Chapter 3


"You there!" Oh boy, it was Garen. "What do you think you are doing with this women? She's MINE!" Ahri rolled her eyes, "I don't even know you honey." I hated Garen. Some people would think that he is the great and modest hero of Demacia, but he is just someone that makes you want to shove a bomb down his throat. "What are you doing hanging around with this little midget monster?" He laughed. What?! MIDGET?! I was about reach for my lighter when Ahri stopped me. "My, my, you seem like a handsome and strong man." she remarked. "Hahaha! Well of course!" He shouted. Ahri said, "I wonder if you can dispose of the one you called little midget monster?" My face turned dark. "Yes, yes!" Garen laughed, "Let us fight in a private match! I will send you crying back to your monster city!" I grinded my teeth in anger, I don't like being a yordle that much but no one makes fun of my home like that! "You're on." I said. As I was putting on my equipment for the 1 versus 1 match, Ahri walked in. "I'm gonna get killed out there." I said. "It's fine," she said, "Indulge me." She walked out, leaving me confused.

I've never been in a single lane match in a long time. I knew that Garen is too strong for my weak attacks. But I needed to show to his face not to mess with my race. I went to the summoning platform and saw Garen laughing at me from the other side of the platform. The match started as we were teleported to the spawning pool. I bought boots for speed and a few potions, I then dashed towards the center with my lit bombs. I was standing by my turret, thinking of what I can do to beat him. "THIRTY SECONDS UNTIL MINIONS SPAWN!" Come on, come on! I can't think of anything! "MINIONS HAVE SPAWNED!" I saw Garen. He is a very experienced fighter without being controlled by a summoner. I threw my bouncing bomb. Garen didn't even flinch and he lunged at me with his sword and almost killed me as I got to the back of my turret. Dammit! I thought as I recalled.


I sneaked into the announcer room and charmed the announcer. She fell asleep. I then cleared my voice and spoke into the mic...


"ZIGGS DON'T LET ME DOWN!" I jumped as I heard the announcer scream my name. Ahri? I grinned, then I laughed. I felt a surge of energy. I felt like I was my old self back when I first fought in the League. My bombs suddenly surged with energy as I threw a large bouncing bomb at Garen. This startled him as he fell back. I laughed and smiled some more as I got ready for my Mega Inferno bomb. Garen, knowing this, started to run. "Oh no you don't!" I laughed. The minefield I laid down slowed Garens movements. "IT HAS TRULY BEEN A BLAST!" I threw my Mega Inferno Bomb with all my might and blew Garen into...Garens. "YOU WON ZIGGS!" I heard the "mysterious" announcer giggle.

I walked outside the summoning room and saw Ahri standing there. She lifted me up and squeezed me. "Good job Ziggy!" "I don't know how I won..." I said. "It's because when you heard someone cheer you on, that gave you back your memories before you were nerfed" she explained, "Your chains are now free!" I laughed and hugged her back. I'm happy that I had a bomb-tastic friend like her.

End of Chapter 3