Chapter 1

Odd happenings/ Kagome's side.

Her mind wandered, Kagome couldn't keep focus at all. She was back in school, her life normal once again, but she couldn't help but stare out the window, even though class was about to start she couldn't keep focus.

She winced as the light of the sun shined into the room, everyone was simply walking around preparing for the new semester, and she couldn't get over what had happened in Feudal Japan.

"Okay girl, you got to focus. Being depressed and down all the time won't do any good."

She looked around as she sighed once more, it seemed none of her friends were there that day, which is just soul crushing. Though she did miss a lot of work so it was probably for the best that they weren't there.

"Okay class!" The home room teacher boomed, two students stepped next to the man, both of them looked unfamiliar at least to Kagome, actually one of them... was out right unsettling.

Kagome closed one of her eyes, she felt this force before, something demonic was being lingering from those two, something wasn't quite right.

"What is up with those two..." Kagome paused as the teacher began speaking once more, announcing the names.

"This fine young lady here is named...ah this is quite the mouth full." He coughed before he took a deep breath. "Well anyway, this is Sakusan Niku no musaboru hito." The teacher wasn't lying, that really was a mouth full, Kagome had no idea why a family would choose a name like that to identify themselves with.

Actually Kagome note the girls long black hair, actually her hair was down to her heels of her feet along with two bright red eyes. It just didn't feel natural, like something wasn't human about the girl.

"Also, please also give a warm welcome to Manyu Unagi..." The teacher whispered under his breath, no doubt making a comment about the odd names the two students had.

The boy looked normal, brown hair and brown eyes, Kagome wondered if he was a foreigner of some sort since he was rather tall. Either way they both looked somewhat natural in their school uniform, even if she looked rather uncomfortable in it.

"Okay, Miss Niku, you shall be sitting next to... Higurashi."

Kagome simply blinked, she was never the rude one, she was actually rather outgoing, but that girl just gave her the chills. Maybe she was just be paranoid, she didn't want to be rude to a new student she is probably nervous about everything.

"Ah, sure I don't mind." Kagome smiled as she looked at Sakusan, the red eyed girl simply nodded as she took her seat, Kagome wondered if she should say something. After all being friendly is probably for the best, and maybe she might meet someone new.

"Hi, my name is Kagome. I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other."

The girl scanned Kagome, as if she was sizing her up, her legs her breast. The girl closed one of her eyes blushed as she growled.

"Please, I really don't like talking to poor may speak to me when you are richer." Sakusan spoke with a certain amount of disdain, as Kagome frowned.

Rude was the only thing that entered Higurashi's mind, as she bit her lip, she really wanted to tell her off. If she was a rich as she said why wasn't she in one of those all girl school or something? Either way she wasn't a person Kagome really wanted to associate with.

"Okay, just calm down, no need to do anything like that. Just be the bigger person and ignore her, simple as that."

Kagome took a deep breath, as Sakusan looked towards the front. It seemed the comment she made was not important as the day passed as normal.

It was uneventful to say the least, but it was nice to have some normalcy in her life, even if she was longing for some familiar faces. School was almost over as she glanced at the clock, she knew she really should be paying attention, but it seemed like an impossibility at that point.

Minutes away from the end of the day the girl that had been sitting next to Higurashi all day finally spoke up, but what she said was rather alarming, which is saying something since Kagome had heard rather odd things before.

"Oh, Higurashi I should note, please restrain from visiting the school tonight. It would be a shame if you lost that pretty head of yours, that means if you visit the school tonight then you will be decapitated, I just wanted to tell you that, since I don't think you're very smart."


The ringing of a bell, that was the sound that was signaling that the day was over. It was obvious that Kagome was going to ask her, but it seemed the long haired teen rushed off. Now there was another thing eating away, don't visit the school tonight. Those were Sakusan's words as Kagome rubbed her the sides of her head.

"Maybe I should just ignore it..." Kagome walked down the hall as she wondered what she should do, a demonic feeling that Sakusan was emitting was rather strong as well. If she was a demon she didn't do a good job of hiding it.

But if there was a demon, then maybe she should have a look. After all she was the one here that had the most knowledge of that sort of thing, someone may be hurt if she didn't act...Then again there were a lot of if's in this situation.

"I just need to think...I can figure this out!" Even if she was alone she still could do something, she couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

"But how am I going to explain this to mom?"

The red eyed girl flopped on her extravagant bed, as she let out a grumble. She was a demon, demons do not go to human schools. At least not worthless public schools, Sakusan sighed. Her mother really needed to stop taking random vacations. The next world was nice this year, but once again she was stuck with mother. Her two sisters were aloud to do whatever they wanted, but she was always stuck with mother.

"Gah, plus more worthless demons are hanging around this town. They can kill as many humans as they want, as long as they don't bother me I don't care."

Sakusan stared at the ceiling as her once black haired turned a blood red, or rather it turned into blood as she grabbed a nearby with the strands of tentacle like hair. She glanced at it and took note of the time.

Half past six, keeping time straight when you've traveled to so many places.

One thousand five hundred thirty two years was a long time to live, but boredom was the worse thing that over came her, boredom and...

"SAKUSAN! Where is the cupcakes!" Her mother, a rather luscious demon yelled from the kitchen, she had a habit of making random trips and bringing men hope to sleep with. It made sense, she was a succubus, but Sakusan didn't want to hear that every other night.

"How am I suppose to know that! You bought them, so you should know where they are, stop asking me pointless things!" Sakusan snapped as the woman called her mother stormed into her room. It seemed like her mother had forgot to ask her daughter something important.

She slid into the door way, Sakusan was rather surprised, most demons her age would be talking about how much her back hurts. Even if she looked like she was in her mid twenties, it was quite annoying actually. She had silver hair and she had beautiful red eyes, no doubt the woman could have any man she wanted, which is probably why all Sakusan's sisters had different fathers.

"Oh, I forgot to ask how your first day was? Did you meet any cute girls there?" Miss Niku winked at her daughter who simply groaned.

"There was one girl that I had my eye on, I told her to stay away from the school, but knowing my luck she is probably already with someone." Sakusan, sighed. She wished she could meet some cute nurse or something. Being single is not a nice thing, and finding someone to date of the same gender was even harder.

The silver haired woman shrugged, as she was reminded something that she had to tell her daughter. Something that was on the woman's mind for a while.

"Oh, yes. That's right, someone called you, that Dao boy. He wanted to know if you could pick something up for him at the school tonight." Sakusan cocked her eye.

She had no idea that Katto was even in the town at the time, though she highly doubted that he was a student at the school.

"Why the hell would that killer need me to visit the school for him, and at night of all the times." The demon girl sat up on her bed as she questioned such thing, before her mother smiled.

"Well, it seems his girlfriend has left some books there, since he is not a student him hanging around there would be bad news." The silver haired woman chuckled as Sakusan eye twitched.

It really didn't make any sense, the young man known as Katto was an expert in the field of stealth, he was the most logical choice when it came to things such as this. The truth of the matter was, he was just a lazy bastard.

Her mother did not care what she did, on the contrary, she wished Sakusan would stay out late and cause as much trouble as she possibly could, after all she was a demon and a demon should do such things. They should also never wash their hands before a meal and never clean their plate.

"Plus I'm going to be visiting the Higurashi residence for dinner. They are such nice people, they even gave me a gift basket! I wonder if there are any handsome men in the family, maybe an older boy. Ah a woman can dream." Miss Niku held her checks as Sakusan frowned, no doubt her classmate Kagome belonged to the Higurashi family. Not like any of that mattered to her at the moment, she was more concerned about her trip to the school.

"You already told the killer that I'm doing it anyway...didn't you." Sakusan grumbled as she got up from her bed. Her mother simply nodded.

"Yep, you don't want to be called out as a liar!" Her mother gave a light smile as Sakusan gritted her teeth.

"I didn't tell him I was going to do it in the first place now did I!" Sakusan snapped as her mother shrugged once again, not really carrying about her daughter, something that Sakusan was use to.

"Anyway, Sakusan should I go with the red wig or the black wig. I might wear my old necklace, you know the one that I got when I was a child, I'm pretty fond of it. I'm asking you since my old lady fashion probably will be useless in this kind of situation." Miss Niku smiled as Sakusan sighed, she got out of her bed as she walked past her mother completely ignoring her question.

"H-hey don't be so cold Sakusan, since I doubt you are going to be at dinner. You can at least give me some hints on what to wear!"

Once again, completely ignoring her mother Sakusan headed towards the front door.

"I'll assume you won't be here when I get back, so please do not do anything that may give us away."

With those words the black haired girl slammed the door leaving her mother grumbling.

"I swear, she gets her uptight attitude from her father."

"What are you doing Kagome..." That is what she asked herself as she looked at the school, it seemed to take on a completely different atmosphere when the sun was down. Then again any building took on a different atmosphere when there was no light.

"I don't even have any proof that there is anything weird going on...I just look like a crazy girl hanging out at night, I have school tomorrow to, so staying out this late will just be trouble."

Kagome sighed once again, despite her better judgment she slowly climbed over the fence that was guarding the school as she entered the building she wondered why the door wasn't locked.

Even if the fence was up the door should have been locked, she wondered if it was because it was still rather early or someone else beat her here, either way it was worth investigating futher.

As she traveled down the halls of her empty school Kagome took note how beautiful the moon was that night. The light shined perfectly through the windows, Kagome actually wished she could take a picture of it.

As she was preparing to turn a corner she heard footsteps coming from the adjacent hallway, whether it be a teacher or a demon, she really didn't need to be caught. She quickly hid behind the corner, peeking her head ever so slightly as to figures walked down the hall.

"Gah, are you sure there is anything here Hebi, we've been looking for hours and no a god damned thing reared its head." A familiar voice bellowed as Kagome cocked her eye.

No doubt it was Manyu Unagi, but what was he doing there at night time, and who was he talking to?

"Of course, this is a popular spot for demons, so if we managed to get a heart of one or something I'm sure our payment will be grand." A woman's voice, it seemed like she was in her early twenties, her hair was a rather dark shade of green. Almost like slime, which is pretty funny once Kagome started to think about it. It also seemed the woman was fond of leather, since she had a leather jacket as well as leather pants.

"This feeling... Don't tell be she's a demon." Kagome heart dropped, she had no way to defend herself, but then again, maybe she was friendly, after all she was hanging out with a human. She couldn't be all bad.

Just as those thoughts entered Kagome's mind the green haired woman opened her mouth.

" seems like we have a little rat." As the woman said that Manyu frowned, it seemed he wasn't very pleased with the situation.

"If they're a demon rip their hearts out, if they're human you can eat them as you please. I don't want any witnesses to this."

The friendly part was out of the question, as Kagome bit her lip, if she made a break for it there was a chance that she could get out. But what would be the point, there wasn't any one else there, and if the woman really was a demon then she would be able to catch her in a flash.

"Okay, I just need to make it to the street. As long as someone else was watching I doubt they would do anything to me."

Kagome slowly turned around as she prepared to get up, at that very moment her heart dropped.


She was in front of her, the green haired woman was in front of Kagome like it wasn't even a big deal, she didn't even notice it until then. Kagome wanted to open her mouth to say something, but the green haired woman spoke before she could say anything.

"...Manyu, she looks like a classmate of yours." The green haired woman looked towards Kagome's classmate as he shrugged.

"Yeah, whatever like I said, if you find a human you can eat them if you want. I really don't care, just make sure they don't find the body." Manyu said something so horrid rather casually as the woman glared at Kagome, she let out a growl before stopping.

"That's no good Manyu, she smells like a Priestess, if I devoured her I might end up regretting it." The green haired woman stated that fact as Kagome took the chance to turn things in her favor.

"T-that's right, I'm a Priestess, I might just turn you to ash or something!" Kagome really wasn't in the position to make threats as Manyu simply laughed at such a worthless idea.

"Really? Well Hebi, if you can't eat her, just kill her. Hell, maybe her heart might be worth something as well." Manyu smirked as Kagome winced, it seemed like she had gotten herself into a rather complicated mess.

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