Claire bent over her I-pod, attentively listening to the song, mouthing the familiar lines, the ones she'd sung so many time over it felt like a second skin to belt them out in her bedroom. Eve had caught her once, and given her a knowing look. She was so focused on the song, she screamed, and jumped when she heard Mrynin's voice.

"Claire you know how I feel about those I-pod gizmos in the lab." He smiled, looking amused. Claire, hurriedly, shoved it into her back pack. There was NO way she would let Mrynin see the video she was watching, nor what she'd titled it on her playlist.

"I told you could leave two minutes ago." He raised his eyebrows, and her cheeks flushed. He studied her closely, in interest, the way he might watch Bob. She was acting strange, not her usual bubbly self. I have to go, she said, then darted from the room, and up the stairs, slamming the door after her.

He listened until her footsteps were swept away by the wind, than crouched to pick up the I-pod she had dropped. There were a bunch of names. Josh's song: I knew you were trouble by: Taylor Swift, Alex's song Crush by Selena Gomez. The second to last said Shane's song: Should've Said No by: Taylor Swift. These, he though must be the songs describing the feelings for her, what was the word, Ex's? But the last one said something that made his breath catch. Mrynin's song.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he figured out the right way to put in the ear buds, and then hit the song, which was entitled "I'd lie". As the lyrics played, his eyes widened, and widened. And for the first time since his death, he was shocked. Was little Claire… in love with him.

Claire hummed as she trotted up the stairs, but stopped abruptly as she came face to face with Shane who was going down. They stared awkwardly, and he opened his mouth to say something, but she just pushed past.

This was basically how they'd been since the break up a couple of weeks ago, when she'd caught Shane kissing a guy she knew from biology. She got why Shane had done it. He loved Claire like a sister, and he didn't want to kiss her, for fear of hurting her. She was hurt, but she'd forgiven him, and wished him well, but Eve and Michael had not, and they were currently giving him the cold shoulder. She'd tried to keep peace, while avoiding him herself.

In her room she pulled out a test book and started catching up, on her reading. Eventually, she got bored, and decided to take a music break. She dug through her back pack, but became frantic when her I-pod wasn't there. Ripping down the stairs, she checked her coat to no avail. She'd left it at the lab.

The next day, Claire trudged through the alley in misery. She'd been defocused and useless all day, and twice her teachers had sent her to the nurse, fearing illness from their usual best student. She opened the door slowly, wincing at how loud it sounded, and padded down the stairs.

Mrynin was leaning against a wall, looking crazy, and gorgeous as usual. "Sit down, Claire, we need to talk."