Prompt: Hot Cocoa

Word Count: 589

Pairing: Sam/Grace


The first Christmas Eve they spend together as humans is colder than they expected, and they're both paranoid, so paranoid.

Sam wears two shirts, a hoodie, and a coat, and wraps a scar around his neck. Grace dresses similarly, but trades the scarf for that awful and adorable hat she wore their first winter, with it's silly pompom.

Sam notices. He flicks it and kisses her before he pulls his scarf up over his nose, and they leave the house.

They're being paranoid, and they know it, because if the cure hadn't worked, they would have shifted at a lot less than this, but they still hurry to the car during the day, and sleep close, close together at night, under three comforters. Sam thinks this will never change, but as long as he wakes up, sweating next to Grace, human, he doesn't mind. He knows she doesn't either.

Grace slides into the car, but sits in the middle so she can squish herself as close to Sam as possible. She says it's to keep warm, but he's pretty sure it's just to be close to him. It makes them both smile to themselves.

Sam rests his hand on her leg while he drives, and revels that this is his life now.

They go to the candy shop in Duluth, because just like Cole says, they're the most predictable couple to ever walk the planet. You know, if you ignore the whole werewolf thing.

They both take that moment, just inside the shop, to inhale everything because it's still incredible. They are wolf, without the fur.

They keep the coats on. They'd rather sweat than grow fangs.

Grace orders some random confection neither of them have tried before, and they get their usual, the hot chocolate.

"Is this a Sam shop?" Grace asks, quirking an eyebrow at him from across the table. She rests one foot in between his, and waits, the corner of her mouth curved up in challenge.

"I guess so," he says, smiling at her. He takes a drink of hot chocolate, watches her mimic him, and decides he should probably kiss her now, while the taste of chocolate is still on her tongue. He does.

They take another round of hot chocolate for the road, and drink them as leisurely as they drive.

Grace cranks up the heater. "We're gonna get so sick," she tells him, but she looks delighted at the prospect, and Sam feels his face fall into that dopey grin he wears around her.

That night, when they fall asleep, Grace curls up on top of him. Her breath blows across his face—even now, she falls asleep first—and he smells her, soft, piney, Grace…and hot chocolate breath.

He tightens the covers around them and buries his face in her hair, because he could live a lifetime without anything but the memory of this smell, and still be happy.

In the morning, she's still Grace, and he's still Sam. When he kisses her awake, he can still taste the chocolate in her mouth, and warmth curls in his chest. Grace.

She smiles at him, and he can see the Sam in her eyes, and he wants to kiss her again, but then Cole pushes the door open and demands that they open the presents he bought them, because this is Christmas, don't they know? "I didn't go shopping for nothing."

Grace pulls him out of bed and holds him close for warmth and comfort. Don't let go.


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