Chapter 2: The Escape and the Spy

Melaena watched as the meek little servant, left the room, completely unaware that she had even given her the seal.

Funny what a little bit of brainwashing could do; her mother's notes and journals Eclipta gave her really were turning out to be useful; after Eclipta said she would probably let them collect dust? Never.

She was just bored all the time, and could anyone blame her? And power was a thing she strived for, since it was the only thing within her reach...for now.

She smiled as the door closed and pulled out the dark black key with a purple crystal and the dark moon seal of a black crescent.

She was not a child, and she was going to figure out who those two young men were.

"Your rooms are this way? I hope you dont mind we have them conjoint." The dark mistress lead the two men to their rooms in the black palace.

"Not at all, I'm sure my brother Diamond would enjoy my company." The slightly younger looking one said, who gave his brother a small glare.

Diamond felt the glare and ignored it. He wasn't about to argue in front of the Dark Queen's mistresses.

"Here." She said. She opened the doors to a large room that held two beds on seperate sides of the room dividable with a black crystal divider like wall. It was emense and large and screamed royalty. Purples and black roses with silver and gold trim, ordained the beds and decor.

"Thank you." Diamond mustered out in a low voice, as the mistress remained in the room.

"Wait there is still more I need to discuss."

Princess Melaena left the confines of her room, making sure she looked presentable, hiding behind the shadows, wearing her dark black cloak. She went around the corner and heard a noise. Thats when she saw the shadows of three people walk into a guest bedroom. She saw the sight of one of them; the dark haired man in the blue suit. She let out a gasp! Her vision was correct. She let out a small laugh of self triumphance, when she saw the mistress look her way.

"Shh!" A voice said from behind her and whisked her back into the shadows, covering them with a dark forcefield.

"What do you think...?" She turned to see a feather on the floor that instigated the bubble of a forcefield of black power and looked to see a girl about her age in a dark short dress of black feathers, short cut dark red-brown-black hair, and piercing blue eyes.

"I am future Mistress of the Raven at your service, but you can call me Brenna. Sorry for the surprise, but Mistress Coal is your mother's best Mistress and she's got a temper and a good ear." They watched as the three figures walked into the spare room.

Melaena looked at her in surprise. "Why didn't you rat me out?" She still questioned her.

"I'm going to be your head Mistress one day; I live to serve you. My feather's keep my power at its best, you are our Princess!"

Melaena looked at her. She had the dark moon symbol; she wasnt lying and she also wore the gloves and heels and short apparel of a Mistress; femininity was a huge culture of the dark moon. "Well thank you. I'll remember your allience to me. However I would like to know..." Melaena started as she brushed herself off.

"Who those boys are? Yea Sapphire's quite a looker, he seems kind of familiar."


"There from the Dark Moon Clan, or at least the most direct lineage from it. Their mother was Amathyst one of your mother's original recruits from the earth, with her brother Topasite. Topasite hasnt been seen, but its rumored he has children. Amathyst, although being one of your mother's best followers, had relations with a lesser knight from the moon kingdom, and your mother, the Dark Queen let those two boys live there to eventually become spies. Amethyst died not long after, probably killed by someone on in the Moon Kingdom, while their father raised them. However something happened and the Queen of the Moon got close to one of them and found out, the same day the boys were supposed to find out that they were actually meant to be spies, that they were of the Dark Moon. In rebellion for their exile, they decided to accept their Dark Moon lineage and now the oldest one is taking position of one of your mother's new dark moons. He's going to be the prince to the New Black Moon Clan, since he's the direct son of Amethyst, and is here now to hear and accept the offer when the moon is finished being created."

"Thats why Eclipta has been so busy and sneaky, leaving me with my own work..."

"I'm surprised you don't know about this stuff as the future Queen, Princess?" Brenna bowed slightly.

"They think I'll get in the way, or want me to be protected or something. I'm like a china doll to Ecplipta..."

"But you did sneak out of your room...and your supposed to be more powerful than all of us."

"I am. I scold myself for not using my powers to hide myself but...hey. My dear Mistress Brenna, why don't you become my inside informant?"

"Me? But if someone found out I could be..."

"Ah, ah. We'll be quiet and secretive. You tell me what is going on around here, and I give you ultimate power over the rest of my mistresses in the future; my ally?" She gave her a sly but friendly smile. "I could always see what the other Mistresses offer..."

"I could never deny you. Of course."

"Who else will be my mistresses of the mask?"

"Myself, Isanna Mistress of Ice, Belinda of the Python, Melantha of the Poisonous Flower, and Arachnina of the Arachnid. We're the most powerful of our generation, and are being trained to serve you. We all still have our ... faults.. but in the few years we will be ready to become your mistresses as Queen."

"Faults?" Melaena questioned her hesitance.

"Well we run into our road bumps, like today...well we were practicing summoning our powers...and well Arachnina's arachnids got a little out of hand..."

Melaena's eyebrows raised.

"There are still a few around the castle...there half mechanical...summoned from her dark moon powers...but I wouldn't worry. Next time you almost get caught, use the your dark crystal!" Brenna suddenly ran off, without another word.

Melaena stood in awe, and disgust. She didn't care how dark this world was, nothing was manageable about a spider. Snake, fine. Spider? No.

Still she crept to the door, she needed to see what was going on. She cloaked herself again, ready with her dark crystal out from her necklace to use a it to shield herself in darkness as she peaked through the door.

"You know you will be the Prince of the Black Moon Clan, and Queen Esmeray hopes you accept the offer? Your mother was a prize of a follower and a warrior under her."

"I will." His voice was deep for a young man, and kept his back faced to her. Melaena wondered what this new Prince would look like with such power to his voice.

"Is it only us?" Sapphire asked. She looked to the dark haired young man. Sure he was attractive, something alluring, but nothing stunning like Brenna had described.

"No. Your mother's followers she governed over; the ones beneath her, had children who are still in debt to the Black Moon Sector. They will serve you."

She showed an apparition of them. "Emerald is the daughter of Ambre, your mother's close friend. She is extremely strong willed and determined."

They looked at the young woman. Her sex appeal was strongly accentuated, but nothing could stray his thoughts from his current problems with a certain beauty.

"Rubeus is the son of Obsidian, your mother's best warrior and spy beneath her. He has acquired followers himself called the Twisted Sisters." Sapphire noticed they had quite a cavalry, and seemed to catch his eye on the one called Prizma. "What about my mother's brother? I was told she had one?"

"She did. Topasite...he left the clan, still under oath. He has assumed to have had kin, and possibly another set of children, but considering he was younger than Amethyst, you, Diamond still have superiority. They haven't made themselves noticeable in a long time. We hope you will draw them out as family."

"Fair enough." Sapphire let it slide. He didn't really feel like searching for family. His own brother was giving him enough grief.

"I shall go now. If you need anything just call." She gave a slight bow. "Oh and wear these; they'll get you used to the dark crystal. Have you used your powers since your reveal?" She handed them dark crystal earrings.

"We have. It's power is immense. Thank you." Diamond nodded.

Melaena ran over to the dark spot she hid in before and called on her crystal. It glowed with a sudden dark power, as a purple aura changed to a dark shadow that covered her from the Mistress' darting eyes as she left the room.

She knew now what was going on...but still her curiosity to see this Prince Diamond's face was irking her.

She crept back to the door, which conveniently left a space between the two doors .

"You did this to us you know, you can't go wallowing in self pity." Sapphire said.

"I won't. The Queen Serenity, was naive and shallow for exiling us so quickly. I was so close..."

"Her daughter was a prize you'd never win. She's had eyes for that other Prince for weeks now."

"Why is it it always ends this way?"

"Because you go for something you cannot reach. Your a Prince now, so live up to it." Sapphire looked hard at his brother. He hated seeing him so torn, but he was so naive sometimes.

"Your right. As royalty I will get what I want. The Queen will give us our own Dark Moon and we won't submit to such unfairness. If only father was here. He passed so quickly before we were exploited."

"To be fair, I do believe that now that we are fully of the Dark Moon, we are much more powerful."

"True, our mother's lineage gave us a large advantage. Plus father shouldn't have been punished for our decision." He suddenly turned with a casual smile on his face. Melaena looked wide eyed. His face was handsome, and his lilac purple eyes were something like hers, but harder and deep. His smile was of confidence she admired, and his silver hair was something like of a diamond; youthful and not at all portraying an elder-like appearance, but something she rarely saw. His face angular but masculine and cut like a man. He was a diamond.

"I still find it odd the Queen has yet to address us herself." Sapphire said.

"I hear she has a daughter; a following generation. But no King...these Moons are so dependent on their female race." Diamond realized.

"She was once of the moon kingdom; rumor has it she is the exiled princess and sister of Serenity."

"All the same...I wonder if they share the same goddess like beauty..." Diamond wondered looking in thought.

Melaena felt a smile. Yes they did. A darker, mysterious beauty no doubt. She was about to leave when she felt something on her foot. She looked down to see a mechanical black spider crawling over her foot. She felt her self suck in a large amount of air, and tried to kick it off of her, but instead fell to her side as the spider clung. She felt herself fall as she looked in horror at the evil creature. Even she had no appreciation for it; and felt a cloud of blackness fall over her as she hit the floor.