Atticus: this young lady does not own "To Kill a Mockingbird", its plot nor its characters. They all belong to Harper Lee.

A/N: this was some paper I had to write for school but since I was doing it from Mayella´s POV I had to consider the fact that she´s not well educated and she wouldn´t use the sophisticated language Atticus would for example. So I tried to change my own language quite a bit in order for it to fit the character.

I can write a little. Except I´ve never done this before ya know, writin´ just like that. Just like that outta nowhere. Though I sure like to practice every now n´ then. I always try n´ read ordinary things like street signs n´ cereal boxes. I also practice writin´ my name or my address. But this is the very fers´ time I write so freely or tell somethin´ so personal. I jus´ need to get everything outta me. This jus´ coz it´s been nearly a month since Papa died. He would´ve never let me write. If he caught me I would´ve gotten a harsh beatin´ coz "Ewells ain´t doctors or lawyers or any o´ those fancy people". Not that he didn´t beat me anyway. I would´ve liked it to become a nurse and heal people. But I knew if Papa didn´t have me to beat n´ abuse whenever he was drinkin´ he would have my siblings. I took everything for them, I really wanned them to have a better life. But they always said they didn´t wanna go to school because it was hard and the other chirren were mean to them. They still tried every year.

I could´ve never just leave them alone with Papa, they would´ve never stood a chance. I´m a strong girl I really am. I´m used to it. I´m a mother to them coz didn´t get to know much ´bout Mama. She was very sweet to me. She would tuck me into bed, kiss my forehead and say "I love you". Those three words were so simple even for an ignorant like me to understand but they meant so much. I came from school one day and Papa jus´ told me "She´s dead. Don´t speak of´er ever agin you hear me?". That was the last day I went to school n´ I never heard those words agin. Her name was Violet like my second name. Sometimes I dare to dream about havin´ a baby girl myself n´ name her Violet too.

I really didn´t wanna accuse Tom Robinson either. I felt really guilty when he said to those judges that he was feelin´ sorry for me . I didn´t wan´im to feel like that. I don´t even know why I threw myself at him, I guess it was the fers´ time I had the chance to do somethin´ on my own choice n´ show affection to a man. See, when one needs love it doesn´t matter from whom, from a Negro or from a white it ain´t important. But I knew if I said somethin´ to those judges Papa would do the same thing he did to Mama. But I played my part well n´ ruined the Negro man´s life.

I know it sounds bad that I say I felt relieved when Mr. Tate came to tell me Papa was found dead. But I like to think anyone would feel like that if their father raped and beat them. I am now free. I knew he was tryin´ to kill the Finch chirren. He´d talked about it for days. I knew those chirren hadn´t done nothin´. When I insisted on knowing Mr. Tate made me swear not to say a word but that it had been Arthur Radley. I know nothin´ about him except for the things people in town say. Whoever it is he didn´t just save the Finches, he saved me too and I will always be grateful to him for that.

Boo Radley: Review or I´ll kill you…

Scout: He means it…