OC Form

Im Back! Yes im back and I am doing a new Smash story and I need 4 OC's, so send them in and the best ones get into the story

Summary: The Smashers have beaten Tabuu and finished the Smash Tournament! Master hand opens a mansion for the smashers to stay for the next tournament. But like always there are new smashers joining the tournament! So buckle yourself in for a new story with new people!

Genre: Adventure/Humor/Romance/Action

OC Form:





Love Interest:


Final Smash:




Back Story:


1st OC:

Name: Matt Skywalker

World: Naboo

Race: Jedi/Human

Personality: Matt is a funny, fun loving, caring about animals and people, can get angry if someone hurts his friends or talks bad about someone he loves

Love Interest: Female OC

Appearance: Matt has messy blone hair like his father Luke Skywalker with sky blue eyes, he has a very toned body but can still to the aerobic moves.

Final Smash: Matt calls upon the Jedi Master's: Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker and Master Yoda and they ran in a straight line and damages who ever in its paths and then Matt use's forcepush and pushes the opponents of the edge.

Move-Set: Force Lightning, Lightsaber Throw, Force Speed and Force Pull

Clothes: In battle, Matt wears a black jedi robe with the hood up with black boots and a black armband on his right arm. In the mansion, Matt wears the same robe but with the hood down and wears a casual boots

Skills/Abilities: Force

Back Story: After Luke defeated the Empire, Luke and Mara jade had a son named Matt who trained in the ways of the force under Luke's teaching, now with the galaxy in balanced Matt decides to leave the galaxy and join the smash tournament

Roommate: Not decided