The never ending battle of the shinigami Don't intend to copy write

Ichigo was in his boxers watching the news, he hadn't watched anything in along time after the battle of the first subsitute shinigami...
There were 10 deaths of local criminals in just 1 day, could it be the work of hollows?
The news lady said,"Looks like Kira is doing his daily judging may god thank Kira for getting rid of the filth in this world."
The co news lady said,"Look out if you do bad things or have bad intentions Kira will get you."

Ichigo thought, that was plain stupid cause everyone has potenial in doing something bad and to remove all the filth you would have to kill everyone there is left!
Rukia came in the room.
She said,"I assume you've already heard about Kira."
Ichigo nodded and asked,"Is it the work of a special hollow?"
Rukia replied,"No, come with me to the soul society so Byakuya and all the other captains can explain to you what Kira is."

They went to Urahara's and through the gate.
As they got through, Byakuya greeted along with a soul reaper... One that Ichigo has never seen before. Byakuya smiled and said,"He is a new soul reaper and is a new member of squad 11."
The new soulreaper said,"You can call me L, the soul society is rather interesting, now on to Kira; his name is Yagami Light; he is a ordinary human with the notebook of a shinigami."
Ichigo and Rukia both looked puzzeled and asked,"what do you mean notebook of the shingami and how does this have to relate to any of the deaths?"
Byakuya went on and explained,"There is another type of shinigami, we are the first type the ones that save spirits of human souls and the second type kills living humans to collect their life span; They were rouge shinigami that felt empty and somehow the need to kill so they invented the death note, the notebook L described; any living thing that can write can have possession of the book."
Ichigo cut in and asked,"how does a notebook have anything to do with those people's deaths and how does a human have one?"
L cut in saying,"When someone's full name is written down in the notebook along with a visual of what they looked like then that person dies, If there are no details of the death then they die of heart attack in forty seconds, The person who has the death note can control how and when they die."

Ichigo looked really shocked and said,"That explains everything but tell me more about how Yagami Light got that notebook and where the hell that bastard is."
Byakuya said,"That we don't know and we are making preperations to meet Yagami Light tommorrow and that is where you come in Ichigo; you will try to persuade him that there are good people out there and try to get him to give back the notebook."
Ichigo nodded and said,"I'm still gonna kick his ass."

Muhahahahhahahha Light said in excitement,"I will be ruler of this world and no one will stop me isn't that right Ryuk?"
Ryuk replied with a chuckle,"This is starting to get amusing."
Light said,"With L gone, there is no one in my path and all the dectectives and all the people who think that Kira is evil can all burn in hell."
Ryuk muttered,"The shingami must be coming soon, this shall get interesting."
Light looked at Ryuk and asked,"What do you mean other shinigami Ryuk and are they gonna get in my way?"
Ryuk replied,"You will know who they are pretty soon.."