Chapter One:

Link's Vision

It was storming. It was raining. Link happenend to be in the center of this, whilst bleeding in several places and fighting Ganon. It was like a nightmare. Link lunged foreward to try slashing at the beast's exposed ribs, but his sword got battered away.

This is the end...after everything...I have done...

Then Link heard a shout and turned his head. Princess Zelda stood to the side cheering on Link up until this point when the Master Sword came out of nowhere, twirling towards her head. she dodged and picked up Link's sword. Then she shouted to get his attention. Once she had him, Zelda tossed Link's sword back at him. He caught it and looked up. The shadow of the beast seemed to mock him and he smelled a rank scent from above. Just before the towering fist smashed into Link's defenceless body, he saw out of the corner of his eye...

It was all a dream. More like a terrible and blood-thirsty nightmare, but still only a dream. Link tossed his head and grabbed his Master Sword.

No time to rest, Link. Today is your visit to the castle. You simply can NOT be late, Link!

He couldn't shake the nightmare all while he pulled on his usual uniform. Nor would it leave him whilest he gathered his few things and headed out of his tree house. It haunted him still as he left Kokiri forest and ran through the Hyrule Plains. Link finally caught his dream-like stature off-guard as he entered Hyrule and smelled the cooking of yeasty bread and saw the young children chase their dogs around the courtyard.

It had been a full year since Link had saved Princess Zelda from Ganondorf's evil clutches and since then, Hyrule had rebuilt itself awefully quick. It was as if Link's nightmare was a diffrent variation of what had happened that night. Link defeated Ganondorf twice in reality, but the dreamed showed that Link's death was when the more powerful form of Ganondorf erupted on the towertop. Then the sinking feeling of the nightmare last night returned and nestled itself in the deepest pit of Link's gut.

Link reached the castle gates and walked right in. The guards knew who this boy was. There was seldom anyone in all of Hyrule who did not know Link's name. He stretched his arms and folded them behind his head.

"Hey Navi. What do you think would have happened if I had died on the towertop where I fought Ganon?"

"Hyrule would have been destroyed. All of it. Ganondorf was an evil man, you know?"

Link turned and whispered. "Yeah. All of it. Just what I thought."

Link reached the front gate of the castle and motioned to have it opened. The moment it opened, the princess ran outside and hugged Link.

"I'm so glad you could make it. Please come in. We have to discuss something."

Zelda released her grip and ran back in the castle. Link simply shrugged and followed her lead. He got lost a couple times, but the guards directed Link back on the correct path. The trip was confusing, but they eventually reached Zelda's room. It was filled with posters that had Link's face, sword, battle, and fairy all over.

"Link! Over here!"

Zelda gripped Link's arm and they walked over to a table. On it was a runic pattern that Link vaguely remember.

"My father, The king, hired a psychic to read this scroll I found and it turns out that it has to do with you. Alot."

"That symbol...I somehow remember it."

Zelda turned to Link and her eyes were filled with hope and they seemed enlarged to nearly twice the size of her normal size. "Really? I knew that you would know it! Now the question is...can we find the place that this rune speaks about..."

Link was lost in thought about the nightmare he had and it droned out Zelda's speech.

Just before the towering fist smashed into Link's defenceless body, he saw out of the corner of his eye...A runic symbol, just like the one Zelda has...above the entrance to...Nanorof Cave!

"Zelda...ZELDA! I may know where the rune is pointing us to! I had a nightmare last night about a fight, me and Ganon. I was about to die, when I saw this symbol above theentrance of a cave. It is a place called Nanorof Cave in the mountins over-"

Link never finished because Zelda was so happy that she bounced up and kissed Link right on the lips. She opened her mouth and tried to pry open Link's defiant lips with her tongue. When she was successful, the two tongues entertwined each other and did loops in the other's mouth. They only stopped when they ran out of breath.

"I've wanted to do that for awhile, but never worked up the courage or thought to ask you, Link. I'm sorry..."

"Don't be. I enjoyed it every bit that you did. It was my first time too, and I can say it was pleasing."

The two stood up and brushed themselves off. Zelda gathered up the scroll and picked up an amulet.

"This will let me sneak out of the castle without being noticed. Let's go explore Nanorof Cave by ourselves! It'll be fun, Link!"

"I-I don't think we should go out by ourselves. Maybe you could send some guards out to explore it?"

"Then I guess you don't want to spend any time with me."

The words stung Link's ears like a whip crackling beside his brain. It hurt to see that Zelda was so upset with him.

"Well...I guess a quick peek is okay-Waaaahhhh!"

Zelda instantly transformed into an eagle and picked up Link with her talons. The back of his shirt got ripped and the pain of claws hurt worse then Zelda's words earlier.

"Zelda?'re kinda hurting me. Can you ease up with the claws a bit?"

The response he got was a looser grip on his skin. although it still hurt, she couldn't loosen up anymore without completely dropping Link 300 feet to his death. The thought of Zelda dropping him was terrifying, so he grabbed the Ocarina of Time out of his loosened satchel. He gripped it until his knuckles turned a ghostly shade of white. Link held it up to his mouth a played a few noted before getting dropped on his rumpus abruptly.

"Link! We're here! It's Nanorof Cave and look! It has the same runic symbol as the one on my scroll!" Zelda transformed into her human form and held the scroll so both boy and girl could see the resemblence. The circle with oddly turned wings jutting out from it. indside the circle contained fragments of squares, and little squiggley lines spelling out the word "Doom".

"Alright, we're here Zelda. Get your glimpse and let's-hey!"

Zelda had run into Nanorof cave.

Link feared that the girl would have her curiousity get the better of her.

This is why that girl needs to be kept under lock and key, with the key thrown into the crater of a volcano!

Link had no ride out of the mountainous valley anyway, so the other thing he thought of at the time was to follow the princess. He walked inside and instantly, an object flew against his face. Link threw his arms up in a protective stance, and gritted from impact. When the dust cleared...

"Ahahaha! I gotcha, Link! Guess you aren't so tough against ambushes!"

She reached up and kissed his cheek, which made both happy at the moment. Link giggled a little, but stopped and frowned when he saw his shadow. It was waving at Link, when Link himself was not actually waving. Then the figure vanished and replaced itself with the real shadow of Link.

Weird. Thought that Dark Link was going to leave me alone. Apparently not!

"C'mon Zelda, you wanted the tour, your going to get it!"

The two walked for what seemed like ages. Zelda started complaining about her tired legs, so the sat down. Link was hesitant at first, as he saw Dark Link beckoning Link to come closer. Then he disappeared. Link wanted to punch the guy, but remember that he lived in the shadow realm. He sighed and leaned against the wall to rest.

Then the wall collapsed. Not so much collapsed as Link melted into the world and blacked out.

"Link...LINK!...ah, your awake. So let me tell you what happened. After banishing me from my previous location, I subsided here. Here so I could escape you. But being the dirty bastard you are, you tracked me down and now you will pay."

"Link sat up and rubbed his head. He was in the same foggy room with the same little island and dead tree as when he was with Dark Link the last time he saw him. Dark Link picked Link up by the collar of his shirt and slapped him. The pain woke up Link like a lightning bolt. Link scurried out of the grip and looked for his sword.

"I believe you are looking for this?" Dark Link held out the Master sword, taunting Link into his trap.

"Look, I don't really have time for this. Just give me my sword and I can-"

Dark Link moved his body so his mouth was half and inch from touching Link's.

"I have plenty of time, however. Don't think i'll just let you walk out of here without a few bruises and cuts. One last thing."

Dark Link jumped away and pulled out an ocarina similar to the Ocarina of Time.

"I will teach you a song to play. A battle is coming and it will be fierce. Use this song to call me to your aid. You will need me when the time comes."

Then the fighting commenced. Dark Link lunged out and cut Link's cheek in the exact spot where Zelda kissed earlier. Link retaliated with slash knocking Dark Link off balance. He rolled away and jumped up behind Link. Holding the sword the Link's throat he muttered words in his ear.

"Someday. Someday ee will be reunited. Someday we will be together..."

Link struggled to break free and broke out of the hold.

"What do you mean 'We will be together'...Where did you go?"

The response was a doorway opening and words in the fog.

"You beat me. Now leave. You will need me soon..."