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Okay towards the end of the chapter is a bit... mature.. I will let you know when it starts :D (and no it is not anything sexual for you perverts out there xD)

A few minutes passed until North and Jack finally cleansed their numbed tongues from the spicy Curry Karma had slipped into their drinks. A few minutes passed of care free laughter echoing throughout Karma's adobe. A few minutes passed of Karma forgetting her worries and fears. A few minutes passed with Karma feeling like she was finally a part of something better than herself. A few minutes minutes passed and for once Karma felt like she belonged. Like she had a family again. Like she wasn't floating aimlessly completing her assignments with only them being her accomplishments. Just a few moments of the Guardians in her empty house,finally made it feel-like home.

Bunnymund soon pulled out a tiny egg with tiny feet and out a paintbrush with a small black brush at the tip of it, the handle color was a gray-blue. She just smirked, it was the color of his fur. She didn't know what had her so curious and infatuated with the Pooka, he just spiked her interest. He was an interesting being. She heard thousands of stories about him since her creation. For example, she heard that the earth was once egg-shaped but that didn't work out for the planet very much and it was heading towards the sun. So what he Pooka did was he dug the earth out to be the round shape it was today, creating new land masses and oceans, like Australia. She heard about the epic battles that North, he, and other people had together. She heard that the Pooka was from another planet and that he was the last of his kind because of the Nightmare King, Pitch.

She frowned at that thought. Was Pitch really that evil? When she had met the said evil being, he seemed confused, he seemed like he was being possessed by the nightmares he controlled. He seemed to be longing for something, but could never attain it. She remembered him back during the Dark Age with a type of golden locket he fiddled around with a lot. She once asked him about the golden trinket, but he tossed her question away and ignored it. The look on his face was enough for her not to ask the question again.

Her thoughts soon wondered to Punita. Something was happening to her, and she felt like it wasn't sunshine and rainbows. Something bad, something really bad. The last time she started to lose control of her powers was when Pitch was forced into hiding to regenerate for 500 years. But this wasn't Pitch, Punita was only human. Whatever was happening to her is pretty bad if she had been missing for only 5 days.

Her body had an setting to where it knew something bad was going to happen before her, and its reaction was to lose control of her powers. The reason it was doing it was to be more in tuned with her animalistic senses, to make herself stronger, to prepare for some serious action. When Pitch was taking on the Guardians he ordered her not to come to his aid. He didn't want her to be caught up in the action or be blamed for the crimes she committed to help him gain power. He wanted her to see the light, and Manny helped him by showing her the evil they had done together.

There were three in on the scheme actually, but Pitch and Karma were the closest. They had to be, the other was so violent. He lashed out with so much power, so much anger, so much lust, so much evil.

The relationship Pitch had with Karma was one of a father and daughter type. He would complement and praised her actions and vise versa. But the other did not have that relationship with Karma. He wanted much more. He admired her powers, her looks, her body, everything about her sent him to daydream what he would do to her through the morning to night. To say his lust for her was creepy would be a lie. Both Pitch and Karma noticed it, do both made it a point but to leave him alone with her. When Pitch told Karma to go, he made sure she was capable of holding her own against the other powerful being. She never found out because Pitch defeated him before he could do any more harm than he had already done, although that has costed the Nightmare King a great amount of power that was needed to defeat the guardians.

All three were powerful in their own way. Pitch was able to twist and bend peoples thoughts and dreams. Creating their minds to become full of paranoia and anxiety. Thinking the worst in people and shutting other dangers out of their lives and make them become insane, making their fear rise and feed his armies hunger with that fear making his nightmares stronger. The other was able to twist peoples judgments of each other, making them turn on lovers, family, and friends. Making hate fill their hearts and making them become so violent. Causing feuds to rise and battles to start. Cause so much hate between people that loved and cared for one another. Creating crime and death all around him. But Karma was no better than he. She helped spread death where it didn't belong. She is the one who kept the plague running for so long. She made it worse. Everything, every being she touched she grazed them with the dangerous poison that allowed death into a mortals system, that allowed death to enter their body and over the them, letting their death to be long and unmerciful. She hated humans and their sins. They were so easily swayed and gave into temptation too easily. The children should feel blessed that they didn't have live with such pathetic parents, or live to see another day of this horrible lifestyle. She delivered bad karma to everyone, never good. She saw every human bad, and didn't see the need for spreading the good side of her powers. The other being twisted her judgement of her image of humans into a cruel one, he was able to bend her judgment on them. He was able to change her with the false images he bored into her mind. Her mind was like putty in his hands, and he took advantaged of that by showing her the downside of humanity. And soon after that, he had her on the dark side and was able to convince her to use her powers for evil, to punish the humans and become stronger. Pitch had helped as well in forming her image on humans, but his wasn't as dark and inhuman. She felt safe around Pitch unlike the other. And like mentioned before, the other being was imprisoned.

He wasn't imprisoned forever, everything does has an end.

He eventually healed and created chaos whenever he could among the easily influenced humans. He searched for Karma, but she always avoided his grasp narrowly escaping his evil and dirty clutches. She had learned how to elude him, but now he found her weakness. She couldn't evade his eager hands anymore. No. She would fight him. Because this time it was different. She had the guardians. She could fight with them and they could finally defeat him instead of trap him! She had to. For Punita and Amala.

Karma was too deep in thought to notice the spirits that were trying to gain her attention. She was to in deep in thought about the past. About the consequences of her actions if she did not plan then out right. Deep in thought about the penalties if she did not succeed and she did not defeat him.

"FLEA BRAIN!" An Australian accent finally meet her ears and brought her out of the morbid thoughts that were clouding her mind from reality.

"Wa-what?" She stuttered surprised.

"In LA LA land child?!" North said, his cheeks slightly red from the spiciness he experienced minutes ago. "Time for that later, first we need to talk to ze child that you sent away." North chuckled.

"Why?" Karma asked not seeing why Amala was needed at the moment, she just sent her to rest.

"Ve must ask her questions about her mother and such." He smiled.

"If ya were payin' attention ya would have known tha' already." Bunny scolded while putting away the egg he was finished with. It was so beautiful Karma thought allowing it quickly. It's base was a deep royal red and golden swirls. White outlined the gold with small green swirls that seemed to complete it.

"Sorry mom." Karma rolled her eyes at Bunnymund's comment. "I just sent her to bed, do I have to? She needs some rest." Karma said looking off to the staircase Amala hopped up.

Soon a noise made its way to her eyes along with a shattering of glass. Soon other noises made way into Karma´s ear.

"Epp!" A squeak emulated from the top of the staircase. "Whoops.." It chuckled nervously.

"Looks like she's up." Bunnymund chuckled.


"So Santa, The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, are going to help me find my mommy Kar-Kar?!" Amala asked , excitement clear as day on the child's face.

"Yes they are." Karma smiled. "Now I need you to stay here with one or more of these guys" Karma said while pointing at the Guardians.

"But I want to come with you!" Amala whined. "I can help!"

"You need rest Amala. Also, I will not have you be put in any danger by going to investigate your house." Karma said sternly.

"Bu-But.." Amala said while trying to come up with a reason to be able to go with Karma. "But I know where the house is!"

"So do I." Karma said matter-of-factly.

"Ummm... I know the house better than you!" Amala said proudly.

"I don't care." Karma said while looking away from the child.

"But I can help!" Amala argued.

"No." Karma said turning back to Amala.

"But she is my mom!" Amala said.

"No." Karma said.

"I want to help!" Amala kept on complaining.

"You would be a big help if you stayed out of the way. You would only get in the way." Karma stated coldly. At this statement Amala started to tear up.

"Hey you don't need to say that to her Karma." Jack said while taking Amala into his arms.

"Fine!" Karma said frustrated. "She can come-


"-but you will listen to my every orders Amala." Karma said sternly. "I don't know what they did to it, and who knows if they are still lingering there." Karma said looking at Amala's once teary eyes, that were now shimmering with delight and satisfaction. "Do not wonder off."

"Yes ma'am!" She said while posing in a military-like manner and saluting her.




Throughout the argument Bunnymund saw Karma's body change into a rigid one. She was afraid to take the child with her. He understood why too, there was potential danger lurking at the house. But he had to admire the child's determination to find her mother, and he understood why Karma gave in so quickly. The kid was her weakness, just like Sophie was for him, may Manny bless her soul. It had been two decades since her death, she was 87 when she passed, but her eyes, even in death , held that childlike glimmer that he loved. That was what Amala and Punita was to Karma, and he was determined to protect them to keep them from getting hurt or worse. For Karma. Karma, the one that had grown on him the past few hours, and the one that held such sadness and regret in her eyes when she uttered the words that made Amala tear up. She was willing to hurt her, to protect her. A twisted irony. Karma agreed to let Amala come, but he had a bad feeling and he could Karma had it as well. He was on his toes even more so currently because of Karma's powers going haywire. He just hoped that his assumptions weren't true.

Karma started to walk away from the group and Bunnymund followed her, as well as the rest of the group.

"We need to get there as soon as possible. We already have 5 day old evidence and that won't aid us as much as freshly made clues, but it would aid us more than 6 day old ones." Karma said while opening her deep colored door. "I personally can't transport everyone cause that would waste to much of my energy at the moment. Do any of you have a better way?" Karma asked while taking a step outside.

Bunnymund's stomach dropped at her next words. "I think that would work." And he knew exactly what she was talking about.

The sleigh.

"Everyone loves the sleigh" North, the cocky bastard, chuckled in his ear while grabbing Bunnymund and dragging him outside, North knowing very well Bunnymund would refuse the ride.




Karma yelled in delight as the sleigh flew on to their destination.

"THIS IS EPIC!" Karma yelled while running up to the front of the sleigh. She looked back at the beings behind her, they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Except for the Australian accented Pooka. She smirked at his uneasiness, but felt pity for him none the less. She heard a another voice of delighted laughter, and that belonged to none other than Amala.

"We are getting close to the location North! I will lead the way to it!" Karma said.

"You do that child!" North said with laughter lacing his voice.

Karma nodded her head with much glee as she stood up on the side of the sleigh.




Bunnymund watched as Karma stood gracefully at the edge of the sleigh and then he saw her fall. He peered over the edge for some reason forgetting his fear of heights to glance at Karma. Her clothes ruffled and she had her eyes closed enjoying to free fall. She opened her arms, she seemed lost in the air, like nothing affected her, and this affected him. He calmed down to see how she gracefully transformed into a large red bird. When she started to fly upward in front of the sleigh he took time to admir- erm take in her new appearance. She screamed the word fire, she was a beautiful sight to take in. She was a deep royal red, the same red she always wore. The color matched her really. She was hot headed, fierce, and passionate. She was beautiful, but he would never admit such a thing aloud. She had fire trailing her, it was such a magnificent sight to take it. It took his breath away. Unknown to him, everyone saw what it it did to him, and they all had a scheme going on in their trouble making heads.




Karma was about twenty feet above the ground she needed to land on, and this she transformed, landing with grace on the ground her bare feet being tickled by the grass she was met with. She heard the loud ruckus of the sleigh landing, silently questioning how he managed to deliver presents without waking any kid up. Karma rolled her eyes at the sight she was met with when she turned around to face the Guardians.

Karma realized why the landing was so rough, North had allowed Amala the controls of the transportation object. Bunnymund was on the ground shaking while Sandman and Tooth were in a daze. Jack was complaining about the fact North had never given him the pleasure of driving the sleigh and North only batted away his whining to high five the little girl he had come to care deeply for to quickly. Amala was jumping up and down as she said she loved 'the loopyed loops."

Soon though, this happy moment was ruined when Karma´s noise was met with something she desperately hoped she would not have to had encountered.


So much blood. She noticed Bunnymund's nose begin to retract in disgust. Everyone else noticed their sudden change in emotion and soon got serious.

"Everyone stay here while I check out what that smell is." Karma commanded, not mentioning that it was blog, she didn't need Amala to worry.

The outside of Punita's house seemed calm and untouched, Karma just posted to Manny that it was the same on the inside as well.

It wasn't.

Karma was absent from the group longer than she had thought, she was only focused on one thing. She was to focused to hear them say they were coming in, and she was to focused to remember they had Amala with them.

Too focused. To focused to save a child from a horror that they should have to never experience.

She heard Amala's scream and Karma quickly turned around.

"Sandy! Knock Amala out!" Karma commanded, trying to save the innocence that was left in Amala. Karma caught Amala as she fell and she held her close. Karma feel onto the ground as well, her knees buckling in shock, anger, and sadness from the sight their eyes were met with.

(Okay here is the mature part ;-;)

There hanging limp from a noose on the ceiling was Amala's father... His guts spilling from his ripped open stomach with flies hovering around him and maggots maneuvering through his intestines. His neck was slit open, dried blood trailing down from the wound onto his shirt. Onto his lifeless body. His wrist were slit as well and his mouth hung ajar revealing a tongue that was no longer there. His head hung in a weird position showing that it was were bruises all along his body as well as gashes, both small and large. His eyes were wide open, lifeless. In fact one of his eyes hung loosely from its socket. His nose was broken, and his left ear was hanging from his lifeless form. On his hand had bloody knuckles, and missing fingers on both hands. The fingers that were on his hand had their nails removed, the lines on his hands were dirty with blood and dirty. His feet were bare as well, and he had missing toes. Blood decorated his feet as well as dirt. The had marks on them presenting that he had been hanged from his feet as well. His left leg was broken and his right leg had his bone sticking out, the white structure turned into a moldy brownish red. His clothes were ripped up and had blood all over them. The stench that left his mangled body was a putrid one that had Jack go outside, Karma could hear his groaning and how his body was trying to throw up. It smelt worse than a dumpster filled to the brim of road kill.

He was tortured to death.

There besides him, plastered on the once pure white walls was a message, a message for Karma. One she couldn't get it off her head, one that made it spin. After the message there was name she thought she would never see or hear again, or better yet. Come in contact again.


I...I have honestly have no idea what happened...I...am..I am such a horrible person to be wrong this, but it goes so well with how I want to do this story. In the beginning of this series I never wanted it to be so morbid. But as I stared to write my later chapters, the idea just came to me.. oh gawd... I.. don't know what to say. In the next chapter I will reveal who the main bad guy is, and no..it isn't Pitch. I like Pitch, and so I will not use him as a bad guy Dx. But you guys should guess,I want to see if anyone gets who the bad guy is!:D

Now the reason why I didn't update when I said I did was because I got grounded for 3 weeks ;-;. Also because I didn't know if i should had ended it that why. I know it was a bit gory, and honestly it was very hard for me to write, you have no idea. I kept on telling myself "You are a horrible person Desiree!"

Also say thanks to likhitata for uploading the last chapter and editing it!:D Love you girl!:D