cigar like object in her mouth.

"What?" she asked turning around. "It's a Pirouline, Lee. There isn't even any smoke."

"Come on we need to go," he replied annoyed.

"We're going to sit this thing out. I don't think anyone will notice."

"We're not going out in public dressed like this," Emma added holding up her fuschia Cinderella dress.

"There are like ten other chicks standing up there, a couple are blondes, any one of them could be me."

"We don't have time for games. Let's go."

"Papa Lee's coming out," Kara teased taking a bite of her cookie. "Where is Serena anyway? I thought she was one of the half dozen flower girls."

"There were four flower girls," Lee corrected. "And she was coming but Tasha decided her time would be better spent accompanying her new husband's family on a trip to the Alps."

"You have to admire that woman's balls. Lives with us for three years but can't make Zak's wedding."

"One, I don't want to talk about it," Lee replied gruffly. "And two, you're one to talk considering you're hiding in a coat closet."

"I'm here. We're coming," Kara conceded sticking out her tongue. "But I'm totally making Zak wear this dress because this is the most hideous looking thing I've ever seen. And I'm changing after dinner."

"Me too!" Emma chimed in. "Can I at least take off the headband?"

"No. Melana spent a lot of time picking out your outfit. You'll survive a few hours"

"Fine but I'm going to make Zak wear my dress too."

"There you girls are," Laura sighed in relief at the sight of her daughters. "Where have you been? I was just about to send someone for you. We're doing family pictures."

"Noooo," Emma dramatically cried collapsing into Laura's arms. "No more pictures."

"Seriously," Kara agreed. "My cheeks hurt."

"You'll live," Laura assured patting Kara's cheek with one hand and rubbing Emma's back with the other. "It's your brother's wedding. You don't do these things everyday."

"He better never do this again! After all this he better have one LONG happy marriage," Kara scoffed. "And I'm seriously making him wear this when it's my turn."

"Your turn?" Laura questioned.

"Now's your chance Sam!" Emma encouraged gleefully.

Taking his queue Sam set down the glasses in his hand and positioned himself on a knee.

"Not today Sammie," Kara said shaking her head as she pulled him up before turning back to Laura. "How long have you been waiting here? Have you taken any pictures yet?"

Laura looked over at Carolanne and gave Kara a knowing looking.

"One. Mel's father insisted I get in a picture with them and Bill - and Carolanne."

"Did they make her stand at the end so they could crop her out later?" Kara asked with a knowing grin.

Melana's father, Pavel Federov, was the mayor of a minor city in the Far East and longed to promote his own reputation. He shamelessly took advantage of his new connections and took every opportunity to remind people that his daughter was marrying into the prominent Adama family.

"Be nice," Laura urged shaking her head.

"Are they going to be at your table?" Kara asked curiously.

"No," Laura replied thankful to escape Zak's new in-laws. "But Carolanne and her parents are."

"I don't have to sit by her do I?" Emma groaned.

"We'll use Papa and Grandma Eve as a buffer."

"But Lee and Zak's mom always stares at me. Can't I sit with Poppy and Gram?" Emma begged. "I want to play with the baby."

"Addie left Luke at home. You're stuck with me. We'll survive Carolanne's stares together. Deal?"

"It sounds like a bad deal to me..."

"You raised smart girls Mrs. A," Sam said handing her a cocktail. "To ease your pain," he said bending down and handing Emma a mocktail.

"You're up," Lee called waving the group over.

"Come on girls," Laura instructed placing her glass on the table. "I want some pretty smiles for the mantle."

"You are NOT putting these pictures up for public consumption. I will not allow it," Kara threatened as she reluctantly followed Laura across the room.

"Come on, Sam," Emma ordered pulling on his hand.

"Family photos kiddo. We've got to get that one to say yes first."

"Em's right Sam. You should join us. Kara will say yes...eventually," Laura promised with a wink.