Chapter 1


I am about to be summoned for a match. I haven't been summoned in a long time. Ever since I was "nerfed" by the High Council of Equity, who are the ones who supervised the League of Legends, I wasn't summoned as much as I used to. I actually heard a rumor about a organization called "Riot" controlling them. "WELCOME TO SUMMONER'S RIFT!" I have not realized we had started. My summoner is on rank 14, so it's going to be a decent match, hopefully. I looked around my team. Pantheon, Warwick, Malphite, and Ahri. Ahri seemed so out of place compared to all the strong teammates we have, including me. I was probably weaker than everyone here. (Curse you High Council!) Yet Ahri can be stronger than all of us later in the match. Which is exactly how it went when we pushed the middle lane towards the enemy nexus turrets. When the enemy Lee Sin attacked Ahri, which didn't effect her at all, she took a huge chunk of his health with her mysterious orb. I finished him off with my bouncing bomb. She furiously yelled at me, "That was my kill!" I rolled my eyes, thinking that the summoner who controlled her made her say that.

We won the game flawlessly, but I died the most. We all were about to go back to the dormitories in the Institute of War, but then I caught Ahri glaring at me. I asked, "What?" She replied, "You know that was my kill!" I was surprised, a champion that gets angry over something that doesn't really benefit them? "But it doesn't matter if the champion gets a kill, it only matters to the summoner." I said. "IT MATTERS TO ME!" She yelled while stomping away. I was confused and I wanted to know because this is too strange. A champion that wants to kill? I ran after her. I saw her sitting on a bench outside the Institute...crying?! I awkwardly walked to the bench and sat down. "Uh, is something the matter?" I said. She replied, "It's none of your business so go away." "Well it's everyone's business if a champion intends to kill another fellow champion!", I yelled. She then stopped crying and laughed. "Ha! You think I want to kill others? Well, it's sort of true, I do need to kill other men." I was baffled, "What?! And why men?! EWWW, that's disgusting!" She knocked me on the head, "HEY! I DON'T CHOOSE TO EAT ONLY MEN'S ESSENCE, THEY'RE JUST EASIER TO GET IT FROM!" Essence? I had a confused look on my face.

She sighed, "Look not many people know about my true intentions, so you have to keep it a secret, okay?" I nodded. She hit me, "Say okay!" "Okay, okay!" I yelled.


I explained to Ziggs everything about me. I explained how I once was a normal fox, and how I somehow absorbed magic from a dying summoner in the woods. This gave me the power to become human, but it was incomplete. I still had my fox ears and tails. I was so happy to become close to a human though. The ways of human life is enjoyable, but some still didn't trust me for my fox features. So I did what I did to the dying summoner. I absorbed the essence of other humans. The men are very easy to get their essence since they are so charmed by my womenly features. I drained more and more of men's essence. But I then felt regretful for my actions. Some of these men had family to take care of and love. I took their life and a child's father, someones brother, or someones son. I then heard about the League of Legends. I explained to the High Council of my situation, and so they said that I can drain essence in the Fields of Justice. I have been doing this for a long time now. But I still haven't seen a single change in me that resembles a normal human.


"So that's why you get so frustrated when you don't get to kill someone in a match." I said. She nodded and had a sad look on her face. "I don't think I will ever become human." I then put on my old mischievous grin, which I have never done since I was nerfed. "HAHA! If I can be human, than you can too!" She looked confused. I smiled, "Listen, Ahri, being a yordle is okay, but living a human life has always been my dream too!" She looked surprised. "But you're a yordle!" "It doesn't matter! Anyone can live the joys of human life! Come on, how about we both find a way to become human, the both of us and just have fun living as humans! You and me!" I declared. Suddenly, her sad face turned bright and happy. "Okay Ziggs, I guess this makes us share the same goal now, let's do it."

End of Chapter 1