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Jayne was busily putting away an armful of folded sweaters when Mycroft showed up. Concerned, she turned to him and was surprised when he placed his hand gently on her arm. "He's back," he said straight out and Jayne felt her blood go ice cold. Ever since that nightmare so long ago, her every waking moment had been fearful of hearing that Jim Moriarty had surfaced again. She shivered uncontrollably and Mycroft placed an arm around her to lead her away. One of his associates stayed behind to explain to Margery that an emergency had come up and that Jayne would be away for a short while.

"What's happened, Mycroft?" Jayne asked.

And so Mycroft began the tale of how the morning had gone insane with the break-in at the Tower of London, as well as the Bank of England and Pentonville Prison. She was appalled and was more than relieved when they pulled up in front of a building and John and Sherlock were both standing there. She practically leapt from the car and into John's arms to hug him before turning to Sherlock and gazing up into his eyes. They were concerned and that worried Jayne. She would hug him later, when he would be less likely to turn away because of an audience.

Mycroft gave her a quick wave before driving off, leaving her with them. She turned to her friends. "What now?"

"I'm glad you asked," Greg Lestrade said, coming up behind them. Jayne gave him a soft smile before hugging him quickly. "Hello, Greg," she said. He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Come with me," he said, leading the way inside.

Soon Sherlock, John, Greg and she stood in front of a monitor and watched as "Dear Jim" pranced around to the beat of his own opera, before he used a diamond to break into the protective case holding the Crown Jewels. Jayne's hand flew to her mouth when the "glass" shattered. "My god," she whispered, as the tape reversed and they watched him write Sherlock's name on the glass before shattering it. She looked over to Greg for confirmation, "He's going away for a long time now, right?"

"Oh, yeah. Caught him red-handed as you Yanks say, yeah?" he teased her.

Six weeks later, Jayne put on a professional-looking plum colored skirt and blazer set over a pale lavender blouse and pantyhose. Her feet went into plain and simple black ballet flats and she waited in front of the door for John and Sherlock. She smiled when she saw them, both of them looking very serious and professional. "Relax, boys. We'll get him put away and be home in time for tea. I'll make cake," she teased them.

Sherlock looked down at her and sighed. "We both know that's not what's going to happen," he said.

She sighed. "I know, but I'm trying to use the force of positive energy!"

She saw him smirk. "You do that."

John looked at them both. "Ready?"

"Yes," Sherlock answered for them both.

John pulled open the door and they were instantly assaulted by the cacaphony of dozens of voices; cameras and microphones shoved into their faces as they were bombarded with questions one after another as they forced their way through the reporters. Thank goodness Greg had seen fit to place a few officers at Baker Street or they would never have made it through the throng. They climbed into the police car, with Jayne in between the two of them, protecting her from the reporters. She sighed in relief when the doors were closed and the car was pulling away, lights and siren blaring.

Jayne listened with half an ear as John admonished Sherlock not to be "too smart." She had to hide a grin behind a fake yawn because she knew that Sherlock simply couldn't stop himself sometimes. They arrived at the courthouse. Jayne felt a sudden wash of nervousness fall over her. She suddenly gripped Sherlock's hand. He looked down at her and felt her body tense beside his. Where John couldn't see, he ran his thumb gently over Jayne's hand in circles to help her relax. Her breathing was still hyper but slowly she began to breathe easier and her body relaxed in minute amounts.

She followed the boys into the courthouse, nerves still scuttling about in her belly. But she pasted a calm expression on her face as they walked into the old building. They made a stop at the restrooms before going into the courtroom, who knew how long the trial would go on for today. Once finished, Jayne and John waited outside of the men's room for Sherlock. Jayne sat on a bench as John leaned against the wall, and she was startled as Sherlock opened the door swiftly. She caught sight of a young woman in the doorway behind Sherlock, the woman's face was both startled and there was an angry and hurt look in her eyes. Jayne's eyes flicked to Sherlock, he was definitely upset and angry. She gave the young woman a small, pinched smile and stood to follow Sherlock, John at her back.

Jayne sat beside John in the audience while Sherlock took the stand. John reached for her hand and they both winced as Sherlock began to get "clever." And then it took a slightly humorous turn as the Judge asked Sherlock if he could go without showing off. Jayne rolled her eyes and laughed for a moment. "Well, that was a stupid question!" she giggled, whispering to John. As the Judge called for order, Jayne whispered to John, "I'm glad I remembered the bond money."

An hour later, they were standing together as Sherlock signed for his phone and other personal items. "I told you not to get clever," John admonished him.

"I can't just turn it on and off like a tap," Sherlock replied.

On the way home, the three discussed the fact that Moriarty had just sat there, not calling forth anyone for his defense. "The only reason he's behind bars is because he chose to be there. This is all part of his scheme," Sherlock concluded.

The next morning, John and Jayne sat in silence in the audience of the courtroom as Moriarty's lawyer offered no defense and called no witnesses. "But your client has entered a plea of 'not guilty'," the judge reminded him. "Nevertheless, my client is offering no evidence. The defense rests," the lawyer replied. Jayne watched as Jim turned around and looked at John, then his eyes flicked to her and he grinned when he saw her looking at him. He winked at her and turned back to the judge.

"Not guilty. They found him not guilty, Sherlock," John said, as he and Jayne walked back towards Baker Street. "He's out. He'll be coming for you."