Mad as Rabbits

Jack is feeling down. The Easter Kangaroo comes to the rescue, naturally.

He shouldn't be afraid of this. He really shouldn't. He never expected all of them to just hang out together for the rest of their days; all of them had specific jobs they should probably get back to.

It didn't mean he liked it, though.

He was currently leaned against the wooden frame of an opened window, an icy wind gently pulling at his clothes and ruffling his hair. They were at North's palace, moments away from going their separate ways. He watched, silent, as the others gave quick goodbyes (smiling and waving at him from afar), and disappeared one by one. Soon, it was just North and Bunny, and finally North waved jovially as he walked back to his workshop, his elves scrambling over themselves to follow him.

Jack sighed, taking that as his cue to go. Besides, the Yetis were staring at him pretty hard, remembering all the times he had tried to break in. He swung to face outwards, feet dangling over the sill and got ready to push himself out and into the snow below.

Before he could, a warm paw settled on his shoulder, and he looked up with a start.

"Now where are ya gettin' off to? Not gonna say goodbye? Ya got terrible manners, ya bloody wanker."

Jack just shrugged, silently grateful the Pooka had even wanted to say goodbye. A couple kids believed in him now, but they were far and few between, and it was still startling knowledge to know that anybody could see him.

The Pooka gave him a funny look, his ears flopping over as he climbed up into the window sill and sat beside Jack. He knocked shoulders with the younger spirit, "Okay?" He asked, and the boy couldn't help but smile.

He didn't know why, but he decided to tell the Easter Kangaroo the truth. He cleared his throat, hoping the Pooka wouldn't make fun of him. "It's going to be hard, getting used to being on my own again. It's… very lonely when hardly anyone can see you."

He jumped when the Pooka laid an arm around his shoulders, filling the immortal youth with warmth he wasn't used to. "Now listen here, who said anythin' about bein' by yourself?"

Jack gave him a flat expression, "I have things to do, and so do you. Winter doesn't just happen by itself, you know."

The oversize cottontail just shook his head and sighed, "Angst don't become ya, Jackie. Now that there's a little pack of ankle-biters that believe in ya, more will follow. It's downright contagious."

Jack just shrugged, looking away. They were nice words, to be sure, and he appreciated the effort… but he'd spent 300 years trying desperately to be seen and heard. It would take more than just a couple pretty words to chase away that nightmare.

He heard the Pooka sigh, before he felt himself being pulled toward the other. He turned in surprise, to find the Pooka's lips directly on his own, brieftly. Before he could even figure out how to respond, the rabbit pulled away, "Ya don't have to worry about being alone anymore, Jack."

And then the asshole shoved him off the window sill, and into the unforgiving snow below.

With a yelp, Jack landed in a heap of snow below, and glared in indignant surprise up at the Pooka. "What the hell?!" Who kisses other people and then shoves them out a window?!

"That was for the Blizzard of '68, ya bloody wanker. Now get out of my sight, don't ya have some decent folk to harass?"