Chapter 1

New Dimensions

Author Note: The long-awaited sequel to my first amazing story is here! I will update this very slowly, as I am not using my laptop, but a local computer. My laptop is in the shop and will be back hopefully very soon :D

Author Note: I also want to mention that about a week before starting this, I was in a car accident on the very last day of school (No one died thank GOD!) and have been in a medical room since then. I saved my mother's life quite possibly as I got hurt trying to pull my mother out from under the wreckage of our Prius. Medical rooms are so dull and boring where I live. =_=

Darkness. How did I let myself into the darkness? No, it was a simple answer. I let myself believe that I could be tamed. But it will always control me. And now I am exiled to the darkness. Without him.

Dark Link opened his eyes suddenly and sat up. He was in some kind of hospital, lying in a bed. He had no shirt on as he looked down, then all around. The room was small, it had pristine white walls, and one one other peice of furniture that served as a flower vase's permanent base. Dark continued to look around and was startled by a voice.

"Ah, he has awaken! Navi! Come here quickly!"

Dark looked out the single window to see the darkened outline of a figure in the hall. He quickly turned to the door as it opened and two humans walked in. The one known as Navi grinned fiendishly and stepped back. She had very light blue hair that looked like fairy wings to him and had that sense to her that reminded him of Link's fairy.

"You are not from this world, I assume?" Navi calmly said, almost in a whisper.

Dark kept silent and continued to glare.

"You are from the world known as Hyrule, are you not?" Navi said, angered by the fact that Dark wouldn't answer her. But the word 'Hyrule' clicked.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HYRULE!?" Shouted Dark as the word resonated in his head

Hyrule. Hyrule. Hyrule. You are from there. From Hyrule.

"Navi, perhaps we should perform the B34-R technique on him to calm him down?" Said the other human through the doctor's mouth cover. Dark could not tell if it was a man or woman. But the way this one walked, talked, was almost too easy to guess who it was.

"Let me guess...your name is Sheik?" questioned the startled person.

"Uh, yeah I am. How did you-?"

"I have my ways of knowing." Mused Dark.

Navi moved almost on top of Dark entirely. "So you do know of Hyrule. You will tell me about it. We will get it from you. I want to know what it is like there!"

Dark placed his hand on the edge of the bed and very suddenly, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Navi lunged after Dark, while Dark jumped up and bolted for the open door. Sheik grabbed Dark's arm, holding him in place for about a moment before getting pulled over. The doctor's mouth cover came off, and Dark could see Sheik's true gender. Sheik had been hiding all this time as a covert operator for Zelda. The male ninja jumped to feet and started after Dark, losing him around a corner.

"Sheik! You said you forsaw this happening, right? Well, you could have remember and stopped this before it happened!" Sheik swore that Navi looked so much like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum right now. It was hysterical.

Where am I? I remember Dark... but what happened next? I mean, after the kiss?

Link opened his eyes. Zelda was about 5 inches from his face. Something looked a little different about her face that momentarily scared him. Not only did she look to be about 8 years younger, but it was covered in bruises and a horrible scar was etched above her right eye.

Link was the first to speak, "Zelda, why are you so close to my face, and are you OK?"

"Oh, sorry about that. Anyway, the doctors said I would recover, but the scar would have to stay..." She got quieter and quieter until it became too soft for Link's ears to hear.

"Zelda, your face looks fine...I just want to know why you look way younger."

Zelda looked away and answered almost too quiet to understand. "I asked Saria for a sage's wish. She let me have a few years of my life back. Why do you care?"

"I was just wondering. You don't need to get angry about it. Do you happen to know where Dark is?" This set Zelda off as she stormed out of the medical room inside of the castle.

My relationship with Dark shouldn't be that new to her at this point. Is she trying to hide something?

Link tried to stand, but found that he had absolutely no control or feeling in either one of his legs. He longed for Dark's face, those big beautiful eyes, and that gleaming hair of his. He found the very thoughts of him being gone almost too unbearable. Link needed to know that he was in a caring place right now.

Where are you, Dark?

Zelda was going hysterical. Why? She almsot didn't know. Her secret was one that she thought she could share with Link, but not yet. He wasn't ready to handle it. Zelda was pacing around inside of her own room. Should she tell Link?

"Link won't understand though. He is going through enough already. I can't put him though having to worry about me as well."

She decided to tell him when he wasn't so worried right now...

Dark rounded yet another corner only to be met by a metal door. It appeared to be in sidewayssheets, as though it opened up from the side. A small panel was hooked up to the side of the odd metal door and had two buttons on it. Dark pressed the button with an upside down triangle indicated on it. the button glowed orange, and Dark pulled away from the light. After a few seconds, the panels slid sideways and the smallest room Dark had ever seen was inside. Dark rushed in to find another, even more complex panel on in inside. The buttons had numbers ranged from 1 to 9, with the 1 button being the largest.

Dark hit the large button and watched the panels of the door slide closed and Navi slammed right into it.

"Looks like you just got- Ahhh!"

Dark yelled as he got lurched upwards for a moment. He guessed the room operated on a series of buttons indicated floors the room would travel to. According the panel, the magical room was labeled "Otis". Dark enjoyed this Otis room quite alot. The floor came to a halt, lurching Dark forward slightly. The metal panels slid sideways, revealing a completely different, yet larger room. Dark left the Otis room, slamming his hand down on all of the buttons before leaving.

"Have fun catching up to me, sweetheart." Dark whispered over his shoulder before pushing open the normal glass door to the outside. The unforgiving New York City outside to be exact.