A dark past revealed: Prologue

There once was two beautiful young princesses of the moon. One had long light blonde hair, so light it was on the verge of being white. Her face was gentle and kind and she had big blue eyes. She was the moon princess Serene. The other princess had dark black hair with a silver streak through her pigtails. Her eyes were a darker blue and her face was beautiful as well, but held a deeper thought behind her eyes. Her name was Sera. They lived on the moon under their parents; the King and Queen of the moon. Serene was social and outgoing, while Sera was more meek and secluded. Serene had looked like all past princesses of the moon. Sera looked like she had gotten the recessive jeans for a moon princess. However, none could deny they both held an equal beauty. Serene entertained the people of the moon while Sera kept to her chamber and amused herself by watching those around her hustle by. She knew inside that people found Serene more appealing. She had the moon goddess looks, the political and upbeat attitude, and, although the younger sister by one minute, she knew that she was going to eventually be the Queen.

While all of this was happening, the eight planets: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were uniting for a meeting. They all had a common goal; to join alliances so that their galaxy could be on the most part united. The Queen of the Moon became the leader; the one with the purest power and the ability to heal followed by the rest of the planets in an oath to protect their galaxy and their Moon Queen. They decided to work to unite their powers together, to create a force so powerful through their friendship and love.

For months Sera noticed her parents had gone on meetings with the other planets, and once the rumors were told to be true, that a crystal would be made to hold an immense amount of power to be carried on in the hands of the Queens of the Moon Kingdom, she had an idea. She would prove herself to everyone; she would create a crystal strong enough to emit power. If she couldn't have her place as Queen she could try to amount to something. For days she kept to herself in her room, using the knowledge available to her within the castle.

Princess Serene on the other hand, was still socializing with the people of the castle; specifically the dukes and duchesses. She let her sister do as she pleased, and her sister did the same to her.

Eventually the sisters, at age 17 became old enough to gain the throne, and Serene,also having a lover at the time to a man named Alix, seemed to be the perfect candidate for a new Moon Queen. Sera recognized this fact, and simply gave up, and when the people voted, she just as easily let her sister become the Queen; for if she took the throne she would only be defeated by the people. A day after, the "Silver Crystal" was born. The united powers of the Princess of the Planets, along with the ultimate healing power of the moon, and held by a pure diamond crystal of the Moon had the most astonishing powers ever known to the universe. Sera was in awe. At that point she realized being Queen would have been her dream, but it was a past dream. For the next few weeks she worked on her own crystal creation, depressed by the rejection and emptiness her life held; not a Queen, no lover, not loved by the people, and an appearance so taboo from the past Queens even she could not ignore it.

Finally the crystal was created. It was a darker color for some reason, she didn't know why; she had not used the purest of all crystals but it was no doubt a crystal. She went to use it but it failed to work. She tried again, and again and again. In her misery she slouched down onto her bed and started to cry. It glowed. Suddenly she could feel the power of her pain; her crying emoting a strong energy and with that the crystal seemed to convert it into a powerful energy. Had her feelings that she had while making the crystal affected it? Did it respond to a more negative energy to make a greater power? It was brilliant! If you cry or feel sad you can do something productive with that feeling instead of being engulfed by it! She was astounded by her creation.

A day later she went to her sister, the new Queen Serenity to show her and the people of her discovery. She presented it in front of a crowd, showing them that even pain can produce a strong power. It was abstract. Suddenly one person shouted: "So you are telling us to use negative feelings? That we should be mad, depressed, and angry to find a usable energy or power?"

That statement, led by other linking statements turned the room into a crowd of disgruntled Moon people. The crystal glowed with this power. Sera turned to her sister.

"Do you not see how even their anger makes power? We don't have to use it for these evil or negative means! It could be useful?"

"But it could be dangerous. The power may be useful though, helping us channel our bad energy into a powerful energy. It is debatable."

"GET RID OF IT!" someone yelled.

"It will only make us do more harm!"

"Look we are all angry already, look what it has done!"

…the yelling continued. Queen Serenity knew the best thing to do was to have a vote. Sera thought that her sister's support would be enough. Just to try is all she asked. Just an approval for her one life accomplishment. The vote came in: destroy it.

"NO! Destroy it and destroy me! You have rejected my ideas, you have rejected my appearance, and you have rejected me even as a Queen! You cannot get rid of my only belonging, my only accomplishment!" Sera argued.

"I cannot go against the people dear sister. It could get dangerous!" Queen Serenity protested.

"Try it! Just a trial! Trust me sister! Believe in me! Support Me!" Sera asked.

"I want to, but I cannot. The people are scared, it is abstract and irresponsible!"

"THEN BANISH IT IF IT CAN'T BE DESTROYED!" the people yelled in retort.

"I hereby banish this crystal from the premise of the Moon Kingdom. If it is not gotten rid of it will be destroyed, for the safety of the Moon." Queen Serenity proclaimed.

"Then you have banished me…" Sera answered back.

"Cannot you part with it sister?" Serenity asked.

"I cannot. You should trust me. You should love me. You should accept me. Or at least my work is but a burden to this world, and it seems I have been the same. You don't attempt to sympathize with me, try to accept me or my crystal, or anything for that matter. I wish you would." Sera said holding back tears.

She turned around to leave. Within an hour she had her own small planet like crater with her own belongings to leave the Moon with, which she created for herself. People scolded her as she left the moon, staring at the disgraced ex- Moon princess. She, being strong, held back the tears, and she knew that somewhere she would find a place to live; a home.

She quietly proclaimed to herself; "I am not Sera, I am now Esmeray. The Sera part of me is scrambled and lost within who I really am. I am not of the moon kingdom, because I have been banished. I will leave with my crystal, and I will not return in this lifetime…"

Esmeray was rejected from most other planets, but while visiting them became well aware of the rumors that were being spread. "Its evil!" "She's crazy!" "It's negative energy!" "She was always the different one!"

They made her angry. How could these people only see what was on the outside? How could the protective planets of the universe be so blind?

She spent her days embracing the crystal, and in it her power grew. She created her own castle on this small planet she called her home, and watched the worlds pass her by. Eventually her heart grew so lonely and she became so dependent on her new crystal her gold moon on her forehead became as black as the dark crystal. Yes, the dark crystal. That is what it would be called. And her home would be the Nega-Moon. Nega: to be denied. Nega: short for Negative. She was happy in knowing that she was just as good, if not better than other people with her new found power.

She continued to travel throughout the universe when her crystal reacted to a planet. Someone crying? And there it was. Earth. She drifted down it the planet. Here her crystal directed her, and she saw a young couple. A poor rejected family on the earth. A man named Topazite and a woman named Amathyste. They were brother and sister. They were named after jewels, but crying on the outskirts of the world because they were rejected from society; they were weird; they had bright colorful hair, they were poor, they were misunderstood. She saved them. She did not know why, but she sympathized for them. Like her, they seemed different from society and with that she went down to their home.

She appeared in front of them and told them that using her crystal they could become powerful. That they could live on her planet and be loved. She told them all they had to do was pledge alliance to her, to prove of their loyalty; so Esmeray knew she would not be cheated out of her own home again. They accepted. She renamed their family the Black Moon clan. They were the first of the people that Queen Esmeray took from their home planets and gave them new power and life on her own dark planet. Many other times she found lonely outcasts in societies and she saved them from unfortunate circumstances. They all lived together as the new race of the Nega Moon.

Years later she grew sick and tired of her planet being alone, and knowing her sister had great alliances with the 8 planets, she knew there was no way to protect herself from them. Unless…she looked down on the large blue and green planet. The Earth! Many people on the moon questioned the Earth because it had always kept its ties distant from the other planets. The Queen of the Earth was present in the making of the silver crystal, but did not assume an oath to the Queen of the Moon. Why? Because she did not understand the need for such an oath; an oath meant that you should kill yourself for the Queen if she is in danger, and if you didn't and betrayed her you could set yourself up for failure or being killed yourself. Promises between Planets are strong ones, so the Queen of the Earth kept her options open and let time tell if she would give such an oath. Some called it reasonable, others called it questionable. Either way this could be a window of opportunity for the Dark Queen Esmeray.

She lowered her small planet to the Earth, hovering in the above atmosphere, and sent down 3 spies of the Nega-Moon to search out if such an alliance could be made.

The 3 spies went down to the large palace of the Earth Queen. The Earth queen was young and although Queen, had yet to marry. Her parents died so she assumed the title of Queen with or without a lover when the time came. Her name was Gaia. Her palace was huge, and filled with flowered gardens and large trees surrounding the palace itself. She had dark brown hair that flowed to the ground in soft wavy strands. Her hair parted to the side and shaded part of h left eye. Her dress was a long elegant gown of emerald green with an off the shoulder straps that had leaf-like thin pieces of material. It was embroidered with gold throughout the dress with a golden crystal in the center between the breasts. Damien, who was one of the Esmeray's most loyal followers, was astounded by the beauty of this princess Gaia. He himself was a looker as well; had had Dark black hair and mysteriously dark eyes. He followed her around easily, and found that she was loved by many, and noticed that she did not have a similar life style as Esmeray. One day he was staring at her outside the window of her bedroom when he slipped off of the side of the balcony when she came outside unexpectedly. She saw him, but instead of asking the guards to escort him out, asked him what he was doing. He told her everything, he couldn't help it. Her soft green eyes pierced his dark black eyes and he couldn't hold back. She was happy he didn't lie. He leaned over to the princess and gave her a red rose that he had taken from her favorite garden earlier and at that he told her she was beautiful. From flattery to flirting they both spent the night talking away, ignoring their differences.

Meanwhile, the other 2 spies returned weeks later to Queen Esmeray. They told her that it seemed that because she was not an unfortunate soul like they had been, she may not agree to an alliance. She may not understand. When Esmeray realized that only 2 had returned she asked where Damien had gone. They said that after a few days he never returned to their meeting place outside the palace. She was angry. She figured she'd have to go find out for herself .

The next day Queen Esmeray left and came down to the Earth palace, and took visit to the earth Queen. Upon entering the throne room she was astonished to see that Damien had been sitting beside Gaia, in deep conversation.


"Oh no, dear Queen Esmeray, pardon my absence!"

"Is this how you repay me? I give you power, and a new home. The moon rejected you also as it did me? Do you not remember? You were my devilish follower, and now you are tame?"

"I am not tame, I am in love."

"Oh well my mistake, but you need to return. You pledged an oath to me."

"AHEM." Gaia interrupted.

"oh yes, princess Gaia! I see you have taken my own for yours."

"No, he gave himself to me willingly! But I ask your pardon of him, I adore him so, dear Damien, I would like him to become my King!"

"Well such a request would come with a price, since that would mean his oath to me would be broken!"

"What price may that be?"

Esmeray looked at the princess. She was just about her age. Maybe a year or two older. But what is this? Her dark crystal gave her powers of deep insight, powers of foreseeing the close future and with that insight she realized something.

She smiled at Gaia and Damien. "Haha, you my dear Damien have been naughty have you not?"

"What are you saying my Queen?"

"I am not your Queen as i once was, as you have given yourself to her now, and may I add quite literally. Do not hide it princess, you know that you are now pregnant do you not? I could tell you what it is. A boy…"

"How do you know such things?" Gaia asked.

"My dark crystal. Dear Gaia, rumors of this universe spread like wildfire, but I promise I am the outlier, the betrayed, not the other way around. You choose not to align to my dear sister Queen Serenity immediately, because you are wise. In wisdom you should agree with the following: Your boy will be half Nega-moon, half earth. Part of your boy belongs to me, and although you may not see it in his face, nor on his face where it would be present. Instead of belonging to me, I say let him live off his father's oath in a different way. I, in a few years, will have a child myself; my own bloodline and she will be most likely a girl."

"How do you…"

"Moon my darling, most of the Moon kingdom and many of the other planets are more likely to have daughters because the power lies strongest in the female blood line. No matter, a daughter; a princess must have a prince must she not? Your son and my daughter, we can unite the nega moon, and show the universe we mean no harm, and i can know my daughter will be safe in allegiance with the Earth. Agree?"

"But, falling in love…"

"They can fall in love, and they will have time, on the her 16th birthday they will meet. They will be set up to be married and they will fall in love. I cannot predict such things but one can assume…"

"I cannot let you take Gaia's child!" Damien said.

"Oh I am not taking him! But I will not be fooled out of this promise, this oath either. Three chances, three times may you make a mistake, may you try to change this fate, and each time someone will get hurt or die. It is a planet's oath, it is normal to say that one should be put to death just as the oath you would have made to serve the Queen of the Moon. Except you follow this and everyone is happy."

"I agree then. If it's the only way Damien and my son can live without succumbing to the oath that Damien made to you, then I agree. Damien I cannot have you dying or loosing your powers. It saved you from depression. A son needs a father. We will work this out."

"Ah, so you agree, so it is done. In stone it will be set, and the stone will rest in my palace. When each strike is set, one of these engraved roses will turn to black. Let you know what it means."

"We do, Queen Esmeray I thank you as much as I can." Damien answered.

"Fine. Damien you got me my alliance and Princess Gaia; a son in law. I cannot Thank you enough. Goodbye."

. . .

Years later the Prince of the Earth grew up. He was young when his father was thinking of this oath; this prophecy that was made out for his son.

"I will find him a girlfriend."

"The boy is only 16, and you know he is …" Queen Gaia tried to intercept.

"I know, I know, but they do not have to marry! Just be lovers." King Damien said.

"It's a thin line you stand on dear, dare you should cross it!"

"I will not. There is a lesser; a duchess maybe that is rumored to fancy our son. I will set them up!"

"Do what you please, but you know your Queen the best."

"You are my Queen."

" Yes, but she owns your life."

King Damien set his son up with a lady of the palace with red hair and dark purple eyes. She was quite beautiful. She was excited to meet with the young prince face to face. She had had a crush on him for years.

"Darien meet Lady Beryl" his father presented her too him.

Within days Prince Endymion started to talk with Lady Baryl but he always seemed bored with their conversation. He was a charming and strong built, even for his young age. She would gush to him, he would listen but have his mind drifting away.

Queen Esmeray had a daughter who was now 14 years old, but oblivious to her mother's ill past yet, or her future prince. Esmeray had just gotten a vision that the Prince was with another women. The stone with the oath had the dark moon symbol with the symbol of earth (a circle with a cross through it) intertwined. Underneath it read:

A Princess and A Prince of the Dark and the Flower,

Promised to Love,

Under Planets' Oath and Power,

If three times the rose fades from grey stone to black,

Lives will be Lost,

Never to Come Back

The first rose on the stone with the oath started to glow. Someone had interfered. Somehow she guessed who it was.

King Damien continued to pressure Endymion to see Beryl although he persisted. That same week Damien got ill. Within two weeks King Damien got extremely weak and died. He blamed it on the fact that he never got back to the Nega-Moon to get another crystal for power and strength, but Queen Gaia knew different. That night she gave Prince Darien a present; a single rose, the rose that his father had given his mother on that fateful night when they first met. She also told Lady Beryl to never see his son again, as she knew it would be best for all.

Queen Esmeray knew that Gaia was a smart woman and would not fail her again, but to be sure she often visited the outskirts of the planet Earth to watch the Queen and her son. One of these days, not long after King Damien's death, Esmeray saw this Beryl crying outside the steps of the gate of the palace. She recognized this wench from her visions, realizing she was the girl who Damien had threw in front of his son. But she was out here now, crying.

"Dear girl, why are you crying?"

"WHY? Because I am banished from the palace, my prince dislikes me, and now it is rumored he is to be wed to another girl!"

Esmeray knew that her daughter must be the other girl, but the fact that she was banished: she disliked it. She realized she would be a good pawn to hold, now with a grudge against Gaia, and her strong personality held her great potential.

"Then you wish to leave this planet? Come with me, I will give you power, the Prince may not be yours but you can live a life of acceptance, and my people will provide you with a suitor no doubt!"

Power. Power? Did Beryl here that right? Yes. She could handle power.

"I will go with you."

"Then we shall depart now."

Back at the palace Beryl grew more powerful, as her strong anger fueled the dark crystal, so much that even Esmeray questioned the girl. It seemed however she aged quicker with such power. Many of the power hungry beings seemed to hold that fact in common. It did not faze her though. One year had past, and Esmeray had also been informed that her sister Queen Serenity had a daughter two years after her daughter had been born. Princess Serena. Another goddess-like heir no doubt. She questioned her followers if anyone had any information on the new princess, who would now be about 14 years old...for now her daughter Princess Melaena was her main concern...