Hey everyone! My younger sister and I wrote this very quickly on my iPod, and we didn't get it proofreaded, so there's probably a ton of errors.

It was my sister who had the idea for this story, and as we agreed that Thor really isn't as stupid as we make him out to be, we put our idea into words.

Anyway, I hope this isn't insulting to any of you. Especially because I myself think the idea of a slow-witted Thor is hilarious. But this story was fun to write as well.

I hope we didn't go overboard with Thor's knowledge of technology. We tried to stay in character. Anyway, enjoy! And review!

Stark tossed a box of pop tarts to Thor.
"Here. Pepper bought it because she knew we were out; I had let her know you can't live without them."
"Thank you Tony Stark. However, I disagree with your statement of my inability to live without these treats."
Tony blinked. "I know - not literally. It's just that Jane emailed me and said that you can't live without pop tarts... and coffee," he added.
"Fair Jane Foster was emailing you? Please! You must allow me to email her!" exclaimed Thor.
Tony took off his sunglasses and stared at Thor.
"How much do you know about the Internet, anyway?"
"I do not understand Midgardian technology, but I am not slow-witted. Now, Tony, do let me communicate with Jane using email. I'm sure you can teach me, as I heard you teaching Steve yesterday."
Guess he isn't clueless as I thought, thought Tony.
"Sure. I'll get you a laptop and help you create your own account," said Tony.
Then Tony thought of something better.
"Hey, why don't I set you up on video chat?"
He was clearly testing Thor's knowledge.
Thor thought for a while.
"By video chat, do you mean interacting with moving pictures?"
"You're on the right track. It means that you'll actually be able to see your Janey-girl, live."
Thor processed this.
"How do you know she has a camera?" asked Thor.
Being a super genius, Tony had never been so impressed by someone before.
"Jarvis found out for me. How did you know about cameras?" he asked coolly.
"Jane explained how moving images get onto TV for me. I have yet to grasp the concept of how it gets from the camera to the TV, though. Now please, lead me to the video chat."
"'Kay, Point Break."
Thor grinned dazzlingly.
"Pop tart?"
They munched on pop tarts as they left the room and set up a Skype account: